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  • Expressing performance

    1 Pressure measurement HT pressure transmitter BPH710 2.8.1999

    2 Differential pressure and flow measurement HD differential pressure transmitter BPdH750 2.8.1999

    Condensate pot G450 15.2.1989

    3 Liquid level measurement HG pressure transmitter BPLH700 2.8.1999

    HV pressure transmitter BLH810 2.8.1999 HL pressure transmitter BLH820 2.8.1999 HDL differential pressure transmitter BLH830 2.8.1999

    4 Installation of p and dp transmitters PASVE mounting and service valve G340 12.8.1999 PASVE pH mounting and service valve G345 4.10.2002 PASVE SC/SP/ST sampling valve G347 10.2.2000 Mounting couplings G150 10.2.2000

    5 Hydraulic pressure seal and actuators HPS hydraulic pressure seal BP415 25.2.2000 PISTOR 75 pneumatic power cylinder EZ510 15.2.1989

    6 Temperature measurement TEMP-EL CNR temperature transmitter mounted BT700 12.2.2003

    in sensor junction box TEMP-EL BNR temperature transmitter mounted BT710 15.5.1990

    on terminal board

    7 Density measurement DENS-EL electronic density transmitter BD220 15.3.1989

    8 Controllers DAMATROL MC100 digital unit controller CC850 15.7.1993 DAMATROL MC300 three position controller CC860 15.4.1997 DAMATROL MC512H multifunction controller CC804E 31.5.1993

    9 Recorders DIGIREC A/B pen and multipoint recorder CR300 15.1.1998 DIGIREC C/D digital recorder CR320 15.11.1997

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    Satron Instruments Inc. 20.02.2003Contents of FIELD INSTRUMENTS product catalogue

  • Some of the most common quantitiesexpressing performance and thereference conditions in which they aremeasured are described on this page.The following description conforms tothe IEC 546 and IEC 770 recommen-dations.Values of performance specificationsapply to 316 SS diaphragms, unlessstandard material otherwise defined.

    Quantities used for expressingperformance

    Non-linearity is the maximum deviationof the characteristic curve (of the averageof the increasing and decreasingportions) from the straight line drawn soas to minimize the deviation (= non-linearity with respect to independentstraight line).Conformity error is a term used insteadof non-linearity if the ideal characteristiccurve is not a straight line: conformityerror is the maximum deviation of theaverage-deviation curve from the idealcharacteristic curve drawn so as tominimize the deviation. Dead band, alsoknown as neutral zone, is the rangethrough which the input signal may varywithout causing any perceptible changein the output signal.Hysteresis, as a quantity expressingperformance, is defined as themaximum difference between theincreasing and decreasing output signalcorresponding to the same input signalvalue when the input signal is changedthrough the full range in both directions.

    January 10, 2000Expressing performanceRepeatability is the maximum deviationof output signal values corresponding tothe same input signal value inconsecutive measurements, whenconditions remain unchanged and whenthis input signal value is alwaysapproached from the same directionwhile the input is changed through fullrange. Repeatability is calculated on thebasis of measurement results from theformula.

    comparable performance values fromthe apparatus.In performance testing of the devices in-cluded in this catalogue the referenceconditions should be as follows:

    Ambient conditions- ambient temperature: +20C 2C- relative humidity of air: 65 % 5 %- pressure of air: 860 to 1060 mbar

    Auxiliary energy

    Electrical devices- supply voltage: nominal voltage 1 %- ripple 0.1 % (with DC voltage)

    Pneumatic devices- supply pressure: nominal pressure 1 %- supply air temperature: ambient temperature: 2C- supply air humidity: dew point at least 10C lower than the temperature of the device being tested- supply air free from dust and oil, particle size less than 3 m.

    Other conditionsPosition of device when tested: nominalposition (normal mounting position).Load: nominal load.

    where xi = individual measurement

    result x = average of measurement results N = number of measurements

    Accuracy requirements formeasuring equipment inperformance measurementsThe errors of the measuringequipment used should be at least 1/4of the performance of the device to betested.

    Reference conditionsRated operating conditions, orreference conditions, refer to theequalization of such factorsindependent of the apparatus as affectperformance, in order to obtain

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    Output variable

    Measuring variable

    Output variable

    Measuring variable







  • Pressure measurementPressure measurementPressure measurementPressure measurementPressure measurement

    Process connectionsSome typical connections for tappingthe pressure are shown below. Fig. 1ais for liquids and gases, fig. 1b forsteam, and fig. 1c for high-pressureservice. Suggested material for thebranch shown in fig. 1c is e.g. St35.8 or13CrMo44. All burrs should be carefullyremoved from the tapping point. Theprocessor coupling must be weldedwith a thin compound rod (max.diameter 2.0 mm) to avoid harmfulthermal strains, Fig. 1d.

