A Collection of Short Stories for Children

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  • 7/26/2019 A Collection of Short Stories for Children


    Madison and Mason

    It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon. Madison and Mason sat

    inside and played video games. They had been playing video

    games all morning long, and snacking on junk food. All the lights

    were turned o, and the only light was coming from the television

    screen. Madison and Mason!s mother walked into the living room

    and said, "It is a beautiful day outside. #hy don!t we all go to the

    park and enjoy the sunshine$% &oth replied, "'o.% and asked for

    some more snacks. Their mother wanted to unplug the television

    and make them go outside and play. She decided against it

    because she did not want to hear the whining and the

    complaining, instead( she called the ). *. +oach at their school tosee if there were some other ways to get her twins moving.

    n Monday morning, the )hysical *ducation teacher came and

    spoke to Mason and Madison!s class. They became scared and

    decided to get o the couch. They did not want to turn into couch

    potatoes, or take medicine all their lives. After school, Madison

    and Mason decided they would do some e-ercises instead of just

    playing video games.

  • 7/26/2019 A Collection of Short Stories for Children


    #hen Madison and Mason ran o the school bus, they uickly ran

    into the house and asked their mother for bottles of water

    because they wanted to go on a bike ride. Their mother smiled

    and asked, "'o video games today$% They replied, /'o./ "#hat is

    with the change of heart$% Their mother asked. Madison replied,

    "If we become 0t and eat healthy foods, we can live long, healthy

    lives, and we do not have to worry about getting plump and

    round and unable to move around.% "1es, we want to be 0t and

    runaround and play sports like the other kids in our class, and

    besides, I do not want any long or short2term disease because Ido not want to make many trips to the doctor,% added Mason.

    Their mother was very proud because they 0nally understood why

    0tness is important. She gave them their water and told them to

    be home before dark.

    Madison and Mason jumped on their bikes and decided to go to

    the park. Mason yelled out, "3et!s race( I know I can beat you

    because my legs are longer, and I always beat you when we were

    0ve.% "4, bring it,% said Madison. Mason and Madison took o in

    the wind, racing to the park. Mason was in the lead, and he kept

    looking back at his sister, saying, "1ou cannot catch me5 1ou

    cannot catch me5% Madison stuck her tongue out and was

    determined to beat her brother( she started to push the pedals

    harder until she caught up with her brother, making it to the park

    before him. Afterwards they reali6ed how tired and out of breath

    they were.

  • 7/26/2019 A Collection of Short Stories for Children


    Mason said, "That was fun and uite a workout, and we may need

    to do this more often.% "1es, indeed. +oach &ailey was right( you

    do run out of breath faster when you do not e-ercise regularly,%

    said Madison. Madison and Mason decided to stay at the park and

    play on the swings until they saw that the sun was getting lower.

    They hopped back on their bikes and took a nice bike ride home.

    They even felt the dierence in their breathing while riding their

    bikes. Instead of playing video games when they got home, the

    twins decided to jump rope. They turned it into a contest to seewho could jump the longest. 7uring dinner time, Madison and

    Mason thanked their mother for making a healthy dinner for the

    family. The twins even decided to snack on some carrots instead

    of candy.

    The ne-t day, Mason and Madison thought they should try

    something dierent. They asked their parents to join in because

    they wanted them to live long, healthy lives, too. "Mom,% they

    both called into the kitchen after getting o the school bus. "7o

    you and 7ad want to go walking or jogging with us$% They both

    asked. "That would be lovely, and it will give us a chance to

    become even closer as a family and get 0t together,% their

    mother replied. nce their dad got home from work, they all went

    for a walk in the park. The four of them laughed, joked, and talked

    about plans for the summer. #hile talking, Madison and Mason

    asked their parents if they can go to a sports camp during the

  • 7/26/2019 A Collection of Short Stories for Children


    summer. They wanted to 0nd a sport that they could participate in

    at the beginning of the school year( which would help keep them

    active. Their parents agreed and smiled because they were happy

    that their children made a good decision on choosing e-ercising

    over video games.


    9. #hat room did Madison and Mason play video games in$

    :. #hat did Mason and Madison!s mother want to do in order to

    get them to go outside$

    ;. #ho did the twin!s mother contact at their school to talk to

    them about 0tness$

    . #hat did the twins decide to do after they returned home from

    the park$

    ?. #hat did Madison and Mason decide to snack on after dinner$

    @. #hy did Mason and Madison want their parents to walk or jog

    with them$

    . #hich summer camp did the twins want to go to$

    9B. #hich sport did the twins want to participate in at summer



    9. The living room

  • 7/26/2019 A Collection of Short Stories for Children


    :. She wanted to unplug the television

    ;. The ). *. +oach, or +oach &ailey

    . They decided to jump rope

    ?. They decided to snack on some carrots

    @. They wanted their parents to live long, healthy lives

    . A sports summer camp

    9B.They did not say

    Spending Time with 7addy

    The doorbell rang and Anna lit up with glee. "It!s 7addy, it!s 7addy,% she yelled. Cer

    mother asked the uestion, "#ho is it$% "&ill,% the voice replied from the other side

    of the door. Cer mother opened the door, and Anna!s father held a big teddy bear in

    his arms. Ce greeted Anna!s mother as Anna ran up and hugged him.

