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1 1 Immigration Immigration Immigration Slide 2 2 Test Your Immigration Knowledge Slide 3 3 A. 2.5% B. 8% C. 12.5% D. 25% What Percentage of the Population is Foreign Born? Slide 4 4 A.130 Million B. 420 Million C. 205 Million D. 429 Million What is the U.S. Census Bureaus Projection for the 2050 U.S. Population? Slide 5 5 A. 11% B. 27% C. 31% D. 8% What Percentage of the Foreign-Born Population is from Mexico? Slide 6 6 A. No Cost B. $500 Million C. $2 Billion D. $36 Billion What Does Illegal Immigration Cost the American Taxpayer Each Year? Slide 7 7 A. 1 million B. 22 million C. 18 million D. 13 million How Many Illegal Aliens Are Currently in the U.S.? Slide 8 8 A. Fewer than 250,000 B. 250,000 to 500,000 C. 500,000 to 750,000 D. More than one million How Many Immigrants Come to the U.S. Legally Each Year? Slide 9 9 A. 25% B. 10% C. 2% D. Less than 1% How Many Immigrants in the U.S. Lack Health Insurance? Slide 10 10 A. Declaration of Independence B. Bill of Rights C. 14th Amendment D. The Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1965 What is Used to Justify Birthright Citizenship? Slide 11 11 A. 2,000 miles B. 1,000 miles C. 370 miles D. There is no fence Approximately How Much of the U.S.- Mexican Border is Fenced? Slide 12 12 A.True B. False Non-Citizens Are Counted in the U.S. Census? Slide 13 13 1. C. 12.5% 2. B. 420 Million 3. C. 31% 4. D. 36 Billion 5. D. 13 Million 6. D. More than 1 Million 7. A. 25% 8. C. 14 th Amendment 9. C. 370 Miles 10. True Answers Slide 14 Immigration history can be viewed in 4 eras, 1.Colonial Period 2.Midnineteenth century 3.Turn of the 20 th century 4.Post 1965 The settling of America began with an idea. The idea was that people can join together and agree to govern themselves by making laws for the common good. With that idea in mind, 102 English colonists set sail in 1620 on the Mayflower. This is considered to be the start of European migration. In 1638 the Swedes began their migration to America. They were an organized group of colonizers sent by the Swedish Government to establish a colony in Delaware. In 1655, the colony was lost to the Dutch. During the colonial era most of the immigrants to the U.S. came from Northern Europe. Their numbers declined during the 1770s, but picked up during the mid 1800s. New arrivals came from several countries, but mostly from Germany and Ireland where crop failures caused many to leave their homelands. Other groups also arrived from the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, the Scandinavian countries, and Eastern Europe History Slide 15