    Connection pipeRecommended materials for theconnection pipe:- AISI304 stainless steel- AISI316 acid-resistant steelFor high pressure measurements(above 100 bar):- St35.8 or 13CrMo44 heat-resistantsteelsRecommended pipe dimensions(o.d. x wall thickness):- 12 1 mm, 12 1.5 mm, or 14 2.5 mm.

    It is recommendable always to equipthe connection pipe with shut-off valvesand, when necessary, with a pressuregauge connection valve.

    For low pressures and for fluids liable toform sediments a ball valve should beused as shut-off valve. A threaded orwelded needle valve is used for steamand high pressures.

    Protection from pulsationIf pulsations caused by the processoccur at the point of measurement, theinstrument should be protected bymeans of a restriction, damping pot, orequivalent means. See figure 2 forconnection pipe configuration. After theshut-off valve there is a bend forprotective liquid or gas. A loop (12) isinstalled below the transmitter forcollecting condensates.Figure 2 gives an example of themeasurement pipe arrangement for apressure transmitter.Figure 3 illustrates some applications ofa pressure transmitter.

    Our instruments for pressure measurement:

    HT pressure transmitter .......... Spec. BPH710

    ALSO SUITABLE FOR PRESSURE MEASUREMENTHG pressure transmitter ........ ........ Spec. BPLH700HL pressure transmitter ......... ........ Spec. BLH820SEE ALSO:HPS hydraulic pressure seal ........ Spec. BP415

    Satron Instruments Inc., P.O.Box 240, FIN-33201 Tampere, FinlandTel. +358 3 387 1800, Telefax +358 3 387 1899

    Pressure Adjustabilitytrans- Span Measuring rangemitters Smart, min. Analog,min. max.HT6 1.45 bar (0.15 MPa) 2.9 bar (0.29 MPa) 22 bar (2.2 MPa) -1...+22 bar (-0.1...+2.2 MPa)HT6A 1.45 bar (0.15 MPa) 2.9 bar (0.29 MPa) 22 bar (2.2 MPa) 0...+22 bar (0...+2.2 MPa),abs.HT7 10 bar (1.0 MPa) 20 bar (2 MPa) 150 bar (15 MPa) 0...+150 bar (0...+15 MPa),abs.HT8 67 bar (6.7 MPa) 132 bar (13.2 MPa) 1000 bar (100 MPa) -1...+1000 bar(-0.1...+100 MPa),abs.

    1 Pressure transmitter HT 2 12/R1/2" NPT stud coupling 3 12-R 1/2" pressure gauge connector 4 12-R 1/2" stud coupling 5 R1/2 pressure gauge connector 6 Gasket 18.5 x 7 mm 7 R l /2 ball valve 8 Process connection R 1/2 K 9 Pipe 12 mm dia. x 1.5 mm AISI 31610 12/R 1/2 connector

    Figure 2

    Figure 1 Figure 3

    a. Installation of pressure transmitter HGb. Steam and liquid pressure measurementc. Gas pressure measurement with pressure transmitter HTd. Level measurement using the bubbling methode. Level measurement with pressure transmitter HGf. Level measurement; installation by means of the PASVE mounting valve

    a b



    January 10, 2000 1/01

  • 80 100 280 530



    20 40 80120

    Minimum process pressure(HT8: no min. pressure limitations)

    50 80160210

    Minimum pressure fordifferent fill fluids (mbar, abs.)

    DC200 Inert oil 100 cSt

    BPH710August 2, 1999




    75 2501000



    Maximum process pressure, barPressure limits

    1) Parts in contact with process medium

    TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONSMeasuring range and spanSee Selection Chart.Zero and Span adjustmentZero elevation: Calibrated span is freelyselectable on the specified rangedepending from the desired option.This can be made by using externcontrol shafts (analog option), keyboard(display option) or HART275communicator.Damping- Smart (code S, D and R) Time constant is continuously adjustable 1 to 60 s.- Analog (code A and K) Time constant is continuously adjustable - min.range: 0.3 to 6 s - max.range: 0.01 to 1 sTemperature limitsAmbient: -30 to +80 CProcess: -30 to +120 CShipping and storage: -40 to +80 C.Pressure limits Min. and max. processpressure: See the appended tables.Volumetric displacement< 0.5 mm3 /max. spanOutput 2-wire (2W),