    Anna lives with her mother and spends every weekend with her father. She enjoys

    every minute of it. *very weekend, &ill plans something very special for him and

    Anna to do. Today, they are headed to the 6oo, but before they go &ill wants to take

    Anna to the park.

    "Are you ready to go Anna$% asked &ill. "1es, 7addy,% replied Anna with a big smile

    on her face. She decided to leave her teddy bear at home. Anna and her daddy

    went to the park. They played on the seesaw and the sliding board. 1ou could hear

  • 7/26/2019 A Collection of Short Stories for Children


    Anna chuckle as her father pushed her on the swing. "Cigher 7addy, higher5% she

    e-claimed. After leaving the park, they were headed to the 6oo.

    As they walked up to the gate, you could hear the animals. "7ad, I cannot wait to

    see the elephants. I wish I could ride on one of them.% "'o, dear I do not think that

    is a good idea,% said Anna!s father. nce they entered the 6oo, they went to see the

    elephants. Anna was very e-cited as she watched them through the bars. "7addy

    the elephants are so big.% She was able to feed them peanuts. "#hat would you like

    to see ne-t$% asked &ill. "Cmm, let!s go and see the tigers,% replied Anna. "#ell, the

    tigers it is,% said &ill. Anna and her father walked around the 6oo several times.

    Dinally, Anna told her father that she was tired and ready to go.

    "7ad can we go and get some pi66a$% asked Anna. "Sure we can Anna,% said her

    dad. Cer dad drove to the pi66a parlor. They both ate a slice of pi66a and drank fruit

    punch. They sat and talked. Ce asked her about school and how she was doing in

    her acting classes. Anna was enjoying the time she was spending with her dad. She

    looked at him and told him how much she loved him. Ce looked at her and said that

    he loved her more. They both laughed as they continued to talk. The two of them

    left the pi66a parlor. They decided to park the car and go for a walk in the park.

    "7ad, may I have a dog$% "A dog$% uestioned &ill. "I!m not sure how your mother

    would feel about that, however, I will think about getting one for my house,% said

    &ill. "h 7ad, that would be great5% said Anna. Afterwards they went to Anna!s dadhouse. "7addy, I thank you for a fun20lled day. I had a great time. I can!t wait to see

    what you have planned for tomorrow,% said Anna. "I!m glad you enjoyed it. I also

    had a great time, and you will soon 0nd out what tomorrow holds,% he replied with a



    9. #here is the 0rst place &ill takes Anna$

  • 7/26/2019 A Collection of Short Stories for Children


    :. Cow often does Anna see her dad$

    ;. #hat did Anna!s dad bring her$

    . #here did Anna and her dad go to after they left the 6oo$

    ?. #hat type of animal did Anna want$


    9. The park

    :. *very weekend

    ;. A big teddy bear

    . They went to a pi66a parlor

  • 7/26/2019 A Collection of Short Stories for Children


    ?. A dog

    Watch Out!

    Here Comes Avery Anderson

    This e&ook is dedicated to Eenty 3ee 7aniels, Fessica Grant and to everyonewho has ever been bullied physically, verbally, emotionally or throughelectronic medium.

    "Cere they come, wait for it, wait for it, not again5% "Maybe I can hide

    or maybe just maybe they won!t see me.% Ci, I!m *li6abeth, also

    known as 3i66y and before you go o and think I!m cra6y, let me tell

    you my story.

    I!m thirteen years old and according to my mother, I look just like her

    when she was my age. 'eedless to say, this has done nothing to

    boost my spirits or my self2esteem. I know this puberty thing takes a

  • 7/26/2019 A Collection of Short Stories for Children


    while to do its job, but it is uite possible that it!s making several

    detours before coming my way. 1ou see, my body seems to be all

    wrong. My legs are too skinny( my hair is always sticking up in odd

    places instead of lying Hat like I command it to do. My hips, who am I

    kidding, what hips$ They are non2e-istent, and I do not seem to

    possess any of that natural grace that most girls my age seem to

    have. f course, my parents love me unconditionally, and they tell

    me I!m gorgeous, I!m beautiful, and to be proud of whom I am. 1ou

    know, all the things parents tell their children to make them feel

    better. Cowever, I!m constantly reminded of my many shortcomings

    by Avery Anderson and her faithful group of supporters,

    Moniue, 7ianna, 3isa, and Ian. They follow her around like hungry

    puppies waiting for scraps from a table. Those 0ve make it their daily

    duty to remind me of how imperfect I am. 'ow that you understand

    where I!m coming from, now we can continue.

    "#ell, look who it is. It!s 3i6ard 3i66y.% said Moniue in that mean

    drawl of hers."#hat on earth are you wearing$% asked Avery. "1eah, what are you

    wearing$% repeated 7ianna, Moniue, and 3isa. "#hat they said,%

    said Ian, as he knocked 3i66y!s book bag from her hands.

