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Senior Independent Project 2015 The senior project will be completed during the third quarter of the 2014-15 school year.

The project will be supervised and evaluated by the Career Major teacher.

The written portion and PowerPoint will be completed and turned in on March 23 for B day students and March 24 for A day students The project will count as 25 percent of the third quarter grade. Presentations begin March 23 and 24.Students will be required to have a topic approved by the career major teacher in advance. The topic must be directly related to their career major. Students will research a topic and write a 5-7 page paper on the topic. In addition, a works cited page must be included. Each student will also complete a 7-15 minute oral presentation to the class which must include an oral presentation (PowerPoint, Prezi, etc).

Senior Project

Technical Format Specifications

Title Page include Title, name of student, Career Major

Length - 5-7 pages not including illustrations.

Type Face - Times New Roman; 12-point, double space

Margins equal to one inch

Page numbers located in lower right corner (except page one)

Visuals minimum of three related to the topic

1 staple in the upper left cornerSuggestions:

Start with a brief story or vignette that begins to discuss the topic

Complete the introductory portion with the focus question.

Then give appropriate background information

After providing background information, identify three arguments that lead to an answer of yes to the focus question

Then transition to three arguments that support an answer of no to the focus question

Finish the paper with a conclusion and a decision on what the answer is.

Avoid first person at all times in the paper.

Include a minimum of 3 images. Crop the image and text wrap the as needed. Place a text box below the image and label it as figure , description. Reference the figure internally in the paper the same way you see in text books.

Contact me directly through email (pglaudemans@bcps.org), not through edmodo or engrade, with questions.