6th grade Vocabulary Words - Unit 2

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6th grade Vocabulary Words - Unit 2


6th Vocabulary words. UNIT 2

SEEK: To search for or try to find.RAID: is a surprise attack made in order to steal.HABITAT: area or type of environment in which an organism normally lives.DAUNT: To make afraid or discouraged.ECOLOGY is the scientific study of the relationships between living things and their environment.ADAPT: is to make or become suitable for a new use or situation.SOUNDLY: completely deeplyCHIEF: the leader, the person with the highest rank or authority.LINKED: connected or having a relationship between.ESPECIALLY: of particular importance or with special emphasis.MISERABLE: feeling very unhappy or uncomfortable.NATURE: the essential qualities or characteristics of a person or thing.CONSERVATION: controlled use and systematic protection of natural resources.ROLE: is the function of a person or thing.RESOURCE: is something that can be drawn on for help or support as needed.