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<ol><li> 1. 5 Things to Know about Open Access #openaccess | @msu_libraries </li><li> 2. Goals 1. Define Open Access 2. Explain the types of Open Access publishing available 3. Discuss how to evaluate reputable journals for open access 4. Discuss how scholars make their research openly available 5. Explore the benefits of Open Access publishing to increase research impact #openaccess | @msu_libraries </li><li> 3. 5 Myths About Open Access Thats not good research It costs me too much money Ive never heard of any good Open Access publishers The people who need my work already have access to it Open Access will destroy academic societies #openaccess | @msu_libraries </li><li> 4. = FREE ACCESS #openaccess | @msu_libraries </li><li> 5. Defining OA Open source, open access, open education, open data, open science: all of these movements share a commitment to the removal of barriers to access Scholarly Communication and restrictions for use. http://www.ala.org/acrl/sites/ala.org.acrl/files/content/issues/scholcomm/docs/ten_things_you_should_know.pdf #openaccess | @msu_libraries </li><li> 6. TYPES of PUBLISHING #openaccess | @msu_libraries </li><li> 7. Types of Publishing Options Paid Access Hybrid Open Access Gold Open Access Green Open Access #openaccess | @msu_libraries </li><li> 8. Publishing Options: Paid Access (paywall) #openaccess | @msu_libraries </li><li> 9. Publishing Options: Hybrid Open Access #openaccess | @msu_libraries </li><li> 10. Publishing Options: Gold Open Access #openaccess | @msu_libraries Varying degrees of Gold Can be free to publish Can also require APC Pay to retain certain copyrights or remove embargo Best scenario: free to publish, no embargo restrictions Ex: Public Library of Science (APC), Indiana Magazine of History (Embargo), College &amp; Research Libraries (no APC, No Embargo) </li><li> 11. Publishing Options: Green Open Access #openaccess | @msu_libraries Self-Archiving Institutional Repository Subject-based Repository Often required by funding agencies Embargo friendly (0-24 months) Use Sherpa-Romeo (www.sherpa.ac.uk/romeo/) </li><li> 12. MYTH #1 Thats not good research! #openaccess | @msu_libraries </li><li> 13. Thats not good research! Often confused with predatory journals but! OA Journals are peer-reviewed world-class scholars on editorial boards How can you make sure? Check DOAJ.org Review their editorial board Ask colleagues #openaccess | @msu_libraries </li><li> 14. MYTH #2 It costs me too much money! #openaccess | @msu_libraries </li><li> 15. It costs me too much money! Theres not always a charge to publish OA Include OA charges in grant applications Some publishers offer discounts (e.g. BMC) Some institutions provide funding If publish Green, doesnt cost anything #openaccess | @msu_libraries </li><li> 16. MYTH #3 Ive never heard of any good OA publishers! #openaccess | @msu_libraries </li><li> 17. Ive never heard of any good OA publishers! Commercial Publishers Public Library of Science (PLoS) Elsevier Wiley Taylor &amp; Francis Societies American Psychological Association Royal Society of Chemistry Society for Neuroscience University Presses Duke University Press Oxford University Press #openaccess | @msu_libraries </li><li> 18. MYTH #4 The people who need my work already have access to it! #openaccess | @msu_libraries </li><li> 19. The people who need my work already have access to it! Even Harvard says they cant afford everything Reach unintended audiences Other scholars Public Practitioners Inequities in Internet Access nationally and worldwide #openaccess | @msu_libraries </li><li> 20. MYTH #5 OA will destroy academic societies! #openaccess | @msu_libraries </li><li> 21. OA will destroy academic societies! Varying views on OA from societies There are many kinds of OA! Subscription with Green OA Subscription with embargo Societies are contracting with publishers who contract with commercial publishers #openaccess | @msu_libraries </li><li> 22. WHY PUBLISH OPEN ACCESS? #openaccess | @msu_libraries </li><li> 23. #openaccess | @msu_libraries </li><li> 24. News outlets Over 1,300 sites Manually curated list Text mining Global coverage Social media and blogs Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Sina Weibo Public posts only Manually curated list Reference managers Mendeley, CiteULike Reader counts Dont count towards the Altmetric score Other sources Wikipedia YouTube Reddit F1000 Pinterest Q&amp;A Post-publication peer review Publons PubPeer Policy documents NICE Evidence Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Many more What OA sources can be tracked? </li><li> 25. How is online attention aggregated? Search for links to papers. Follow a list of sources. Collate attention. Display data in Altmetric details pages. E.g. blogs, news, policy documents, social media. Automatically link searching and text mining. Disambiguation of mentioned items across different versions. Collecting attention data Reporting attention data Altmetric Details Page. All research outputs with mentions have an Altmetric Details Page in our database. </li><li> 26. Want to learn more? SPARC : sparc.arl.org HowOpenIsIt? Open Access Spectrum: plos.org/open-access/howopenisit/ #openaccess Talk with colleagues and your librarian! #openaccess | @msu_libraries </li><li> 27. QUESTIONS? FEEDBACK: surveymonkey.com/r/MSUresearcher #openaccess | @msu_libraries </li></ol>