    Avery Anderson was the meanest girl in the eighth grade and she had

    no problem with letting everyone know. In fact, 3oud Mouth Avery, as

    we aectionately call her, was the main reason why I truly disliked

    going to school. Maybe dislike is the wrong word, I hate school. 'ow

    before you jump to conclusions, I know that hate is a strong word, but

    you see, I now have recurring nightmares because of Avery. It has

    really gone from bad to worse because Avery just stands back and

    lets her crew bully me. My best friend, Sarah, is always

  • 7/26/2019 A Collection of Short Stories for Children


    there to wipe my tears whenever Avery!s teasing gets to me. I have

    tried to come up with witty responses to get them to leave me alone,

    but nothing ever comes to mind. In fact, I cried even harder because I

    knew deep down, there was nothing wrong with my clothes no matter

    what they said.

    "h, Avery I see you!re still up to your old tricks. #hy won!t you leave

    3i66y alone$% I had never been so happy to see Sarah before. "Shut

    up Sarah,% said 7ianna. "'o, this has to stop,% said Sarah. Sarah

    threatened to tell the whole school that while Avery pretended to be

    cool and trendy, with tons of designer stu, she was just a regular

    kid. The designer clothes, bags, and shoes all came from the local

    thrift store down the street. I was surprised and shocked, I was sure

    Avery was too, it was written all over her face. "So here!s the deal

    Avery,% began Sarah. I do not know e-actly what else Sarah said, but

    I saw a complete turnaround in Avery. She was actually, I was afraid

    to say it but, nice. 1es, nice was the right word. Avery taught me a

    huge lesson. )eople do not like to be bullied. It can hurt your feelings,

    lower your self2esteem, and lead to other issues. It should not be

    tolerated under any circumstances. *ven though I tried to deal with

    the bullying on my own, it is always important to let an adult, such as

    a teacher, a parent or at least someone else know what is going on.

    Cey, it could have been worst.

    P.S. School is not that bad anymore.


    1. How old is Elizabeth?

    2. What did Elizabeth say is always stickin u!"?

    #. Who tells Elizabeth that she is beauti$ul and oreous?

    %. Who knocked Elizabeth&s book ba out o$ her hand?

    '. What is the nick(name e)eryone at school calls *)ery?

    +. Why does Elizabeth dislike school?

  • 7/26/2019 A Collection of Short Stories for Children


    ,. What is Elizabeth&s best $riend name?

    -. How do you think Elizabeth $elt when she was bein bullied by *)ery and her crew?

    . Who would you tell i$ someone was bullyin you?

    1/.What do you think should ha!!en to !eo!le who bully other !eo!le?


    1. 1#

    2. Her hair

    #. Her Parents

    %. 0an

    '. oud outh *)ery

    +. She is bein bullied at school

    ,. Sarah

    -. 3!en discussion

  • 7/26/2019 A Collection of Short Stories for Children


    . 3!en discussion

    1/.3!en discussion

    &rian and his Dather

    &rian is a 9B2year2old boy who loves sports and comic books.&rian!s mother and father live in separate houses. Ce lives withhis father who loves him dearly. They also have a live2in2maid(named 3ucy, who takes care of &rian when his father is working.&rian and his dad spent a lot of time together, especially when his

    dad is not working.

    7uring the week, when &rian!s father is not working, he playscatch in the back yard. They play video games, watch wrestlingand baseball games, work on &rian!s homework together, andhave dinner together every night.

    If the weather is nice, &rian and his dad go 0shing every Sunday(whatever 0sh they catch they would clean and grill for dinner.

    &rian loves his dad, and his dad loves him even more, butsometimes &rian is unhappy because his father cannot make it tohis baseball games or so &rian thought.

    ne Sunday morning, &rian and his dad were 0shing. "7ad,% &riansaid uietly. "1es,% his father replied. "Is it possible for you tocome to my last game of the season and watch me knock the ballout of the park, like I have been doing for the past three games$%&rian asked. &rian!s father smiled. "I am going to try to make it( Iwill have to see if I can cancel my meeting.% &rian grew uiet,because he knew his father was not going to make it to his game.&rian knew his father had never come to a single game. Ce has

  • 7/26/2019 A Collection of Short Stories for Children


    never seen his father in the crowd with the other parents. &rian!sfather asked, "#hy are you so uiet$% &rian smiled, "So the 0shwill not runaway$% "Good point, son.% &rian and his dad caughttwo big 0sh, and they went home and grilled them to perfection.

    7uring their dinner, &rian!s father told him that if he does notmake it to his game, he will always be there in spirit and that hewill support him not only in baseball, but anything else he decidesto do in life.

    n the following Saturday, the day of the last game, 3ucy drove

    &rian to the game. n the way to the baseball 0eld, 3ucy noticedthat &rian seemed to be sad. She reminded him that his fatherloved him more than he can imagine. She encouraged him to dohis best even if his father was unable to make it and that shewould be there to cheer him on.

