The Design of Nothing

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Andy Kirk's talk at OpenVisConf 2014 in Boston

Text of The Design of Nothing

  • The deance of August Landmesser
  • International New York Times, weekend of 22nd/23rd March 2014
  • Measurements of Car Speeds in the Netherlands, by Erik Boertjes
  • Zero cars Zero speed No sensor data Measurements of Car Speeds in the Netherlands, by Erik Boertjes
  • NULL When nothing becomes something
  • 2014-03-20T072610Z_01_DBG270_RTRIDSP_3_MALAYSIA-AIRLINES-AUSTRALIA-10694.jpg We are not used to no information BBC News, 16th March 2014
  • Billionaires, by Bloomberg
  • Metadata of Australian prints and printmaking, interactive by Mitchell Whitelaw
  • Holiday chill?, by South China Morning Post Graphics No data was recorded between 1940 and 1946
  • State of the Polar Bear, by Periscopic [The greying out] was a political statement to Russia to release the data they have about polar bears
  • West-Wide Economic Atlas, by Headwaters Economics Data are sometimes withheld by the federal government to avoid the disclosure of potentially condential information.
  • Rising Prices at the Pump, by New York Times Graphics
  • Where is it Illegal to be Gay?, by BBC News Graphics
  • This is one of the rst questions we should ask about any dataset: What is missing? What can we learn from the gaps? Jer Thorp
  • ZERO Something to represent nothing
  • Mapping America, by New York Times Graphics
  • NASA space station view of Mount Etna, via Rob Simmon
  • Cholera Outbreak Map, by John Snow
  • John Snows cholera map Florence Nightingale Napoleons march William Playfair invented the bar chart What would Tufte say? 3D Pie charts are not very good Tall infographics are everywhere Red-green colour blindness Funny xkcd comic Outrageous maze creation algorithm Random musical interruption Heart-stopping live demo
  • From Pyramid to Kite, by The Economist
  • Even a lack of postings can tell the Red Cross something. If there is a social media black hole that probably means the area needs help. Hurricane Sandy tweet map, by Floating Sheep
  • Encoding zero?
  • The Uniform Distribution, by Dark Horse Analytics LENGTH
  • Drinking Age Across Canada, by CBC News BASELINE ZERO FOR LENGTH
  • The Uniform Distribution, by Dark Horse Analytics POSITION/AREA VS. AXIS
  • Parallel Coordinates, USDA Nutrient Database POSITION/SLOPE VS. AXIS
  • COLOUR SHADING Hewlett Foundation Grants Tool, by Periscopic
  • Geography of a Recession, by New York Times Graphics COLOUR SHADING
  • TEXTURE Gay Rights by Type, by Guardian US Graphics
  • DENSITY Fukushima, by NZZ/Interactive Things
  • Wind Map, by Hint FM DENSITY
  • Nobody Lives Here, by Mapsbynik DOTS/POSITION
  • NODE/LINK RFID Tags Track Possible Outbreak Pathways in the Hospital, by Jan Willem Tulp
  • TITLE Male Presidents Female Presidents ANGLE
  • The Carbon Atlas, by The Guardian Graphics AREA
  • Map of the Market, by The Wall Street Journal AREA
  • ANNOTATION SCOTUS Gay Marriage, by The Washington Post Graphics
  • BLANK Nothing to represent something
  • The single most overlooked element in visual design is emptiness [but] space must look deliberately used. Alex White The Elements of Graphic Design by Alex White, pg 65
  • This Page Intentionally Left Blank The primary reason is to offer internet wanderers a place of quietness and simplicity on the overcrowded World Wide Web
  • Lunge Feeding, by Jonathan Corum
  • Iraqs Bloody Toll, by Simon Scarr
  • TITLEThe Depth of the Problem, by The Washington Post Graphics
  • Middle East: Who Backs Immediate Ceasere?, by The Independent
  • Nigeria Polio Cases Drop 50 Percent in 2013, by Voice of America
  • The Glass Ceiling Persists, by Reuters Graphics | Reworking by Francis Gagnon
  • Spotlight on Protability, by Krisztina Szcs
  • Nobels No Degrees, by Accurat Studio for Corriere della Sera
  • http://www