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  1. 1. GS514SZ Tech Sheet Balboa Instruments System PN 55403-01 System Model # GS5-GS514SZ-RCA-3.0 Software Version # 43 EPN # 2808 Base PCBA - PN 55404-01 PCB GS500Z - PN 22015 Rev B Base Panels VL701S (Serial Standard) PN 55390 Template used: 40599_N.pdf 05/07/2008 55403-01_A.pdf 08/28/2008http://www.MyPoolSpas.comWholesale Pool and Spa Parts Page 1 920-925-3094 55403-01_A
  2. 2. System Revision HistorySystem PN EPN DateRequested By Changes Made55403-01 2808 08.28.2008 BalboaSoftware update to version 43 Wholesale Pool and Spa PartsPage 2920-925-3094 55403-01_A
  3. 3. Basic System Features and Functions Power Requirements Requires PCB Rev B. System Outputs Setup 1 (As Manufactured)(Stereo) Optional DevicesAdditional Options J71 J2A J1A J1 J21J18 J10 U4J19J12 J60J7 J8J44 1 1 1 1 1 J221 EXT RLY AUX F SEN A SEN B VACJ11http://www.MyPoolSpas.comWholesale Pool and Spa Parts Page 3 920-925-3094 55403-01_A
  4. 4. Basic System Features and FunctionsAny time you change a DIP Switch, other than A1, you must reset Persistent Power Up Display SequenceMemory for your new DIP Switch Settings changes to take effect. If you doUpon power up, you should see the following on the display:not reset Persistent Memory, your system may function improperly. Three numbers in a row, which are the SSID (the System SoftwareID). The third display of these numbers is the Software Version,To reset Persistent Memory: which should match the version of your system. For example, if these Power down by disconnecting power source from spa. three numbers are, that is a VS511SZ at version 38. Put a jumper across J43, covering both pins. (See illustration below)Displayed next is: (indicating the system is configured for Power up by connecting power source to spa.a heater between 3 and 6 kW) or (indicating the system is Wait until is displayed on your panel. configured for a heater effectively* between 1 and 3 kW). Power down again. should appear for all VS models running at 240VAC. Remove jumper from J43 (May also move to cover 1 pin only) should appear for all VS models running at 120VAC, as wellas all GS models. (*A heater which is rated at 4 kW at 240VAC will Power up again.function as a 1 kW heater at 120VAC.) will appear to signal the start of Priming Mode.About Persistent Memory and Time of Day Retention:This system uses memory that doesnt require a battery to store a variety of At this point, the power up sequence is complete. Refer to the Referencesettings. What we refer to as Persistent Memory stores the filter settings, Card for the VS or GS System model of your spa for information about howthe set temperature, and the heat mode. the spa operates from this point on, including how to adjust the Time of Day if using a Serial Deluxe style panel.Persistent Memory is not used for Time of Day. Only models with aSerial Deluxe panel installed (VS5xxDZ and GS5xxDZ) can display thetime. However, during power loss to the spa, the system will lose thecorrect time, and reset to 12:00 PM when power is restored. J43TSTRSTFUSE 20A 250VJ47J6 J43 J46 F7 J29K6 J23 J50 PUMPOZONE K1J23 J29F1F5, F3A 250V J20J20J17/26J6E.GND GG K5J90 G C CCFUSE 3A 250V C CC C CC S1 TST G GGJ50W7 W4 G G G J12W1K8 K5F4 FUSE .3A 250VSWITCHBANK AT1K9W3 W2K4K1 SWITCHBANK A J1 J1A J10J18 F2 