    It was the ninth ending with two outs, &rian!s team was in thelead, and it was time for him to bat. &rian had two strikes, so heclosed his eyes, and when he opened them, he heard his father!svoice, "Cit it out of the park son.% Ce spotted his father standingoutside the fence with a baseball glove on his hand. A big smilegrew across &rian!s face, and the pitcher threw the baseball and&rian hit the ball out of the park. Cis father caught it as &rian ranaround the bases. Ce had hit a home run.

    After the game, &rian ran to his father and gave him a big hug. "Ithought you had to work,% &rian said. Cis father smiled,% I wouldnever miss one of your games( I know it seems like I am alwaysbusy, but when I am 0nish, I always show up. #hether you seeme or not, I!m always here.%

    &rian!s father showed him all the baseballs he had knocked out ofthe park. &rian was pleased that his father caught all of hisbaseballs. 'ow, every time &rian goes to hit the ball he closes his

  • 7/26/2019 A Collection of Short Stories for Children


    eyes 0rst and then when he opens them, he always sees hisfather standing there with a baseball glove on his hand, whetherhe is really there or not5


    9. #hat type of books does &rian like to read$

    :. n what day of the week do &rian and his father go 0shing$

    ;. #hat is the name of &rian!s live2in2maid$

    #ho did &rian spot outside of the fence$

    ?. #hat did &rian!s father have on his hand$@. #ho caught &rian!s baseball$


    9. +omic books

    :. Sunday

    ;. 3ucy

    . Cis father

  • 7/26/2019 A Collection of Short Stories for Children


    ?. A baseball glove

    @. Cis Dather

    'ancy and theDireworks

    'ancy always loved spending the holidays with her parents. She

    was an only child and hated being away from her parents.

    She also had many friends. *very day after school, she and her

    friends would play tag or hide and seek around the neighborhood.Most of the time, they played their games at Sarah!s house.

    Sarah was 'ancy!s oldest and dearest friend. They practically

    grew up together and never kept secrets from each other. Sarah

    was an only child too so she understood that sometimes it got

    lonely without brothers or sisters to play with. If 'ancy ever

    needed a place to stay or was bored at home, she could always

    go to Sarah!s house. In fact, it was like a second home to her.

    Sarah!s parents were warm and loving. They treated 'ancy like

    she was their own child.

    #hen the holidays came around, 'ancy often begged her parents

    to share the celebrations with Sarah!s family. Dor Thanksgiving,

    the two families each made special dishes to share with each

  • 7/26/2019 A Collection of Short Stories for Children


    other. Dor +hristmas, they always unwrapped presents together.

    n 'ew 1ear!s *ve, they Hew to 'ew 1ork to watch the ball drop.

    &irthdays and anniversaries were big events too.

    Cowever, there was one holiday 'ancy!s parents didn!t let hershare with Sarah. That holiday was the Dourth of Fuly.

    "It!s too dangerous,% her father told her many times. "I don!t want

    you to get hurt by those 0recrackers.% Sarah!s family always had

    the best 0reworks in the neighborhood. *very year, 'ancy had to

    miss it because her parents wouldn!t let her go. She didn!t want

    to miss it this year. She was almost seven and already felt grown


    "I can take care of myself,% she begged with her father. "I!ll be

    careful5% &ut no matter what she said, he wouldn!t budge.

    'ancy decided that if she wanted to see the 0reworks, she would

    have to sneak over to Sarah!s house. The Dourth of Fuly was only

    three days away. It was a Driday, so 'ancy had plenty time after

    school to start planning with Sarah.

    "Cow do you think I can sneak over there$% 'ancy asked Sarah as

    they strolled down the street to Sarah!s house.

    "If we can trick your parents to leave the house, they won!t notice

    when you leave.%

    "&ut how will we do that$%

    Sarah had always been crafty. #hen they played hide2and2seek, it

    always took 'ancy a long time to 0nd her. Somehow, she always

    managed to 0nd the best hiding places. Sarah hoped that she wasas good of a trickster as she was a hide2and2seek player.

    The two girls hurried on to Sarah!s house. Sarah!s mom was there

    in the foyer to greet them. "#elcome home, girls$ Cow was


  • 7/26/2019 A Collection of Short Stories for Children


    "Good5% the girls said at once.

    Sarah ran up and hugged her mother tight. "Mom, did you know

    'ancy!s parents have never seen 0reworks$%

    "That can!t be true.%

    "It is5 I promise5% Sarah insisted over and over that it was true.

    *ventually her mom got tired of denying it. Then Sarah turned to

    'ancy and asked her, "Cave your parents ever seen 0reworks$%

    This had to have been part of the plan to get 'ancy!s parents out

    of the house. *ven though she didn!t know what Sarah was

    planning, she trusted her friend with everything. "'o, they


    "See$% Sarah suealed, jumping up and down. Cer mom sighed

    and started to walk into the kitchen.

    "Maybe we could invite them over this year. It is true that they

    never come.%

    The two girls were thrilled to hear this.

