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EYEO FESTIVAL REDUX thas naseemuddeen @thaz7 deutschLA

Eyeo festival redux

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A quick synopsis of some of my favorite learnings from EYEO in Minneapolis this year. Sorry the video embeds didn't work in the PDF. Will add a list of links to this description shortly.

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  • EYEO FESTIVAL REDUX thas naseemuddeen @thaz7 deutschLA
  • what is EYEO? an assembly of creative coders / data designers/ designers / artists
  • ...so clearly, Im not a coder or a designer, so what the hell am I doing here?
  • simple: this may be the one of the most progressive group of thinkers + culture makers in the world today.
  • caveat: the following is extracted from my garbled notes some ideas may be paraphrased, but all cited for further exploration (which I highly recommend...) Image: Nathalie Miebach http://www.theatlantic.com/entertainment/archive/2011/07/musical-sculptures-translate-weather-data-into-art/241806/
  • Can a machine draw the same way I can? IMAGE: FRIEDER NAKE
  • Frieder Nake A true pioneer in digital media known for his groundbreaking efforts in algorithmic arts, who believes there is not complete unity between the algorithmic world and the artistic world a perspective on artificial intelligence - it is only truly possibly if the behavior you are trying to elicit is computable - non-computable behaviors are infinite. (There Should Be No Computer Art, 1971) paintings are waiting in museums because they want to talk to us - the museum of the future will be completely interactive wikipedia.org/wiki/Frieder_Nake
  • Lillian Schwartz Lillian Schwartz is the original gangster digital artist - and the first digital artist to be acquired by MoMA one of the pioneers of abstract computer graphics she was one of the only females at Bell Laboratories in the 60s - understanding machine language and playing with color and 3D effects well before it became a thing
  • https://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=nKGrz4AMbqk
  • Drawing is the tactile feedback for your mind. giorgialupi.net http://giorgialupi.net/2014/07/01/eyeo-2014-the-shapes-of-my-thoughts/
  • the shape of my thoughts drawing is a mixture of what your are seeing and what you are imagining drawing is a means to figuring out exactly what it is youre thinking to structure information to explore elements to refine an idea captures whimsy and emotion in interfaces sometimes lost in digital world giorgialupi.net http://giorgialupi.net/2014/07/01/eyeo-2014-the-shapes-of-my-thoughts/
  • http://giorgialupi.net/2014/07/01/eyeo-2014-the-shapes-of-my-thoughts/ http://www.accurat.it/files/eyeo/pleens.mp4
  • Where there is participation you feel it in the bricks. dailytouslesjours.com
  • we can dance Daily tous les jours - Montreal based multidisciplinary projects at the intersection of participation, design and technology Breathing some magic into everyday spaces inviting the public to become active participants in the process and outcome Kit Operette - interactive operetta gesture based design, inspired by marionettes Kit Oprette is a playful interactive game that invites visitors to slip into the persona of iconic characters from an operetta. Visitors sing and dance their way through a dynamic decor that is virtually and physically reminiscent of a period operetta. Every player adopts different parts in the performance, each following opportunely placed props and instructions, together creating a piece that evolves along with their participation. read more dailytouslesjours.com
  • http://vimeo.com/55116371
  • Embrace Context. Embrace Surprise.dailytouslesjours.com http://www.dailytouslesjours.com/project/mclarena/
  • The ears of the future may not be entirely human... clairelevans.com
  • future proof music future music is more indicative of a moment now than it is of the actual future future music could not contain lyrics cannot be rhythmic - tied to physiology eternal music would just be tomes Computer Music: machines making music for each other, not just for humans Daisy 1961- Bell Labs + Hall (IBM) Hatsune Miku - Japans socially constructed pop star, spurred on entirely new kind of fan culture that could never be supported by a human. clairelevans.com
  • Social glitches: the breaking of social contracts lauren-mccarthy.com
  • hacking social norms Lauren McCarthy explores those slightly uncomfortable moments when patterns are shifted, expectations are broken, and participants become aware of the system Conversacube - stimulating conversation and interaction Us+ - Google hangout app that analyzes speech and facial expression to improve conversation CrowdPilot - crowdsourcing dating advice Using version control to manage a long distance relationship (gitHub) lauren-mccarthy.comsource:
  • When data goes from expressive to productive brianhouse.net
  • kinetic storytelling re-animating moments in culture, allowing others to imprint their lives and thinking on onto the original moment automaticbrowser.com online impersonation of yourself can get the browser that is usually yours brianhouse.net quotidian rhythms brianhouse.net
  • http://vimeo.com/48919422The Quotidian Record:
  • Who owns digital art?
  • with digital art - who owns it? how do you display? is it about having instructions? or owning the IP? example Teji Furahshi - Lovers, 1994 future of curation - learning code: school of poetic coding in Brooklyn MoMA has gone through an evolution of digital acquisitions in the past few years, including their first app, Bjorks Biophilia moma.org the art of our time
  • some more cool stuff...
  • thisisindexed.com jessicahagy.info thisisindexed.com
  • Cod.Act https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vsXs3GUrw64