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  • 1 1 Southwest Florida Climate Prosperity Strategy Southwest Florida Regional Planning Council
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  • 2 Climate Prosperity Project Created by Global Urban Development in 2007, with financial support from the Rockefeller Brothers Fund and the Environmental Defense Fund Based on the proposition that climate change is a great economic opportunity 8 locations selected to pilot Climate Prosperity Strategies: Silicon Valley The State of Delaware Metropolitan Seattle Metropolitan Denver Metropolitan Portland Metropolitan St. Louis Montgomery County, Maryland SW Florida Southwest Florida Regional Planning Council chosen as the lead agency for the SW Florida Climate Prosperity Strategy
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  • 3 SW Florida Regional Planning Council 34 member council 24 elected officials, representing 6 counties and 16 cities 5 state agency representatives 5 gubernatorial appointees representing: Education Business Environment Economic development 27 Staff
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  • 4 SW Florida Climate Prosperity Leadership A Growing Partnership SW Florida Planning Council Economic Development Strategy Committee Energy & Climate Sub-Committee Economic development organizations Chambers of commerce & private sector stakeholders SW Florida Manufacturers Association Universities and community colleges Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) Environmental organizations Charlotte Harbor National Estuary Program Community Groups
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  • 5 SW Florida Strengths Excellent climate Gateway to the Everglades (globally known brand) Access to the Gulf Coast Historically successful economic strategy of: Encouraging tourism Leading to purchase of 2 nd homes Resulting in people moving to the region when they retire Economic clusters have been Tourism Housing development Health care Agriculture Mining Retail
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  • 6 SW Florida Challenges SW Florida was overbuilt and now is hard hit with foreclosures 58,000 people out of work in SW Florida, more than 10% of the workforce Relatively few export industries Poor public transit Land assembly is difficult due to the large number of platted, undeveloped lots Florida used to be a low-cost state, but now costs are rising significantly SW Florida is low lying region, so sea level rise puts the region at risk (worst case is 16 inches by 2050)
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  • 7 SW Florida Climate Prosperity Goals and Outcomes SW Florida Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy includes goals for the Climate Prosperity Strategy: Attract and retain a cluster of environmentally sustainable and economically efficient businesses Garner long term economic and environmental benefits Increase the earning potential for SW Florida residents and businesses Educate SW Floridians on the economic and environmental benefits of investment in green technologies Desired Outcomes: Green businesses, green jobs, and green profits Environmentally skilled workforce Improved energy efficiency, green savings and reduced greenhouse gas emissions Sustainable business and household practices Environmentally conscious businesses and households Improved quality of life
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  • 8 SW Florida Climate Prosperity Strategic Framework Climate Prosperity Strategies have 3 dimensions: Green Savings Green Opportunities Green Talent SW Florida Climate Prosperity Strategy is organized as a set of Initiatives with component Green Programs: A Green Savings Initiative with 5 component Green Programs A Green Opportunities Initiative with 6 component Green Programs A Green Talent Initiative with 3 component Green Programs In addition to the SW Florida Regional Planning Council and numerous partner organizations, 2 new structures will be formed: A SW Florida Climate Prosperity Network A SW Florida Green Talent Leadership Group
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  • 9 Green Savings Initiative Eco-Smart Development: Establishment of solar powered, energy efficient, walkable communities, such as Babcock Ranch, with preservation zones and organic agriculture. Others include Ave Maria, Big Cypress, Lakewood Ranch, and Green Mile Hurricane/Energy Efficient Retrofits: Development and implementation of a new type of retrofit that combines hurricane hardening with energy efficiency, in cooperation with Florida House Green Business Partnership: Expansion of the Sarasota Green Business Partnership to other counties in the region, encouraging environmental stewardship by assisting and recognizing businesses that operate in an environmentally responsible manner Climate Adaptation: Completion of the Charlotte Harbor Climate Adaptation Strategy, leading to Climate Adaptation Consultations with other regions Environmental Mitigation Banking: Institution of environmental mitigation banks, such as Panther Island and Big Cypress, to create, preserve, restore, or enhance a wetland, stream, or habitat conservation area
