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Outside office activities have become a latest trend among organisations to engage the employees.




Outside office activities have become a latest trend among organisations to engage the employees. When the employees are stressed out, it is better to give them a break from their busy schedule, take them out together, and let them loose a bit through team building activities. This is the best way to reduce the stress and give employees chance to mingle with each other closely.1. Treasure Hunt: In this game, the price award is placed at a destination place. The way to destination has to be discovered by solving some clues. Organisers can make it more interactive by introducing various stages to cross before reaching the final clue.2. Sports Competitions: Just like school days, divide all the employees into various groups. Conduct the games like cricket, volleyball, basketball etc. Give some points to winner, runner up and third place.

3. Fitness sessions: Especially with the desk jobs, sitting all the day at the same place can be tiring and stressed up. Promoting fitness activities are another best way to rejuvenate the day of any employee.4. Annual Events: Annual events are meant to encourage employees to showcase their extra-curricular activities.5. Social Responsibilities: Involving employees into Social responsibilities is the best a company can do to the society. Employees should be encouraged to take some responsibilities of the society.6. Outbound Training: Outbound training workshops are very high-energy offsite training programs for improving individual and team performance. This activity is meant to improve team bonding, communication, time management, decision making and leadership. Log on to: fastcollab

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