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200300400500100200300400500100200300400500100200300400500100 200300400500100 Metric Conversion Word Problems Customary Conversion Word Problems Attributes of 2D/3D Figures Classify 2D Figures in Hierarchy Order of Operations Slide 2 A tube of toothpaste has a capacity of 0.16 L. How many milliliters of toothpaste does the tube hold? Slide 3 Kayla is running a 5 kilometer fun run with her mom. How many meters did she run? Slide 4 DAILY DOUBLE Kristin is putting polka dot border around her bulletin board and needs 9 meters of border. How many centimeters of border will she need? Slide 5 Sue is baking Christmas cookies. She has 3,264 grams of cinnamon for her recipe. How many kilograms of cinnamon does she have? Slide 6 Rob was walking to the nearest park. When he checked the GPS, Lake Park was 17.5 kilometers from his house and Green Park was 16,500 meters away from his house. Which park would be closer to visit? Slide 7 Kara is following a recipe to make pancakes. The recipe she is using calls for 4 cups of milk. How many fluid ounces of milk is required? Slide 8 Tims boy scout troop was having a party and made 8 gallons of lemonade. How many cups can they serve? Slide 9 Kelsey kept track of how much pudding she ate for four months. If she ate 288 ounces of pudding, how many pounds of pudding did she eat? Slide 10 How many feet of string will Collin have if he has 180 inches of string? Slide 11 Lauren was trying to decide if it would be shorter to ride her bike from her grandmas house to school or her aunts house to school. Her grandma lived 4 miles from school. Her aunt lived 26,400 feet from school. From whose house would be the shorter ride? Slide 12 Which shape has four congruent sides, four right angles, and two sets of parallel sides? Slide 13 A trapezoid has one set of parallel sides and one set of congruent sides. A parallelogram has two sets of parallel sides and two sets of congruent sides. Which of the following is true? A. A trapezoid is always a parallelogram B. A parallelogram is always a trapezoid C. A trapezoid is never a parallelogram. Slide 14 Which of the following 3D figures has 6 vertices, 9 edges, and 5 faces? A. cube B. cylinder C. triangular pyramid D. triangular prism Slide 15 A rhombus has four congruent sides, two obtuse and two acute angles, and two parallel sides. What is true of a rhombus and a parallelogram? A. A parallelogram is always a rhombus. B. A parallelogram is never a rhombus. C. A rhombus is always a parallelogram. D. A rhombus is never a parallelogram. Slide 16 A quadrilateral has four right angles, two sets of parallel sides, and two sets of congruent sides. What is this quadrilateral? Slide 17 DAILY DOUBLE The sum of the measure of the angles of a quadrilateral are 360 degrees. What is the measure of angle D? *Angle A is 55 degrees *Angle B is 75 degrees *Angle C is 120 degrees Slide 18 Which one is a parallelogram with two sets of congruent sides and four right angles? A. trapezoid B. rectangle C. isosceles triangle D. rhombus Slide 19 Which of the following quadrilaterals is NOT a parallelogram? A. trapezoid B. rectangle C. square D. rhombus Slide 20 A quadrilateral in which there are two pairs of parallel sides, all sides are congruent, and there are no right angles. What is the shape? Slide 21 What is the name of a triangle that has no sides of the same length? Slide 22 Using the rules of order of operations, solve this expression: 4 2 x (3 x 4) + 6 2 - 24 4 Slide 23 Which step comes first in the order of operations? Slide 24 Look at the following expression and tell which step you would complete first: 63 + 3 2 - (12 4 x 2) x 2 Slide 25 Write out an expression that matches the words given: Seven more than the quotient of thirty-five and seven Slide 26 How could you use words to explain this expression: 3 x (15-6)