A Friday Morning in Karratha Starring mighty, mighty, mighty, mighty, mighty, mighty, mighty, mighty, mighty, mighty, mighty, mighty MIKE* *sung to the

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  • A Friday Morning in Karratha Starring mighty, mighty, mighty, mighty, mighty, mighty, mighty, mighty, mighty, mighty, mighty, mighty MIKE* *sung to the tune of the jingle from the mighty mite commercials mighty mite is similar to vegemite, aka disgusting
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  • meet the supporting cast (in order of appearance) Jane Cavanagh as Auntie SJ Ruth Cavanagh as D.R. Joseph Cavanagh as Muffy_McGregor
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  • David Cavanagh as Unkie Dave Our mom as mom Lisa Cavanagh as Mommy Leela No photo available a dry river bed as the river AND
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  • The Drive to School So Auntie SJ drove Muffy to school Friday morning at 8:15am On the side of the road where SJ dropped him off was a dead kangaroo the same one that had been there Thursday afternoon when SJ picked Muffy up The kangaroo looked funny it was on its back with its legs straight up in the air
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  • Kangaroo Background Info Kangaroos are all over Australia Aussies say the intelligence level of a kangaroo is somewhere between a rock and an amoeba Kangaroo road kill is not an uncommon sight Ive seen more dead roo in my time here than dead deer all my life in Canada Only some dead roos have their legs straight up in the air
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  • The Conversation at Home Later in the morning Auntie SJ mentioned the funny looking roo at Muffys school D.R. said A dead roo!?! Where? I wanna see? Unkie Dave said I want to go see it, SJ lets go take pictures with the kangaroo Auntie SJ said Yeah, lets go see if we can make it stand up mom said Dont touch it. Dead animals can carry diseases. Auntie SJ said Really? Mommy Leela said Yes Auntie SJ, didnt you learn that in Brownies? NO. Unkie Dave said well wear rubber gloves Mom said what are you going to do with them when youre done? D.R. said sterilize them in a sink of hot water
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  • Roo Visit #1 So Dave and SJ drove to Muffys school and parked beside mighty MIKE. He smelled poorly We decided sticks were the best bet to prop up mighty MIKE. We looked for sticks by the river We found some and Dave proceeded towards mighty MIKE.
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  • Unkie Dave, mighty MIKE and Two (2) sticks
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  • Roo Visit #1 continued Vehicles began to drive by Not knowing if there are laws in Australia that prevent people from playing with road kill, Unkie Dave and Auntie SJ fled on foot to the river to pretend to be doing something else It took a while for the coast to clear but then
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  • SUCCESS! mighty MIKE stands
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  • Roo Visit #1 continued Pleased with their work and with more traffic approaching, Dave and SJ climb into their vehicle Auntie SJ notices the view of mighty MIKE from within the vehicle and says Unkie Dave we need a picture from this angle Unkie Dave waits for the oncoming ute (aka El Camino) to pass and snaps a photo
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  • mighty MIKE proves that a broken neck doesnt stop ALL kangaroos from standing Note the position of this ute and its trailer
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  • Roo Visit #1 continued That ute on the last slide was the passing vehicle we had waited for before snapping the photo After it turned the corner it braked and stopped in the middle of the road right about where you saw it last Thinking trouble may be brewing, Unkie Dave and Auntie SJ fled the scene par lauto, leaving mighty MIKE behind to fend for himself
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  • The Drive After fleeing the scene, and noticing the ute occupants had driven back to mighty MIKE, Unkie Dave decided it would be best to take a large detour and then return to check on mighty MIKE Unkie Dave and Auntie SJ really wanted mighty MIKE to still be there for the children as they exited school that afternoon (no ones allowed off the premises at lunch) When we returned to the scene, the ute was gone and heres what we saw
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  • mighty MIKE having a beer!
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  • Back Home So it turns out the ute guys rocked Unkie Dave and Auntie SJ gladly shared their adventures with Mommy Leela, D.R., and mom Later that afternoon, Dave and SJ went to pick up Muffy_McGregor at school and check on mighty MIKE
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  • turns out mighty MIKE wasnt doing so well after all (This is an action shot of Auntie SJ, a little embarrassed to be seen posing for a photo with her only new friend in Karratha while the school moms watched.)
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  • The Deal The children began to stream out of school Along came Muffy Muffy, do you want a ride home from school? asked Unkie Dave Yes Well you have to pet mighty MIKE first Okay
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  • school uniform mint green button-up shirt school uniform grey cotton twill shorts school uniform grey socks with mint green stripes mandatory black polishable shoes trailer park
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