2010-2011 End of Year Report

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  • 7/30/2019 2010-2011 End of Year Report


    Strategic Plan 2014Internal Communications

    End-of-Year Report

    Judith MalveauxInternal Communications Specialist

  • 7/30/2019 2010-2011 End of Year Report


    AREA OF FOCUS 1: EFFECTIVE TEACHING AND LEADERSHIPClearly define and measure teacher effectiveness.

    Gather feedback from employees regarding their concerns about teachereffectiveness measures and development.

    o Set up pre-release screening and messaging amendments with PfP.o Received feedback from Superintendents Teacher Advisory Council

    regarding feedback they received about PfP/teacher effectiveness.o Attended teacher assistant meetings and answered questions about

    budget, PfP and gathered feedback from them on budget.

    Promote the development and implementation of teacher effectivenessmeasures.

    o Assisted PfP department with video production, pre-release screeningand amending messaging to schools.

    Ensure that school leaders have the ability and resources to meet the needs

    of students and teachers.

    Make sure toolkits and documents are available for use by school leaders asneeded.

    o Budget Held focus group meetings with Principals to amend budget

    communications to better meet their needs. Sent 15 communications to employees updating them on

    changes to the budget and developments in budget discussions

    Produced three employee videos to update them on budgetdevelopments.

    Set up four employee budget meetings, coordinatingPowerPoint presentation, speakers and handouts.

    Update documents and toolkits as needed to ensure accuracy and relevance.o Principals toolkits

    Updated principals toolkits with new information about: Opening of Schools Summative Assessments Opening of Schools/Summer tasks

    o Comprehensive Review Developed 80 sets of talking points for principals at schools

    discussed in the Comprehensive Review detailing proposed

    changes. Assisted Planning and Facilities in developing talking points

    about Comprehensive Review.

    Developed One-page information sheets for four communitymeetings on Comprehensive Review.

    AREA OF FOCUS 2: PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENTManage employee performance using readily available, accurate and timelyinformation. Create new measures and evaluations that specify expectations

    for every job in the district.

    Recognize employees found to meet or exceed performance expectations, asdetermined by their colleagues and/or supervisors.

    o Wrote 80 stories recognizing staff for awards and accomplishments Promote and effectively communicate to staff the development of new

    measures and evaluations.o Sent eight emails from CMS communications updating employees them

    on PfP and State of Our Schools.

  • 7/30/2019 2010-2011 End of Year Report


    Gather feedback from employees to share with administration aboutevaluations and measures.

    Develop training programs for leaders and potential leaders to help improve

    performance. Work with developers to ensure best practices in promoting program

    availability.o Promoted 179 professional development opportunities to employees in

    DirectLine and on the Intranet.o Sent five emails inviting employees to apply for principal/AP Talent


    o Promoted 44 award/fellowship opportunities to employees.o Worked with external groups to invite more than 800 employees to

    recognition program.

    o Coordinated communication efforts on Teacher of the Year process,including interviews and selection.

    Recognize district staff chosen for programs. Wrote 30 stories recognizingparticipants in programs such as:

    o Aspiring Leaderso Outward Boundo Fulbrighto NASA programo National Board certification

    AREA OF FOCUS 4: TEACHING AND LEARNING THROUGHTECHNOLOGYExpand staff access to and use of technology-based educational services.

    Provide ongoing feedback to IT regarding internal technology needs.o Worked on Intranet revamp, communication of new Intranet.o Worked with IT on Yammer use and differences in Yammer use versus


    Promote free web-based professional development opportunities foremployees.

    o Promoted 150 free/internal professional development opportunities. Used DirectLine and the Intranet to inform staff of 212 district news items

    (principal appointments, department moves, ID badge information, etc.).

    Used CMS Communications to send 79 messages to employees, including:o Professional development opportunitieso Superintendent messageso Pay for Performance communicationso Employment opportunities (summer school, after school and internal

    job posting process).

    o Annual enrollment Communicated 44 grant newsletters and grants department communications


    Disseminated 65 department newsletters to employees electronically Yammer

    o 1,170 members since launched last fall. Worked with IT on how it canbest be used and how it can be used with Wiki Pages.

    o Have almost 400 followers on Yammer. Facebook

    o Increased fans from 2,400 in June 2010 to 4,346 in June 2011

  • 7/30/2019 2010-2011 End of Year Report


    o Daily user numbers increased from 11 (average) per day to peaks Jan.17 (1337), Feb. 2 (1,285) and June 8 (1,210). These days coincides

    with inclement weather updates and the superintendent resignationannouncement. Followers increased the most in January and February

    (more than 1,000 fans added in these two months) Twitter

    o Launched formally in December. We currently have 123 followers andhave sent 306 tweets. Podcasts

    o Set up a CMS podcast site where audio recording of media briefingswere posted. So far, eight podcasts were uploaded and viewed 407

    times. Handheld video

    o We started using flip cameras and produced two internal employeevideos updating staff on the budget.

    AREA OF FOCUS 5: ENVIRONMENTAL STEWARDSHIPEngage staff in environmental stewardship.

    Promote opportunities for environmental stewardship.o Promoted four contests/opportunities for environmental stewardship.

    Promote the development and implementation of the EnvironmentalManagement System.

    o Included six items on Environmental Stewardship in DirectLine.AREA OF FOCUS 6: PARENT AND COMMUNITY CONNECTIONSIncrease the capacity of schools to partner with families and communities.

    Promote training opportunities on engaging parents and/or communitymembers.

    o Included 35 Parent University blurbs in DirectLine, seeking staffparticipation or attendance of events.

    Publicize internally district-wide efforts to engage parents and/or communitymembers (ex. Parent University courses, community forums)

    o Promoted 111 community events to employees in DirectLine and onthe Intranet.

    o Promoted 10 community employment opportunities to employeesseeking summer employment.