U4 J13J2A T0.25A 250V NEUTRALWHT AC J1 J18W1J58J571 2 3 K3 K3 U4 J12 K2 J2 VS100P/N 22964_B MADE IN U.S.A.J26 F4Balboa J43 2006 F2 LINEK2 J13TST RST BLK ACBALBOA INSTRUMENTS, INC. 2-SPD S1J6 J43 J60 J22J44 VS500Z EXT RLY J6 J7J8 J7J8 E.GNDP/N 22972 REV D J9S1 TST EXT. TAUX. FVAC MADE IN U.S.AV SWITCHBANK ARLYLSEN. A SEN. B COPYRIGHT 2005HEATER ASWITCHBANK ASEN. A SEN. BJ43 on VS5xxZ and VS300 Series Main Board Shown.J43 on VS100/GS100 Series Main Board Shown.J43 on GS5xxZ Series is located in approximately the same position. http://www.MyPoolSpas.comWholesale Pool and Spa PartsPage 4 920-925-309455403-01_A
  5. 5. Wiring Configuration and DIP SettingsSetup 1 (As Manufactured)HIPot Testing Note: Disconnect slip terminal with green(Stereo) wires from J90 prior to performing HiPot test. Failure to disconnect may cause a false failure of the test. Reconnect terminal to J90 after successful completion of HiPot test. DIP switch A9 must be ON if Circ Pump is installed.AV F7F1 J13J50 J29 J23K6K1F10A 250VOZONEPUMP 1K9F3A 250V J52J51 F6, T30A 480VJ Audio VisualG N1-Spd P2 J462-Spd P11-Spd P1Ozone J47 CIRC. PUMPK8K5J20 Circ PumpNJ255 G N C9 Spa NN G NJ322LightG G GF3TB110VAC 10VACJ17/26 J721 F4, T0.2A 250VOPT. BLWR/PUMP 2 J71T1J58J2A J1A2J1 W2J288J23 J26 6K31J184J43 J10K4U4 J57F2Balboa J19HTR2 J101 HTR1 00K2 S1W1J90J12 BALBOA INSTRUMENTS, IN J60J7 J8J44 J6 GS5xxSZ modeE.GND GS500Z1 11 1 1 COPYRIGHT 2007 J22 MADE IN U.S.A.TST 1 P/N 22015_BSWITCHBANK A EXT RLY AUX FSEN A SEN B VACJ11 Heater rated @ 240V3.0kW3.0 kW J11 must be JumperedX-P231 CEPN 55025 J7J11-Spd P3RP/N 22909 REV B W1 B J6 W G F30A 480VWARNING: Main Power to system should be turned OFF BEFORE adjusting DIP switches.WARNING: Persistent Memory (J43) must be RESET to allow new DIP switch settings to take effect. (See Persistent Memory page) GS503/504/514SZSSID #Software Wiring Color KeyJ11J123Neutral (Common) AC Connections1003.0kWSpecial AC Connections93 Heater2Line AC Connections4310 Volt Connections A1, Test Mode OFFA6, 50 Hz1Relay Control Wires A2, See Table 1A7, Exp Board Equip DisabledEnabled J17/26 Pump Enabled A3, J17/26 Pump Disabled A8, Degrees CJ43 MemoryBoard Connector KeyA9, Non-Circ ModeReset A5, 2-speed P1 A10, See Table 1 1Typically Line voltage 2Typically Line voltage for 2-speed pumps Panel Button AssignmentsPanel Button Positions 3Neutral (Common) 1=Mode5=Pump 1274 41 24 2=Temp Up 6=Unused 6=Pump 2 Ground 1 356 3=Temp Down 7=Unused 7=Exp Board 56 7 3Note flat sides in connector 4=Light http://www.MyPoolSpas.comWholesale Pool and Spa PartsPage 5 920-925-309455403-01_A
  6. 6. DIP Switches and Jumpers Definitions SSID 100 93 43Base Model GS503SZ-GS504SZ-GS514SZDIP Switch Key A1 Test Mode (normally OFF)A2+A10 Control amp draw requirements (See Table 1)Table 1 # of Hi-Speed A3 ON position: J17/26 Enabled for 1-speed Pump only.Pumps/Blower OFF position: J17/26 Disabled.Before Heat Disabled A4 Aux Freeze (must be OFF)A2A10 A5+A9 Pump 1 speeds and Circ Modes:OFF OFF 0A5 A9 Circ Mode Pump 1 SpeedONOFF 1OFFOFFNon-circ2-speed OFF ON2ON OFFCirc "acts like Pump 1 low" (filters/polls/ect) 1-speed ONON3OFFON 24 hours with 3F shut-off1-speedON ON 24 hours with 3F shut-off2-speed A6 ON position: 50Hz operation OFF position: 60Hz operation A7 ON position: Expander Board Enabled for Blower or 1-speed Pump. OFF position: Expander Board Disabled A8 ON position: temperature is displayed in degrees Celsius OFF position: temperature is displayed in degrees FahrenheitWhen using a Blower, use X-B CE expander board. When using a 1-speed Pump 3, use X-P CE or X-P231 CE, depending on amperage requirements.