    "&ut for now, come and eat lunch. I made macaroni and cheese.%

    'ancy and Sarah couldn!t help giggling as they ate. 'ow all they

    had to do was wait. They had their fun over the weekend playing

    with other neighborhood children. *very day, Sarah!s parents

    would go to the store to pick up more 0reworks. The collection in

    their garage was ama6ing5 'ancy pu66led over them in awe. Cow

    could those little tubes make such beautiful lights$ It was like

    magic, and the idea of 0nally getting to see it in person made her

    heart lift.

    Monday 0nally came around. 'ancy and Sarah got o the school

    bus together but each went to their own house in high spirits.

  • 7/26/2019 A Collection of Short Stories for Children


    "Cow was your day,% 'ancy!s mother asked as she came through

    the door.

    "Great5% 'ancy beamed and ran upstairs to her room. She wanted

    to get dressed up for the occasion. There were only a few hoursbefore the sun set and the 0reworks would start. She pulled out

    bright red socks and blue shoes, a pair of jeans, a plain white t2

    shirt, and a red jacket. All the clothes were laid out on her bed

    and ready. All she had to do was wait, and they were the longest

    hours of her life

    #hen the sun did eventually go down, she crept to the bottom of

    the stairs and waited for the house phone to ring. Cer parents

    were both sitting at the dinner table, picking at a bowl of fruit,and sharing stories from the day. Cer dad was just about to tell

    the punchline to one of his jokes when

    Bururup, bururup! Bururup bururup!

    The phone rang5 Cer dad forced back his laughter and went to

    pick up the phone. "Cello$ h$ I don!t know, we don!t reallyJ

    that!s 0ne. 1eah, we can help.% Ce hung up the phone and spun

    around to face his wife. "ur neighbors need some help cookingand setting up for their big Dourth of Fuly party. There!s no harm in

    us helping, right$%

    "'ot at all5 'ancy should be alright for a little while.%

    'ancy rushed back up to her room. Cer parents! footsteps came

    up the stairs shortly after. They were uick and to the point telling

    her that they were going to be gone for a while to help out. 'ancy

    did her best to sound disappointed, but when they 0nally left, shejumped up on her bed and got dressed. Drom her bedroom

    window, she watched them head across the street and into

    Sarah!s house. Any minute now, she!d get a phone call telling her

    that the coast was clear.

  • 7/26/2019 A Collection of Short Stories for Children


    That had been the plan, but something was obviously wrong. Ten

    minutes later, Sarah still hadn!t called. 'ancy kept her eyes glued

    to the window, waiting for anything at all to happen. The sun had

    fully set already and the streetlights were on. Cowever, she could

    still make something out across the street. The garage dooropened and four people walked outside. Sarah!s parents came out

    0rst, and 'ancy came out behind them. *ach of them was holding

    a big bo-. 'ancy recogni6ed them as bo-es of 0reworks.

    The four adults each took something from the bo-es, spread

    apart, and lit their 0reworks. 'ancy watched in awe as her

    parents, who never celebrated the Dourth of Fuly before, launched

    the 0reworks into the sky. They streamed upwards with smoke

    trailing behind them. 'ancy!s eyes followed them all the way up

    to the clouds where they e-ploded in color. &ut that wasn!t all.

    There were also some words there that made her face go red.

    +M* #AT+C TC* SC#

    'ancy couldn!t believe her eyes. She rushed downstairs and out

    the front door and barreled across the street. That!s when Sarah

    0nally appeared outside, giggling wildly. "#e wanted to surprise

    you,% she said. "And I think it worked.%

    "It sure did5% Kp above, the words had faded from the sky, but

    there was still traces of their brightness up there. 'ancy!s parents

    both smiled.

    "They told us about how suspicious you girls were acting, so we

    decided we would help them to surprise you. &esides, it was

    about time we let you grow up a little.%

    That was the 0rst time 'ancy ever got to watch 0reworks up close

    and she would never forget it for years to come.

  • 7/26/2019 A Collection of Short Stories for Children



    I!m always getting sick. Mom and 7ad say it!s because there!s something wrong

    with my tonsils.

    "They!re in your throat and they help you stay healthy,% my 7ad e-plained to me

    yesterday. "&ut sometimes they don!t work the way they!re supposed to and make

    you sick instead. #hen that happens, the doctor has to take them out for you.%

    I believed him because my throat hurts even now. It must be my tonsils again giving

    me trouble. &ut I don!t want to go to the doctor5 #e were at the dentist last week

    and he almost made me cry. Ce put all those sharp tools in my mouth and I wasscared that he would cut me. My parents promised that the dentist had

    professionalism, and that meant that he wouldn!t hurt me. &ut still, every time he

    came close with those sharp spinning things, I started to cry. My dad had to come

    into the room with me and hold my hand for me to calm down enough. I don!t like

    the dentist at all.

