5 Most Important Things to Consider Before Meeting an Estate Planning Attorney

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When considering if you need to hire an estate planning attorney, remember this - estate planning is serious business. One wrong word or one missing signature can change the entire intent of a will or trust. Here are some important things why it's so important to find and hire a qualified estate planning lawyer.


<ul><li><p>5 Most Important Things to Consider Before Meeting an Estate Planning Attorney </p><p>Everyone needs an efficient estate planning to manage their estates so as to reduce the </p><p>taxes and provide the assets to their family members after their death. Therefore, it is </p><p>significant to get assistance from an estate planning attorney in Athens Georgia to plan </p><p>your properties legally using the wills, trust health care proxy and power of attorney. These </p><p>4 basic things can help you to assign your resources to your family members as per your </p><p>requisite. In a process of estate planning, you should properly reveal all your requirements </p><p>and wishes to your specific attorneys. Here are some important things which you should </p><p>consider before going to meet your attorney. </p><p>1. Provide all the Information to Estate Planning Attorney </p><p>Firstly, you should get the names, addresses and proper documents in order to validate </p><p>their identity. Documents such as bank account, property documents and insurance </p><p>documents will help immensely in the process of estate planning. Hence, it is really </p><p>necessary to provide all the information of your family to the attorney. </p><p>2. Charge of Their Services </p><p>Secondly, try to find out about how much they will charge for providing these services. You </p><p>must be aware of the fee charged by other attorneys in your city. It is essential to identify </p><p>the efficiency of their services. You should ask past customers to give a feedback about the </p><p>provided services they have taken. If your estate planning attorney is provided services at a </p><p>reasonable cost, you should continue to get the services from them. </p></li><li><p>3. Ask For References </p><p>Thirdly, if you don't have an attorney, you should try to find a better attorney in your area. You can ask for the references from your friends, associates and family members to get information about an attorney. You can also take recommendations form the professionals such as accountant, financial advisors and general attorneys. The key is to find out a good estate planning attorney to who you can rely on. </p><p>4. Take Help of Internet </p><p>Next is to take help of the resource like internet, you can find all the information about an </p><p>estate planning attorney. The websites of these attorneys can help you to gather the </p><p>information about their previous works and testimonials from some of their past clients. </p><p>5. Specialization </p><p>Lastly, always make sure that you hire an attorney who has extensive Specialization in </p><p>dividing the wealth and documenting the wills and trusts. Your family will get hold on your </p><p>assets only when you properly divide them among your family members with a plan for </p><p>power of attorney. At the time of need, he should be proficient enough to take the legal </p><p>procedures on getting the assets to your family members. So, it is always preferred to do </p><p>estate planning for your assets with the help of an estate planning attorney. </p><p>Fargione Law, LLC is an estate planning firm which provides individuals with assistance </p><p>regarding estate planning, elder law, and probate law. Our tailored estate planning services </p><p>help individuals and families who want to prepare for their future. </p><p>5 Most Important Things to Consider Before Meeting an Estate Planning Attorney</p></li></ul>