18 Most Beautiful Places in the World

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  • 7/25/2019 18 Most Beautiful Places in the World




    The world, with its complexities and wonder has many

    marvels both naturally wrought and by human handiwork.Folks who travel a lot will have experience some the

    numerous beautiful placesin diferent parts o the world.

    Below is a list o the 1 Most Beautiu! P!a"es i# t$e

    %o&!'. !ou will be ama"ed at the splendor o these places,

    some you probably haven#t heard about.

    18( N)o&o#)o&o C&ate&* Ta#+a#ia

    $gorongoro %rater is located in $orthern Tan"ania. &t is

    believed to be one o nature#s best natural places where you

    get to experience the wildlie. This place is also one o the

    most ertile grounds in 'rica. &t is home to many species o

    wild animals, including lions, hyenas, "ebras and (amingoes.

    The people rom the )asaai tribeare rom around here andthey are lovely people to meet.

    1,( T$e Do!o-ites at Sout$ T.&o! i# Ita!.

  • 7/25/2019 18 Most Beautiful Places in the World


    *outh Tyrol is a site to behold. The people in this area

    dominantly speak +erman. &t is perhaps the most naturally

    endowed place in &taly. The mountainous landscape is

    adorned with various types o shrubs and orests. The

    olomites is one o the tou&ist att&a"tio#s places in the


    1/( Pe&ito Mo&e#o G!a"ie&* A&)e#ti#a Pata)o#ia

    -henever you are in 'rgentina, you sure want to visit this

    beauty. The erito )oreno +lacier is one o the most

    attractive tourist places in 'rgentina. *ituate in the /os+laciares $ational ark, the +lacier is surrounded by a large

    number o pictures0ue icy mountains and orests. & you love

    ice skating on mountains, no better place than the southern

    hemisphere o the world.

  • 7/25/2019 18 Most Beautiful Places in the World


    10( Pioiota$i 2Mi!o&' Sou#'3 i# Ne% 4ea!a#'

    )ilord *ound is a ord meaning a 2narrow passage# oten

    precipitated by glacial erosion. $amed ater the sound o a

    thrush3like piopio bird which is now an extinct species,

    iopiotahi is considered as one o the th wonders o the

    world. &t is a serene and 0uiet place surrounded by steep

    clifs and dense rainorest.

  • 7/25/2019 18 Most Beautiful Places in the World


    15( Pota!a Pa!a"e i# Ti6et

    !ou de4nitely want to know about one o the world#s most

    ancient palaces. 5rstwhile the principal residence o the alai/ama, otala alace is now a museum. The palace is named

    ater )ount otalaka which was a mythical home o /ord

    'valokite6vara. The site was built with sloping stone walls o

    average 7 meters thick and copper oundation to prevent

    earth0uakes. otala alace is a 17 storied building having

    over 1888 rooms, 18,888 shrines, and about 988,888 statues.

  • 7/25/2019 18 Most Beautiful Places in the World


    17( E&ta A!e o!"a#o o Et$ioia

    The most active volcano in 5thiopia, 5rta 'le is known to belonges holding lave lake. There are only : volcanoes with

    /ava /ake in the world and 5rta 'le is one o them. &t is

    located in the 'ar region o northeastern 5thiopia. &n their

    local language, 5rta 'le means *moking )ountain. The area

    is oten termed as ;the gateway to Hell< because o its

    sweltering boiling temperature.

  • 7/25/2019 18 Most Beautiful Places in the World


    19( 4$a#):ia:ie Natio#a! Fo&est Pa&; o C$i#a

    henomenal in its essence, =hangiaie $ational Forest ark,

    is believed to be the 4rst national park in %hina. Block buster

    movie, 'vatar, was 4lmed in this %hinese orest park. The

    pillar3like rock ormation surrounding the area is the most

    breath3taking eature o this national park. &t is mostly

    covered with vegetation because o the damp weather.