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  • 10 Biofuel Industry: Partnership with the Farm to Fuel Initiative to expand the number of biofuel vehicles; increase fueling facilities; and expand production, such as the new Verenium owned Highlands Ethanol Project Solar Industry: Promotion of the installation and use of solar energy, particularly solar hot water heating Green Inland Port: Establishment of a Green Port Policy for the new Inland Port, which will be an off-site warehousing and distribution center to which Florida seaports can ship containers for unpacking Green Opportunities Initiative
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  • 11 Green Incubator/Accelerator: Creation of a green dimension for the Southwest Florida Virtual Incubator/Accelerator and the Regional Incubator Network to provide assistance to green and clean tech businesses Sustainable Agriculture: Partnership with Florida Certified Organic Growers and Consumers to expand the market for organic agricultural products and to assist farmers to undertake or expand organic farms Ecotourism: Partnership with the Society for Ethical Ecotourism Southwest Florida (SEE SW FLA) to support of the ecotourism industry in the region Green Opportunities Initiative (Cont.)
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  • 12 Green Talent Initiative Green Talent Program: Partner with the SW Florida Workforce Investment Board to organize a Green Talent Leadership Group to design/implement a Green Talent Program to identify green industry sub- sectors; recruit job candidates; provide job readiness and skill training; and arrange for placement and post-placement support Green Business Education: Partnership with one or more Florida educational institutions to develop and implement a Green Business Education Program for clean tech entrepreneurs and green business managers with responsibility for environmental/sustainability programs Location-Neutral Workforce: Promotion, among retirees, 2 nd home owners, and vacationers, of location-neutral work opportunities that do not require particular locations due to Internet and broadband connections
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  • 13 SW Florida Green Assets State assets: Governors Climate Action Team Florida Solar Energy Center Sustainable Florida Collins Center Florida Farm to Fuel Initiative Florida BioFuels Association Regional assets: Gulf Coast Chapter of U.S. Green Building Council Center for Environmental and Sustainability Education at Florida Gulf Coast University Florida House Institute for Sustainable Development 3 county and 2 city sustainability programs LEED certified planner on SW Florida Regional Planning Council Staff
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  • 14 SW Floridas GreenPrint
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  • 15 Obstacles and Impediments In the current economic emergency SW Florida is one of the hardest hit regions Foreclosures put Lee County No.1 in the nation 76 homes have been being foreclosed upon every day Regional unemployment hit above 10 percent as thousands search for jobs that no longer exist Platted Lots Lack of transit Need for funding Conflict with other priorities Resistance to Change Sprawl and platted lots make development difficult and transit difficult.
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  • 16 Strategic Planning Process Participation by SW Florida in national Climate Prosperity Project meetings, with a presentation at the San Jose meeting Formulation of the Climate Prosperity Strategy Goals and Outcomes as an aspect of the Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy Consultation by Sustainable Systems and Urban Sustainability Associates Meetings with SW Florida Regional Planning Council Staff Meeting with a broad group of public, private, education, and community stakeholders Research on Florida and SW Florida green assets Draft Climate Prosperity Strategy and PowerPoint produced by Sustainable Systems and Urban Sustainability Associates Review by SW Florida Regional Planning Council staff
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  • 17 Future Action Steps Formulate implementation plans for each Green Program in each of the 3 Climate Prosperity Initiatives Join with partners to implement aspects of the Climate Prosperity Strategy that can be done without additional funding Pursue additional funding Constitute a SW Florida Climate Prosperity Network composed of representatives of: County and city sustainability programs Green Business Partnership Developers of Eco-Smart Developments Regional green resource organizations Statewide sustainability organizations Form a Green Talent Leadership Group including: SW Florida Workforce Investment Board Community colleges and universities Business representatives
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