    The tonsil doctor will probably be even worse. Ce!ll stick his tools further in my

    mouth than the dentist ever did. #hat if he accidentally cuts me$ #hat if I

    accidentally swallow one of them$ I already know I hate the tonsil doctor. It!s even

    worse because I!m supposed to eat healthy all day today. Momma says that my

    tonsils might get irritated if I put too much junk down there. &ut she also just

    bought ice cream5 #hen no one is paying attention, I sneak into the kitchen and

    open the free6er. There it is. It!s a big, gallon2si6ed container of cookie dough ice

    cream. Momma knows it!s my favorite. #hy did she have to buy it on the day I can!t

    eat any$

  • 7/26/2019 A Collection of Short Stories for Children


    "7o I see the free6er open$% 7ad asks as he strolls into the kitchen. "I hope you

    didn!t plan on eating any of that ice cream. 1ou know the rules.%

    I nod sadly and run back to my room. If I think about the problem hard enough, I%ll

    be able to solve it. So I throw myself into bed, even though it!s the middle of the

    afternoon, and I snuggle myself up to start brainstorming ideas. Mom and 7ad willbe downstairs most of the day. As long as they!re watching, I won!t be able to sneak

    the ice cream into my room. There has to be a way to distract them5 &ut no matter

    how hard I think, I can!t come up with a good idea. I think until my head hurts and

    still have no ideas.

    'ow I rest my head on the pillow waiting for the headache to go away. I!m here for a

    pretty long time but my head doesn!t cool o and the back of my throat feels like

    it!s getting sore. This is a very familiar soreness. It feels like my throat is getting

    smaller. #hen I 0rst started having problems, my parents e-plained that the fancy

    word for this is "inHammation.% It means that the inside of my throat is swelling up,

    so less air can get through at a time. Sometimes I get scared that it might swell upso much that I can!t breathe at all. Momma promised that wouldn!t happen but I

    can!t help being scared.

    I lie in bed for a long time and stare at the ceiling. *ventually my headache goes

    away, but the inHammation doesn!t. #henever I swallow, I feel the saliva push

    against the lump in my throat. I!ll be so happy when I don!t have to worry about it

    anymore. Tomorrow can!t come fast enough.

    L L L

    "#ake up, sleepyhead. It!s time to go.%

    I slowly open my eyes. Momma is smiling down on me. She!s dressed like she!s

    about to go somewhere. She points at her watch and tells me that it!s time to go


    Today!s the day we!re supposed to go to the tonsil doctor. 'ow that it!s here, I don!t

    feel nearly as nervous as yesterday. I get ready just like I!m getting ready for school.

    Mom and 7ad both rush to get me in the car because it!s a Sunday and if we!re not

    on time for our appointment, we may have to wait in a long line. I don!t believe

    them. There can!t be a lot of kids who actually want to see the tonsil doctor that


    #hen we get there, only one family is ahead of us. It!s a mommy with her daughter

    and they both look nervous. My legs start to shake. Dor a few minutes, it!s just us in

    the waiting room. Then the lady behind the glass calls us and Momma signs some

    papers and we get led back into a room with plain white walls. There!s a metal chair

    in the middle of the room. The tonsil doctor is standing ne-t to it, smiling.

    "7on!t be nervous,% he tells me. The procedure isn!t bad at all.

  • 7/26/2019 A Collection of Short Stories for Children


    I don!t believe him, but Mom and 7ad are holding my hands so I!m brave enough to

    hop onto the chair.

    "&reathe normally,% says the tonsil doctor. Then he gives me a plastic mask to wear

    over my mouth. It feels like a suction cup.

    L L L

    "#ake up sleepyhead. #e have a treat for you.%

    That sounds a lot like Momma!s voice, but it can!t be. The last thing I remember is

    being at the tonsil doctor, and he gave me that weird mask. &ut I don!t remember

    him poking me with sharp metal sticks.

    "Cow does your throat feel$% 7ad asks me.

    "I!m okayJ% I feel heavy and groggy, but something pleasant comes into focus a

    gallon2si6ed tub of ice cream and three bowls. Mom and 7ad each take one, thenthey pass one to me in bed.

    "1ou did very well,% Momma tells me.

    It turns out the tonsil doctor isn!t that bad after all.

    Fourth of July Dinosaur

    Famie loved the Dourth of Fuly5 Ce loved picnics, barbeues and 0reworks5 Famie

    loved 0reworks most of all. It was the one night of the year that Mom let him stay

    up late. Ce could eat as much ice cream as he wanted and lay Hat on the blanket

    and watch the colors e-ploding.

    "Famie,% Mom called, "7id you clean your room$%

    "Almost done,% Famie said. +lothes and toys were all over the place. Ce even had ahalf eaten sandwich under the bed.

    "#e can!t leave until you!re done.% Mom said. "1ou better hurry up or we!ll be late.

    The other kids will be waiting for you.%

  • 7/26/2019 A Collection of Short Stories for Children


    Famie grabbed all the dirty clothes and stued them in the hamper. Ce shoved all

    the toys under the bed with the sandwich. Ce put on his shoes and shoved his

    school stu into the closet. Famie made the bed and clapped his hands.

    "I!m done5%

    "Good boy,% Mom said. "Go get your sister. 7ad is putting the barbeue in the car.

