Embroidered tray mats

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* Rubber non-slip matting * Raffia (preferably1-2mm wide or use 3-4mm like this) * Tapestry needle * Scissors * Pencil * Ruler

Page 3: Embroidered tray mats

Step 1

Thread the first colour of raffia you are using onto the needle. If you have raffia which is more than 2mm wide, split it into two by pulling apart.

Page 4: Embroidered tray mats

Step 2

Start at one corner and thread around. Try any type of pattern. This one goes over 3 holes, then under 1, and repeats that pattern for the whole border of the rectangle.

Page 5: Embroidered tray mats

Step 3

When you reach the end, tie a knot to finish. Burn the ends with a match for a couple of seconds to melt the raffia into a knob which can’t slip through the holes. Or you can return back over the same stitching on the back of the mat, for a few centimetres. Once you have done the border, start with the shapes on the inside of the mat.

Page 6: Embroidered tray mats

Green on red coasters

Create coasters by cutting squares of rubber matting approx 10cm x 10cm. Using a running stitch, start on a corner and follow the perimeter. After a full round, start the next round about 1 cm in towards the middle. Continue until you reach the middle then finish off with a knot at the back, or go back over the last 3cm of stitches.

Page 7: Embroidered tray mats

Blue on white design

Page 8: Embroidered tray mats

This has the edges folded over and embroidered. Separate rectangular shapes of matting are cut out and then stitched onto the mat.

Page 9: Embroidered tray mats

White and orange diamonds design

Page 10: Embroidered tray mats

White and orange diamonds design

This requires a pattern, tracing out the design and counting the correct number of holes between shapes. This is the most complicated.

Page 11: Embroidered tray mats

White on grey blocks design

Page 12: Embroidered tray mats

White on grey blocks design

This can be created as you go, using straight verticals and horizontal lines to form the shapes.

Page 13: Embroidered tray mats

Green on red coasters

Brightly coloured rubber matting and raffia makes a fresh summery coaster.

Page 14: Embroidered tray mats

Blue and green geo shapes design

This type of design can be done free-form, using one layer of shapes (blue), then a second layer of shapes in another colour (green)

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