7B Unit 3 Finding your way!. robber police uniform

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  • 7B Unit 3 Finding your way!
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  • robber
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  • police uniform
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  • van
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  • Now, you are alone( ) in the classroom. The door and the windows are locked. You just have a knife. What will you do? How can you get out of the classroom?
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  • Fast reading Read the text quickly and find the right order of the following sentences. The police caught the robbers. The twins escaped from the van; The twins got a call; The twins drove to Hill Building; They reached the police station. The robbers pushed the twins into the van; The police stopped the robbers. 64127356412735
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  • Listening There were some robbers in Susans home. Justin and Paul went there by car. Three robbers were in police uniforms. Three robbers drove away in a white van. Paul used a knife to open the back door. They ran to the police station on 4th Street. They took different routes to the police station. They met the robbers at the police station. Three men were stopped by the police because they were robbers.
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  • Read and answer Why did Justin and Paul go to the Hill Building? How did they go there? At first, what did Paul and Justin think of the three men? Did the twins open the door of the van at first? How about at last? How do you know? Did they take the same route to the police station? Why or why not? Were the twin brothers surprised to see the robbers at the police station? What happened to the robbers at last?
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  • Fill in the blanks Simon told me about a story of the twin ______. Their friends called them for ______. So, Justin and Paul ______ to Hill Building. Three men in police uniform _____ them into a van. They were not ______. They were ______. Paul opened the back door with a ______. They took different ______ to the police station. They met the robbers again. They were ________. The policemen told them that they _____ the van because the robbers did not _____ the back door.
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  • What routes did they take? Pauls route Justins route
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  • What do you think of the twin brothers? brave helpful clever
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  • Little heroes Interview Paul and Justin to know their lucky escape. Work in groups of 3-4. Dont forget to ask them about their feelings and what they did or what the robbers did.
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  • Some journalists from CCTV come to their home to make an interview. Journalist: Nice to see you. You know its very dangerous to save your friend Susan. But why did you go to save her as soon as you got the call? Paul: Because Some students from other classes meet the twin brothers in the school. Student A: Hi, Justin! Justin: Hello. But, did we meet? How do you know me? Student B: Oh, youre famous for your lucky escape....
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  • When you are caught( )by the robbers, what will you do? Some suggestions( ): Calm down Be less frightened Try to find the chance to escape Dont fight with the robbers Ask for help as possible as you can
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  • When you are in the following situations( ), what will you do? Discussion: When you are at home alone( ), a stranger knocks on the door A stranger follows you on your way home after school Someone asks you to take him to a place which is far away from the center of the city
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