    Make sure you help her put her shoes on. 1ou!re a big boy now. She needs your


    Famie thought &enny was just a baby at four. She yelled a lot and couldn!t button

    her jacket. She was in her room hugging a stued dinosaur. Ce grabbed her shoes

    and sat down ne-t to her. &enny held up a foot and he shoved a shoe on. &enny got

    up and ran around wearing one shoe.

    "+ome on &enny5 #e have to get to the park so we can have ice cream,% he told


    &enny stomped into her other shoe. Ce did the laces.

    "I!m taking Misty,% &enny said, sticking her lip out stubborn.

    "1ou!ll lose her,% Famie said, "like I lost &ob the &ear. Man, I miss &ob. 1ou better

    leave Misty here where he!s safe.%

    "'o. Ce!ll be lonesome without me,% &enny said.

    "kay but don!t put him down anywhere,% Famie said.

    Famie took his little sister!s hand and they went downstairs. Mom shooed them outto the car. She had potato salad and a pack of marshmallows. Famie carried the bag

    of marshmallow and he and &enny snuck a few. Mom didn!t mind on holidays.

    The park wasn!t far. All the kids were already there Hying kites and kicking a ball

    around. &enny si6e kids were all in the sandbo-. Mrs. Sanders was watching them

    all and drinking an iced tea. She waved. Mom waved back. 7ad parked the car.

    &enny ran out with Misty. Mom walked her down to the sandbo-. 7ad and Famie put

    the blanket on the grass near the other families. American Hags were stuck up

    everywhere. 7ad was wearing a blue shirt and a Hag pin. Ce had been a soldier and

    he loved the Hags everywhere. Famie liked to wave them during the 0reworks sincehe was too little for sparklers.

    "Go play,% 7ad said, "I!ve got to get the barbeue started. 'o more food until

    dinner. I saw how many marshmallows you had.% 7ad ate a marshmallow and


    Famie ran to 0nd the kids playing ball.

  • 7/26/2019 A Collection of Short Stories for Children


    "Ci Famie,% kids called.

    "Ci5 +an I play$% Ce asked.

    "Sure5 Steve is the goalie and Fenny!s on my team. 1ou can have Ale-,% Maria said.

    "Great5% Famie caught the ball Maria tossed his way.

    "Are you going to stay awake for the 0reworks$% Fenny asked.

    Famie nodded.

    "I always fall asleep,% Steve said, "I eat too many hotdogs.%

    "I love 0reworks5 They!re so loud and pretty,% Famie told them.

    Famie heard crying. It sounded like &enny. Ce missed his shot on goal, trying to see

    where she was. Ce waved at the kids and headed over to the sandbo-. &enny was


    "&enny, what happened$% Famie asked.

    "I can!t 0nd Misty,% she said, sniNing.

    Famie sighed. "I told you not to bring him. #here did you lose him$%

    "Ce was here. Ce must have left,% &enny said. "I didn!t take him anywhere.%

    "#ell, come on,% Famie said, taking her hand, "let!s go 0nd him. Ce can!t have

    gotten far.%

    Mrs. Anderson waved at them. Famie waved back. Ce lifted up all the buckets and

    Misty wasn!t there. #here could that stued dinosaur have gone$ &enny lead him

    around the sandbo- and back to the car. Misty wasn!t on the ground. Ce wasn!t in

    the car.

    Mom came running. "#hat are you two doing wandering around by yourselves$%

    "Misty ran away, Mom,% &enny said with big tearful eyes.

    "h honey, let!s look around camp. Maybe some other little kid wanted to play with

    him,% Mom said.

    Misty wasn!t with the other kids. 'o one had seen the stued dinosaur anywhere.

    Misty was gone. &enny cried. She didn!t want any ice cream. She wouldn!t eat her

    hotdog. She wanted to go to bed and miss the 0reworks.

    "Maybe we should just go home,% Mom said.

    Famie panicked. Ce would miss the 0reworks.

  • 7/26/2019 A Collection of Short Stories for Children


    "Mom, I!m going to 0nd Misty,% he said.

    "7on!t go too far and stay where the parents can see you,% 7ad said. "+ome back in

    ten minutes okay$ I don!t want to be looking for you too.%

    "kay,% Famie said.

    Ce went back to the sandbo- and searched again. This time he saw paw prints.

    They weren!t dinosaur prints. They were probably from Fenny!s big old dog Feb.

    Famie wondered. Ce followed the paw prints until he saw the big brown dog napping

    in the sun. Ce was curled up around his new friend Misty.

    "Cey Feb,% Famie called. "Cere boy, come here.%

    The big dog picked up Misty and walked over to Famie. Sheepishly he dropped the

    stued dinosaur.

    Feb hung his head. Famie petted his head. Feb wagged his monster tail.

    "Thanks Feb,% he told the dog, "&enny will be so happy to have Misty back. 1uck,

    you got it all covered in drool5%

    Famie petted the dog for another minute and ran back to his blanket. Ce wiped

    Misty o with a towel and handed the stued dinosaur a Hag. Famie raced over to


    "3ook5 Cere!s Misty5 Ce just went to get a Hag so you can enjoy the 0reworks with

    me,% Famie said.

