A Unique Environment For Scientific Research

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  • Unique Environment For Scientific Research Challenging opportunit ies in research at Sandoz Phar-

    maceuticals await the graduates of chemistry and the biological sciences. At the Sandoz pharmaceutical re-search complex, including its five-story addit ion currently under complet ion, outstanding organic chemists and pharmacologists, work ing in a uniquely close relation-ship, design, synthesize and evaluate the therapeutic efficacy of organic compounds. It is the synthetic ap-proach to therapeutic agents that is emphasized in a research effort that combines the characteristics of an academic environment wi th industrial research. To this end, the research is fundamental in nature, carried out on a small-team basis by scientists selected solely on the basis of ability. The research facilities, consisting of every necessary scientific technique and instrumentation are housed in over 100,000 sq. feet of area. A well-staffed Scientific Information Center coupled wi th an extensive technical library keeps all members of the technical staff abreast of every scientific development. A vigorous seminar program allows for an exchange of ideas be-tween the technical staff and reknowned members of the international scientific community. This emphasis and devotion to high-caliber research is a hallmark of

    the management phi losophy at Sandoz Pharmaceuti-cals, Inc.

    Sandoz Pharmaceuticals is located in Hanover, N.J. combining the advantages of semi-rural l iving in the historic Morr istown area wi th easy access to New York City. Here the technical staff finds an abundance of housing and shopping facilities as wel l as educational institutions from the elementary to the post-graduate level.

    Salaries at Sandoz are competit ive, wi th meri t-or i-ented salary reviews; and the benefits program provides a model for the industry, including an excellent Tuit ion Reimbursement Plan encouraging members of the tech-nical staff in furthering their education.

    Rsums are invited from talented graduates and also degreed personnel wi th experience in chemistry and the biological sciences. Address all inquiries to :

    Professional Employment Supervisor

    SANDOZ, INC. RT. 10 HANOVER, N. J. 07936

    Sandoz Pharmaceuticals is a division of Sandoz, Inc.part of a world-wide network of over 25,000 men and women who research, develop and manfuacture chemical products. An equal opportunity employer M/F.


    A Unique Environment For Scientific Research


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