1 Wonder Palacio 9/15 C.P . 10/1 Acrostic Character Poems Majorly intellectual Admires his father very

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Text of 1 Wonder Palacio 9/15 C.P . 10/1 Acrostic Character Poems Majorly intellectual Admires his father...

  • 1 Wonder Palacio 9/15 C.P . 10/1


  • Assignment 1 Book Talk

    This must be in your own words!

  • Instagram Sample Goals:

    • I can create an accurate picture that occurred in a chapter.

    • I can use evidence from the chapter to make sure my picture is accurate.

    • I can create a caption that tells the GIST of the plot event or summary of book.

    ** This is completed on a worksheet, not on social media!

  • Assignment 2 Instagram

    You can print or draw pictures of the plot event you are writing about.

  • Assignment 2 Instagram

    Pay attention to the detailed plot summary and wonderful vocabulary used.

  • You must complete the top of the assignment, including the genre (type of book). If you are unsure, look it up.

    Read the very detailed description. Pay attention to the way the writer described the main character.

  • Assignment 3 Twitter


    ***280 letters, spaces and punctuation, NOT 280 words!

  • Assignment 3 Twitter

    This section must be complete!


  • Title: You Got This; To Gold and Beyond Author: Laurie Hernandez Genre: Memoir Assignment 4 Interview a Character   Laurie Hernandez is a fun loving young gymnast, who at only 16 years old has already made the 2016 Olympic team and has won Dancing with the Stars.   Q. After your devastating knee injury did you ever have doubts about returning to gymnastics?   A. During my injury I was out for a long time, it was very difficult and there were times when I wanted to quit but I was surrounded by people who encouraged me and helped me return to the sport I loved so much.   Q. How did you feel at your first training camps at the Ranch with some of the best senior gymnasts in the world?   A. I was definitely intimidated but I was used to being at the Ranch by then and I had easily made friends with most of the girls who had been there before and they made me feel much more comfortable.   Q. How did you feel going into your first competition as a Senior Elite Gymnast?   A. I was very over whelmed and nervous but inside I knew I could do it.   Q. When you saw ads talking about who might make the Olympic team and you did not see your name, how did that feel?   A. Not seeing my name in ads just made me more determined to make the team and although it was my first year as a senior I was climbing up quickly and I knew if I worked hard enough I would hear my name called for the team.   Q. When you heard your name called for the Olympic team how did you feel?   A. I instantly started crying and I knew that this was what all my hard work was for. It was the best day of my life and I was enjoying it with all my favorite people.   Q. When you and your team first arrived in Rio for the games, what was it like?   A. When we arrived in Rio it was beautiful and everyone was super excited. At the Olympic village we saw people from all over the world playing all different sports. It was an amazing place to spend our time in Rio. Q. How did it feel at the team finals knowing that your team had just won gold at the Olympics?   A. We were all extremely proud, not just of ourselves but of all of our teammates also it was the best feeling I’ve ever felt.   Q. When you finished your beam routine at finals how did you feel knowing that you just hit an amazing routine and that it was your last routine in Rio?   A. It was an exhilarating feeling knowing that I did a routine well enough to win silver and also because I realized I had just finished competing in my very first Olympic games. It was sad but I also knew that it was a once in a life time experience and I should enjoy the last of it while I could.

  • Assignment 4 Interview a Character

  • Assignment 5 In the News

  • Assignment 6 Create a Comic Strip

    Examine the detailed description under each picture.

    Don’t forget to write a gist!

  • Assignment 7 Readers Response Menu

    Pick one assignment from Appetizer section and one from Entree

  • Assignment 7 Readers Response Menu

    Appetizer Response

  • Assignment 7 Readers Response Menu

    Entree Response

  • Assignment 8

    Wonderful Word Art, Wordle Word-It Out

    You must complete & hand in the planning page with the final project.

  • Wordle

    Assignment 8 Wordle

  • Assignment 8 Word Art

  • Assignment 8 Word Art

  • Assignment 8 Word Art

  • Wordart.com

    Assignment 8 Word Art

  • Assignment 9 Acrostic Poem

  • Acrostic Character Poems

    Majorly intellectual   Admires his father very much   Learns quickly about the real world   Cool, calm, and collected during all situations   Obsessed with spending time with his family   Minor family problems

    Assignment 9 Acrostic Poem

    **One word lines will not be accepted!