37 Annual Folk Dance Days

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  • 37th Annual Folk Dance Days The Ozark Folk Center, Mountain View, Arkansas

    September 9-11, 2016 Sponsors: The Ozark Folk Center & Arkansas Country Dance Society

    40+ Workshops: All levels of clogging, step dancing, Scottish, English, contras, squares, waltzes, polkas, international, and more

    Community dances: Friday & Saturday night at Dry Creek Lodge 10:00pm - midnight Jig dance contest: Friday night 6:00pm, Large Auditorium Saturday clogging show: Noon, Outside Stage Saturday night dance show: 7:00pm, Large Auditorium Sunday Dance Roundup: 10am - Noon, Dry Creek Lodge

    Featured Callers & Teachers Bob Isaacs - Bob is a gifted dance teacher and uses his skills to create a fun dance experience for the entire community. Bob has been teaching contras, squares, grid squares, tips, patter calling, and waltzes for many years. He lives and works in Brunswick New Jersey. He is a popular favorite caller at Glen Echo in MD and Swingin Tern in East Hanover in NJ. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7_v2yQGDooY Jeff Driggs - Jeff began clogging in 1980, where he danced to the live bluegrass music every weekend at the clogging halls around his home town. Jeffs skill as a cuer and his humorous presentation style strikes a chord with the dancers, and keeps him busy doing workshops. In fact, Jeffs teaching schedule has grown to include dozens of workshop appearances a year. He has taught throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe and Australia and has received numerous awards and honors. http://www.doubletoe.com/Jeffhome.htm Naomi Fleetwood-Pile - Naomi is a Clogging, Country Western, and Swing Dance instructor from Columbus, Indiana. She has been teaching clogging for more than 30 years. Naomi teaches Appalachian-style clog-dancing, couple dancing, and swing. She travels nationally and internationally teaching dance workshops. Naomi was the first American clogging instructor to teach in Europe and has taught in Austria, Germany, Denmark, and France. http://www.naomipyle.com/

    Music by: Lost and Nameless Featuring Patrick Conway, Chris Peterson, Nathan Quiring, and Kimberly Zielnicki

    Austin-based, fiddle-driven folk rock quartet Lost & Nameless gets you out of your chair and onto the dance floor with dueling fiddles and guitar playing! Lost & Nameless combines a variety of genres from folk and original song-writing to driving fiddle tunes, drawing on chemistry of energetic, passionate, and skilled musicianship and maturity to actively relate to and captivate audiences as an insanely great live band. : http://lostandnameless.com Concerts, Contests, and Community Dances: Friday Evening Jig Dance Contest, Before Music Concert at 6pm, Large Auditorium Community Dance after the Concert, Dry Creek Lodge Saturday 12 Noon - Clogging Show, Outside Stage 7pm Dance Concert, Large Auditorium Community Dance after the Concert, Dry Creek Lodge Sunday 9:30am - Hymn Sing, Lodge 10am - Noon - Dance Round-up, Dry Creek Lodge

    Arkansas Country

    Dance Society


  • Costs for Registration: Participant Fees: Before August 15: $55.00 for Sept. 09, 10, 11 $40.00 for Sept. 10, 11 After August 15: $65.00 for Sept. 09, 10, 11 $50.00 for Sept. 10, 11

    Spectator Fees: Any time: $15.00 for Sept. 09, 10, 11 $10.00 for Sept. 10, 11 Please indicate number of Participant(s) and/or Spectator(s) with check payable to: Dance Weekend, The Ozark Folk Center, 1032 Park Avenue Mt. View, AR 72560. There is a Registration form below that you can detach and mail to us. Phone: 870-269-3851 email: ozarkfolkcenter@arkansas.com

    Other Instructors and Leaders Include:

    Pat Dennis, Springfield, MO Joanie Green, West Fork, AR Doris Hutchins, Conway, AR Mim Heinrichs, Fayetteville, AR Marie Lovelace, Memphis, TN Kathey Wilson, Jonesboro, AR Leona Miller, Jonesboro, AR David Peterson, Greenbrier, AR Ann-Marie Sterling, Memphis, TN Judy Robertson, Little Rock, AR Carolyn Shearman, Little Rock, AR Christina Laurin, Mt. View, AR Linda Narisi, Little Rock, AR Amanda Severs, Greenbrier, AR Harold Watson, Lowell, AR

    ACDS Band: Bill Beard, Donna Peterson, Scott Odena, Michael Hudson

    Recommended Lodging: Ozark Folk Center, Pinewood Cabins, Red Bud Motel ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Registration Form 37th Annual Dance Festival Participant Fees: Before August 15: $55.00 for Sept. 09, 10, 11 $40.00 for Sept. 10, 11 After August 15: $65.00 for Sept. 09, 10, 11 $50.00 for Sept. 10, 11 Spectator Fees: Any time: $15.00 for Sept. 09, 10, 11 $10.00 for Sept. 10, 11

    NAME_____________________________________ Tel.__________________ e-mail________________

    ADDRESS: ______________________________________________________________________________ P.O. or Street City State Zip

    Days you will be attending: _____________ Spectator or Participant (S/P)________ Amount enclosed_____________________

    Make checks to: Folk Dance Days, The Ozark Folk Center

    Mail to: Folk Dance Days, the Ozark Folk Center, 1032 Park Avenue, Mt. View, AR 72560

    Comments and Suggestions: Christina Laurin, email: crl@ftn-assoc.com