  • 7/25/2019 18 Most Beautiful Places in the World


    11( A

  • 7/25/2019 18 Most Beautiful Places in the World


    1=( P!it

  • 7/25/2019 18 Most Beautiful Places in the World


    >( Wiste&ia F!o%e& Tu##e!* Ka%a"$i Fu:i Ga&'e#s* ?aa#

    -ith its delightul pastel3coloured airytale tunnel the>awachi Fui +ardenis a site to behold. &t is located in the city

    o >itakyushu in ?apan and a @ hours trip rom Tokyo i you

    take the bullet train. Ance you enter the tunnel, you will 4nd

    it 4lled with about 1@8 -isteria (owering plants o diferent

    colours. ' trip to >awachi Fui +arden is an experience that

    you will relish or a very long time.

  • 7/25/2019 18 Most Beautiful Places in the World


    8( Tu!i Fie!'s o Net$e&!a#'s

    &t is interesting to learn that many people do not know theTulip Fields o $etherlands are extremely beautiul. ' top view

    o the 4elds will reveal an enchanting sight o (owers

    bursting into diferent colors in rows ust like a rainbow.

    Believe me you sure want to experience this, personally. Tulip

    Fields o $etherlands are one o the world#s most beautiul

    places to visit.

  • 7/25/2019 18 Most Beautiful Places in the World


    ,( I)ua+u Fa!!s* B&a+i!

    The marvelous &gua"u Falls are on the border o Bra"il and

    'rgentina. ' whopping total o 9@ alls are in the waterall

    system with most o them around :C to 8 meters high. &

    you ever want to go or a vacation in the *pring o Fall, this

    should be in your list o places.

  • 7/25/2019 18 Most Beautiful Places in the World


    /( G&a#' Teto# Natio#a! Pa&; i# USA

    The name +rand Tetonmeans 2Boob )ountain.# &t was named

    by some French explorers back in the early 1Dth century. This

    park has several lakes including 1@3mile3long ?ackson /ake.

    acking a rare phenomenal ecosystem, the site is aw3


  • 7/25/2019 18 Most Beautiful Places in the World


    0( Ba)a#* M.a#-a&

    Bagan is an ancient city which is located in the )andalayregion o )yanmar. uring the 11th and 17th century, more

    than 18,888 Buddhist temples and monasteries were

    constructed among which over 9988 temples still exist today.

    &t is a popular place re0uented by tourists worldwide.

  • 7/25/2019 18 Most Beautiful Places in the World


    5( 4io# Natio#a! Pa&;* Uta$

    5asily noticeable with its huge reddish and tan3colored rock in

    the middle o the Eirgin iver, =ion $ational ark is awesome

    place to visit. /ocated in the *outhwestern Gnites *tates,

    near a place named *pringdale in Gtah, it is known as the Big

    Ben. This park is tourists# hub.

  • 7/25/2019 18 Most Beautiful Places in the World


    7( Pet&a* ?o&'a#

    $ow this, is a wonder to behold. >nown as the lost city, it was

    rediscovered in the 188s. The site remained anonymous

    until it was ound by a *wiss explorer. etra is a historical and

    archaeological city which is situated in the southern part o

    ?ordan. etra towers are one o the tourist attractions and

    most beautiful places to visitin the world.

  • 7/25/2019 18 Most Beautiful Places in the World


    9( Neus"$%a#stei# Cast!e i# Baing /udwig && in

    1:D or his own shelter and protection.

  • 7/25/2019 18 Most Beautiful Places in the World


    1( Ka%a$ I:e# i# I#'o#esia

    )agestic in its existence, the &en volcano contains theworld#s largest acidic volcanic %rater /ake. &t is located at

    ?ava in &ndonesia. &t has a high rich deposition o bright yellow

    coloured *ulphur. The volcano is said to be highly active

    which makes the area dangerous. $evertheless, the

    spectacular volcanic scenery with the tur0uoise blue water o

    the lake is simply ust magni4cent.

  • 7/25/2019 18 Most Beautiful Places in the World