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  • Cremation

    Services Roblin

    Some families may opt for

    cremation, followed by a funeral

    service. They may or may not

    choose to have a visitation

    (viewing) of their loved one prior to

    the cremation. The urn selected by

    the family may or may not be

    present at the service. The service

    may take place at a church, our

    chapel or other location.

  • Casket Roblin

    At Nairn-Chyz Funeral Home we display a wide

    variety of cloth covered, veneer, hardwood and metal

    caskets to meet most preferences and budgets.

    We proudly sell caskets manufactured and/ or

    distributed by two Canadian companies; Imperial

    Caskets of Winnipeg and Exquisite Enterprises of

    Melville, Saskatchewan.

  • Crematorium Roblin

    Some families may prefer to not have any form of service,

    gathering or visitation of their loved one. In this case, we assist

    the family by transferring the deceased and arranging for the

    cremation. This type of service occurs completely at the place of

    burial or other final disposition. There may or may not be a

    visitation (viewing) of your loved one prior to cremation.

  • Funeral Homes Parkland

    Funerals have changed greatly over the thirty years that we have

    been serving the Parkland district. There is no longer such a thing

    as a standard funeral. In fact, just like there are no two people

    alike, there are now no two funerals alike. We pride ourselves on

    helping families personalize the funeral service to represent the

    life of the family member they have lost. Have you ever heard

    some say when I die, I just want to be cremated- nothing fancy?

    Many people believe that there are only two options that exist- a

    funeral with a casket, or cremation. We have witnessed families

    trying to abide by the wishes of their loved one prevent

    themselves from arranging a funeral that would have helped them


  • Funerals Parkland

    At Nairn-Chyz Funeral Home, we believe that while funerals are in

    honour of someone who has passed away, and a way of marking

    their passing they are of greater importance to the living. It is

    possible to respect the wishes of the deceased for simplicity while

    still providing an option to honour this person and celebrate the life

    that they lived. When meeting with families we take time to explore

    all options. Keeping it simple need not prevent family and friends

    from gathering to mark the passing of a loved one.

  • Casket Roblin

    We have sold products from these companies for

    many years and continue to be impressed by the

    quality and workmanship of both. In addition to

    displaying a wide variety of caskets from these

    companies, we also have catalogues from both with

    more choices available to your family. Exquisite

    Enterprises has also produced custom-made

    caskets with very short notice for special situations.

  • Crematorium Roblin

    We would like to thank our family, friends and the

    community as a whole from the bottom of our hearts for the

    kindness, support and compassion we have been

    shown. The prayers that so many have offered have meant

    so much to us. We appreciate that so many of our friends in

    Funeral Service have offered help. We would also like to

    extend a special thank you to Alice Styba, Kevin Kowalyk

    and Cyril and Vi Lawlor.

  • Funeral Homes Parkland

  • Funerals Parkland

    There are many options available that range from a full

    traditional funeral with a casket or urn, to a simple social

    gathering without a casket or urn present. This gathering can

    occur anywhere from a church or community hall to the familys

    farm or a favourite park. Whatever the type of funeral or

    gathering- there is no denying the importance of gathering with

    family and friends to celebrate the life of someone we love that is

    no longer with us. There is great strength to be gained from family

    and friends to help us heal.

  • Cremation Services