 University Center for Academic Excellence  Creating a balanced schedule  Avoiding common stressors  Making schedule changes  Campus resources and.

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Bounce Back From Setback

Scheduling for SuccessUniversity Center for Academic Excellence

1 Creating a balanced scheduleAvoiding common stressorsMaking schedule changesCampus resources and supportWrap-upScan the QR code on the cards for access to this presentation Presentation Overview

2 One question per slideFour possible answersA = Pink B = Blue C = Yellow D = Green10 seconds to decideTimer on each slideDont hold up answer until given the signal Quick Quiz Overview3 What day of the week is it?A. TuesdayB. WednesdayC. ThursdayD. FridayQuick Quiz PracticeEnd4

Select a variety of coursesBefore choosing a specific class, consider:Course typeCourse contentCourse styleCreate a balanced scheduleSchoolLifeSelect a variety of coursesBefore choosing a specific class, consider:Course type LBST vs lab science, general education vs. major/minor course, large vs. small classCourse content lots of reading, lots of homework problems, computer-based, test vs. essaysCourse style lecture-based vs. hands-on vs. discussion-based5 What is the average recommended number of credits a student should take in any given semester?A. 12B. 14C. 15D. 17Quick Quiz #1EndCorrect answer is CRemember that 15 is the average, some semesters you may take more or less depending on when you want to graduate, what prerequisites you may need to accomplish for your major, how much you have to work for a job, or whether an office you are working with such as Athletics or Disability Services recommends you take a different number of credit hours. ALWAYS defer to your advisor with questions about this.6 Check the campus map for classes locations

Make sure youll have enough time to get from one to the otherConsider class location

7 What is the average length of time between campus shuttle runs?A. 5 minutesB. 10 minutesC. 20 minutesD. 30 minutesQuick Quiz #2EndCorrect answer is CThe shuttle is a great option for getting from one end of campus to the other, or for getting from your res hall to class, but dont depend on it exclusively, especially to get you from one class to another in 15 minutes8

You need time to eat, stop by student services offices, have group meetings, return phone calls, and gather your thoughts before the big testLeave time to eat(and breathe)So dont stack four or five classes and labs in a row to fit all of your classes into one or two days!Common student mistake = trying to fit all classes into one or two days during the week and saying they will work or do studying/homework on the days offReality is that you will sleep away the day off, not be able to get those work hours, end up with four tests on the same day, etc.9 What do first-year students identify as being the study skill with which they struggle the most?A. Note-takingB. ConcentrationC. Speed readingD. Time managementQuick Quiz #3EndCorrect answer is D10

Aim for a schedule thatlooks like this:Gaps for eating, scheduled time for exercise, study, and work, varied class times throughout the day11 Try to take classes that work with your internal clockFigure out when you will study while you make your scheduleKnow yourself and your habits

Try to take classes that will let you be at your bestare you an early bird or a night owl? Do you crash after eating lunch or feel you best in the afternoon?If you know that you like to go to bed early, dont take classes that go until 10pmBe realistic and dont set yourself up for failureare 8am classes five days a week really the best option for you?12 Do you already have a job and know what the hours will be?

Will you be needing to get a job once you get here?Be honest about outside commitments

13 What is the maximum number of hours a new full-time student should work per week in order to maintain the best possible GPA?A. 10B. 15C. 20D. 30Quick Quiz #4EndCorrect answer is BNational average, up to 15 hours actually helps GPA by making you more careful with your time, increasing responsibility, encouraging scheduling, etc. but after that GPA tends to decreaseOne way to have a job that cares about fitting your course schedule and putting your student status first is to work on campus14 How many student jobs were available on campus during the 2012-13 academic year?A. 1000B. 1500C. 3000D. 4000Quick Quiz #5EndCorrect answer is DWork study and non work study positions available, competitive salary, puts your status as a student first, dont have to worry about getting off campus and getting back in time for classes/dealing with traffic15 Talk to your advisorCheck online through the summer and first full week of classPay attention to course numbersDidnt get into a class you want?Go on the first day anywayContact the professorTake it next semesterNeed to change your schedule?Changes can be made through August 28Talk to your advisor they are here to help you even after SOAR is overCheck online through the summer and first full week of class many people are adding and dropping throughout this timePay attention to course numbers If your advisor told you to take a certain course, dont take a course with similar content or close number and expect it to count (ex: MATH 1120 is NOT MATH 1121)Didnt get into a class you want?Go on the first day anyway email the professor to let them know that youll be there and will be trying to add it to your schedule, make sure to include why its so important that you take THIS section of THIS class during THIS semester (ask yourself first if it is absolutely essentialif it is not, why should the professor take your request seriously?), stay after to speak with professor to see if they will let you inContact the professor same as above, just not showing as much effortTake it next semester again, why THIS class during THIS semester?16 Now that you have the classesAttendance

Going to class is absolutely essential to succeeding17 What is the average GPA difference between students who never miss class during a semester versus students who miss 1-2 classes per week?A. 3.0 vs. 3.17B. 2.93 vs. 3.17C. 2.74 vs. 3.17D. 2.51 vs. 3.17Quick Quiz #6EndCorrect answer is D18 Comprehensive array of academic support programming including:

TutoringSupplemental Instruction (SI)WorkshopsIndividual ConsultationsLearning LabBuilding Educational Strengths and Talents (BEST)Students Obtaining Success (SOS)

Fretwell 330 * www.ucae.uncc.edu * Open 6 days a weekAcademic Support UCAE Style!Note that students can learn more about the UCAE by scanning the QR code on their cards (and it will also take them to the presentation so they can use it while registering or later)

Many courses are have specifically linked resources (such as Tutoring and SI) while other UCAE resources help you in ALL classes19 How many Tutoring sessions were attended during the 2012-13 academic l year?A. 8,607B. 6,406C. 2,941D. 1,006Quick Quiz #7EndCorrect answer is BTutoring should be proactive, not just for when you get behind or dont understand somethingImagine if you had a personal study partner who you knew understands everything and can help you when you have questionsCan set up recurring tutoring to come the same time every week and meet with the same tutor, can also switch tutors/times every week, or come less frequently, but 8 is the magic number20 On average, how many Supplemental Instruction sessions are offered each week of the semester?A. 30B. 60C. 90D. 120Quick Quiz #8EndCorrect answer is C21 How many UCAE workshop sessions will be offered during the Fall 2013 semester?A. 66B. 55C. 44D. 33Quick Quiz #9EndCorrect answer is AWorkshops are offered every day of the week, different times of day including eveningsInteractive, great way to get an overview of strategies that will help you in all coursesIf you like the topic/content but cant make any of the times, set an IC and well go over the same content with you in a one-on-one setting22 How many student contacts did the UCAE have during the 2012-13 academic year?A. 9,553B. 14,730C. 26,445D. 34,661Quick Quiz #10EndCorrect answer is DUsing academic support resources at UNCC is the norm, and using multiple resources is the best way to help yourself be successfulthey complement each other, not take the place of each other23 Create a balanced scheduleConsider class locationsLeave time to eat (and breathe)Know yourself and your habitsThink about outside commitmentsMake attending class a priorityUse campus resources including the UCAE

24 We look forward to working with all of you over the next four years!

University Center for Academic ExcellenceFretwell 330

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