    "Cooray5 Cappy Dourth of Fuly Misty,% &enny said.

    "Cappy Dourth of Fuly, &enny,% Famie said as the 0reworks started.

    The *nd.

  • 7/26/2019 A Collection of Short Stories for Children


    The &ook f Genesis

    True or Dalse

    9. 3ot was the only person to escape Sodom and Gomorrah.

    True or Dalse

    :. God told 'oah to make the Ark with timber wood.

    True or Dalse

    ;. Foseph!s brothers cast him into a pit that had water in it.

    True or Dalse

  • 7/26/2019 A Collection of Short Stories for Children


    >. Ishmael became an archer.

    True or Dalse

    ?. God took the rib of Adam and created *ve.

    True or Dalse

    @. Sarah sent Facob to her brother 3aban.

    True or Dalse

    . 'oah was a just man and walked with God.

    True or Dalse

    9B. Fapheth saw 'oah!s nakedness.

    True or Dalse

    99. Cagar gave birth to Isaac.

    True or Dalse

    9:. 3ot stopped Abraham from scarifying Isaac.

    True or Dalse

    9;. Ishmael has twelve sons.

    True or Dalse

  • 7/26/2019 A Collection of Short Stories for Children


    9. Foseph had three sons.

    True or Dalse

    9?. Israel said that Qebulun shall judge his people.

    True or Dalse

    9@. The serpent told Adam the fruit was good for food.

    True or Dalse

    9. *noch walked with God and God took him.

    True or Dalse

    :B. God placed two lions at the east of the garden of *den.

    True or Dalse

    :9. 7uring the Hood the waters were upon the earth for one hundred and

    0fty days.

    True or Dalse

  • 7/26/2019 A Collection of Short Stories for Children


    ::. God created man in the image of his mother.

    True or Dalse

    :;. *ve bit the fruit and gave it to the serpent.

    True or Dalse

    :. Israel was buried in *gypt.

    True or Dalse

    :?. After Foseph died he was embalmed and put in a coRn in *gypt.

    True or Dalse

    :@. Adam named the animals.

    True or Dalse

    :. The Ark rested on Mount Sinai.

    True or Dalse

    ;B. Ishmael was thirteen years old when he was circumcised.

  • 7/26/2019 A Collection of Short Stories for Children


    True or Dalse

    ;9. Abraham and Sarah gave birth to Seth.

    True or Dalse

    ;:. Israel and his family moved to Goshen.

    True or Dalse

    ;;. Israel sent his sons to *gypt to purchase corn.

    True or Dalse

    ;. God told Adam and *ve they could eat from the tree of the knowledge

    of good and evil.

    True or Dalse

    ;?. Foseph was placed into prison because he did not like )otiphar.

    True or Dalse

    ;@. God formed man from his nostrils.

  • 7/26/2019 A Collection of Short Stories for Children


    True or Dalse

    ;. God called the dry land *arth.

    True or Dalse

  • 7/26/2019 A Collection of Short Stories for Children


  • 7/26/2019 A Collection of Short Stories for Children


    ==. 3ot was Abraham!s nephew.

    True or Dalse

    =>. Sarah!s son was named Ishmael.

    True or Dalse

    =?. Facob married Eachel 0rst.

    True or Dalse

    =@. Foseph!s brother dipped his coat in blood.

    True or Dalse

    =. Abraham buried Sarah in a 0eld called Micha.

    True or Dalse

    >B. *sau was a hairy man.

    True or Dalse

    >9. Abraham married Eebekah after the death of Sarah.

    True or Dalse

    >:. Israel loved Foseph more than all of his children.

    True or Dalse

  • 7/26/2019 A Collection of Short Stories for Children


    >;. The Tower of &abel is located in Shinar.

    True or Dalse

    >=. *sau sold Facob his birthright.

    True or Dalse

    >>. n the seventh day God created every living creature.

    True or Dalse

    >?. Foseph told the chief baker that he would be restored to his position.

    True or Dalse

    >@. Foseph gave &enjamin ;BB pieces of silver and 0ve changes of clothes.

    True or Dalse.

    >. 3ot interceded for Sodom and Gomorrah when he learned God was

    going to destroy the cities.

    True or Dalse

    ?B. +ain went to 'od after killing Abel.

    True or Dalse

  • 7/26/2019 A Collection of Short Stories for Children


    ?9. Ishmael!s wife was from *gypt.

    Tue or Dalse

    ?:. 3aban changed Facob!s wages three times.

    True or Dalse

    ?;. Facob!s oldest son was named Eeuben.

    True or Dalse

    Alicia Aiken has done it again5 This e&ook is packed with over ?B true or

    false statements that are sure to make you think and keep you

    entertained. If you love &ible trivia or if you want to learn about various

    events that took place in the &ible try this e&ook. Statements range from

    slightly easy to intermediate. Try it today and see how you do.