1 LIS 205: Introduction to Information Sources & Services Unit 7: Ethical Reference Service Kevin Rioux, PhD Division of Library and Information Science

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<ul><li><p>LIS 205: Introduction to Information Sources &amp; Services </p><p>Unit 7: Ethical Reference ServiceKevin Rioux, PhDDivision of Library and Information Science</p></li><li><p>Historical backgroundEarly librariesclosed stacksModern librarianship emerged in a time of great moralism and clear-minded-ness.A response to social upheaval caused by rapid industrialization and immigrationA helping professionRemains a highly-regarded profession and product</p></li><li><p>Historical stances influence modern reference practiceMaintains a service orientationActively respond to user requests for informationCounsels users on search strategiesInstructs and educatesOrganizes materials to promote accessProtects users privacyAdvocates for intellectual freedomContinuously evaluates information systems for improvementCreates tools and pathfinders to assist information seekers</p></li><li><p>Ethics are codified in Professional CodesALA Code of EthicsASIS Professional GuidelinesCode of Ethics for Archivists, Health Sciences librarians, Law librarians, etc.Association of Computing Machinery Code of Ethics</p></li><li><p>Protectors/Advocates/Activist for First Amendment RightsWe have an ethical obligation to protect the First Amendment rights of usersOur societal role is to disseminate information Right of access to informationadvocate for thisIntellectual freedompeople have the fundamental right to the ideas produced by society, and that our society benefits from the free flow of all ideasSomewhat of a radical statementmarketplace of ideas</p></li><li><p>TensionsRight of access vs. protecting individuals or society from harmAdvocate access, but we should not aid what Hauptman calls egregiously anti-social acts.This is a tight rope to walk, sometimesFilteringCharging feesPrivacy and confidentialityDisparate levels of serviceEspecially for childrenCopyright</p></li></ul>