* Panel with button layout is not compatible.Jumper KeyJ11 If using 3kW or higher wattage heater, jumper can be set in either position, but may perform better on Pins 1 and 2.If using 2.5kW or lower wattage heater, jumper must be set on 1 Pin only.J12 Factory set. DO NOT MOVE.Jumper must be on Pins 1 and 2 for GS51xZ/GS52xZ/GS5xxSZ/GS5xxDZ software.Jumper must be on Pins 2 and 3 for GS50xZ software.J43 When jumper is placed on 2 pins during power-up, system will reset persistent memory.Leave on 1 pin only to enable persistent memory feature. WARNING:Setting DIP switches incorrectly may cause abnormal system behavior and/or damage to system components.Refer to Switchbank illustration on Wiring Configuration page for correct settings for this system.Contact Balboa if you require additional configuration pages added to this tech sheet.Panel Button Positions Aux Panel Information4 1 2 2 7 4Supports 2-button aux panel5 6 7 313 5 6 VX20 5 6 When A3 is ON VX20 5 7 When A3 is OFFPanel Button Assignments1=Mode 5=Pump 1 Supports 4-button aux panel2=Temp Up6=Pump 2 (when A3 is ON)3=Temp Down7=Exp Board (when A7 is ON) VX40S5 64 74=Light Wholesale Pool and Spa Parts 920-925-309455403-01_A
  7. 7. Electrical Service Configuration OptionsSystems with PCB Rev B OnlyJ50AV J29 OZONEJ23 PUMP 1 K9K6K1 F7 F10A 250V F1 J13 J52J51 F6, T30A 480VJF3A 250V G NJ46Single Service, TN and TT Electrical Systems J47 CIRC. PUMP K8K5J20 N J25 5 G NC9 N N J32 2(1 x 16 Amp or 1 x 32 Amp) G NG GGF3 TB110VAC3 Wires (1 Line + 1 Neutral + 1J71Protective Earth) 10VAC J17/26 J72 1 F4, T0.2A 250VOPT. BLWR/PUMP 2 T1 J58Protective Earth wire (Green/Yellow) must be connectedto system ground terminal as marked.J2A J1AAS MANUFACTURED 2J1W2J288 This option is congured and shipped as the default. J2L1 3 J26 6 K3All equipment (pumps, blower, and heater) runs onN1service line L1.J181 4J43 J10 K4U4J57 F2Balboa J19 BALBOA INSTRUMENTS, INC. W1 HTR2J101 HTR1 00 K2J90 Systems using only 1 DIP switch (A10) for heat disable: S1J6 J60 J7J8 J44 J12 E.GND1 1 GS500Z COPYRIGHT 2007 PbPbFor 1 x 16 Amp Service:1 1 1 J22 MADE IN U.S.A. TST1 P/N 22015_B SWITCHBANK AEXT RLY AUX FSEN A SEN B VACJ11DIP Switch A10 must be ON.For 1 x 32 Amp Service:Set DIP Switch A10 such that total system amperagedraw never exceeds rated service input.Systems using multiple DIP switches for heat disable:Refer to system Hot Sheet DIP Switch Definition pageand set the switches shown in Table 1 such that totalsystem amperage draw never exceeds rated service input.AV F7F1 J13 J50 J29 J23K6K1 F10A 250V OZONE PUMP 1 K9 J52J51 F6, T30A 480VJ F3A 250V G NJ46Dual Service, TN and TT Electrical SystemsJ47 CIRC. PUMP K8K5J20N J25 5 G NC9(2 x 16 Amp) NN G N J32 2G GGF3 TB1 1F4, T0.2A 250V5 Wires (2 Lines10VAC 2 Neutrals + 1 Protective Earth) J17/26 +J72 OPT. BLWR/PUMP 2 J71 10VACL2 T1Protective Earth wire (Green/Yellow) must be connected J58to system ground terminal as marked.J2A J1AN2 2J1W2J288 The heater runs on service line L1, while all oth

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