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Sandvik Mine Planning Alternative Mining solutions

We use a two-color headline system to highlight our rational and emotional side alike. The first line appears in blue (the rational side), the second line in orange (the emotional side) and the duality principle is reflected in the wording of the headline.

This system refers to the first page title only, all other headlines are blue.

Learn more about our verbal identity in the Sandvik Brand Identity Directives, which you can download at the Intranet > home.sandvik.com/brand

What do we offer Assistance to our clients in areas that are quite mis understood. No optimisation tech very manual work1

Sandviks objective is zeroharm to our people, the environment we work in, our customers and our suppliers. PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT ASSEMBLY POINT EMERGENCY EXIT EMERGENCY NUMBER ALARMSAFETY FIRST FIRST AID KIT

Why do we have an Safety slide (Environment, Health and Safety EHS) in our presentations?We say that "safety is an important priority", so we need to remind ourselves of this regularly and promote it to our external stakeholders as often as possible - the safety slide is one very good way of doing this. We know that changing the safety culture of a company is an on-going process - if we don't talk about it 'every day', we can easily lose some of the great progress we've made.

What can help to make the use of the Safety slide effective?A good use of the slide is to tell people attending a presentation of the emergency evacuation procedures for the room / facility you are at. So be sure to know this before putting the slide up on the screen.

Another good use is to prompt a short discussion about safety e.g about our Zero Harm Vision. It could also be an opportunity to give a 'safety share' to the audience - a personal story that tells how you identified an unexpected hazard or experienced a near miss. If the audience appears 'up for it', you can ask them to contribute a safety share of their own - a very powerful approach if done well. While the content of the slide is important, the most important thing is to say what ever you say about safety passionately!

What can undermine the effectiveness of the Safety slide?The major thing that can do this is to 'flash by' the safety slide without making any, or any quality, comment about it. Doing the 'flash by' will give a negative message that "I'm showing the slide because I have to rather than I want to. If you think there is no benefit from showing the slide on a particular occasion (e.g the audience are all local Sandvik employees and are well aware our safety journey and/or emergency procedures) then take the slide out altogether.


Sandvik has zero tolerance in respect to corruption.Our commitment to ethical business practices is well-established and absolute.Business without corruption

Follow Anti- Corruption policy

Show integrity

Keep our history in mind

Remember: Bribery is a crime



Unlocking the potential of deposits by implementing innovative mining methods55

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Why Because we can enhance the value of a project using the latest technologies combined with our deep understanding of mining combined with equipment know how5

6Semi-mobile or fixed crushing plant conceptBucket Wheel ExcavatorAlternative Mining MethodsTypes of Alternative Mining MethodsBucket Wheel ExcavatorConveyorsDump/Stock


ShovelDump/StockFully-Mobile CrusherConveyors

Fully-mobile crushing plant conceptDozer fleetDump/StockFully-Mobile Dozer trapConveyors

Dozer Push concept

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A lot of combinations out there looking at fmipcc

Overview of Expertise


Mine Planning Offering8

Mine Planning Offering (Continued)Value Stream Mapping for optimizationsOther Tailored for the Customer Mine Optimization StudiesMine to Crusher (Brownfield and Greenfield), Mine to Waste Dump (Brownfield and Greenfield), Training, Workshops & EducationIntroduction and advanced courses for alternative mining methods developed alongside the University of Queensland Audits & Study ReviewsSandvik provides an independent opinion on mining methods by means of audits to mitigate potential risks to the mine plan.R&D project input9

Economic Trade-Off of mining methods


Areas of Study10


Short term mine planning affects long term mine planning

What makes our team stand out from the consultants is that we combine equipment knowledge with our mine planning skills to create mine plans in alternate mining methods that consultants cant deliver. 10

Dozer Push Concept11


SMIPCC Concept

13FMIPCC Concept

13Discuss direction of mining perpendicular to benchHave the equipment working as it was designed for.

Alternative mining method Studies

For Peace of mind in mining studies