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  1. 1. Angelica CN (01), Anovy FS (04), Kharisma DN (19), Salsabila (28)
  2. 2. Abraham Lincoln was one of important person in the world. He was the 16th president of America. He was born in Hardin Country on 12 February 1809. His parents name are Thomas Lincoln and Nancy Hanks. His father was a poor farmer and a carpenter and his mother was a house wife. When he was 9 years old, his mother died
  3. 3. Lincoln studied only 18 months. After that, he studied autodidactly by reading a lot of book. Time went by, Lincoln grew up be came adult. And then in 1842 he met Mary Todd Lincoln and both of them decided to get merried. From the marriage Lincoln had four sons, Robert, Edward, William, and Thomas.
  4. 4. Lincoln was called a successful loser became President. Why? Because, when he tried to get in the politic, he always got failure. In 1831, he tried to have a business and failed in 1832, he also tried to be a legislative but he failed. He tried to be a legislative at the country part of Illionis. In the same year, he lost his job been an employee because the place where he worked was close. Beside that, he also failed to study in law school
  5. 5. In 1833, he had business. He had a shop and he got the capital from his friend. But a few years later, his friend died and he become bankrupt. In fact, his debt were more than $1000 and 17 years old it could be paid.
  6. 6. In his life, Lincoln got failure again and again. But, in 1834, he won and became a legislative at Illionis. Just a while he felt to be a winner, he had to felt failure again when he shown himself to be a spokesman. Eventought he always got failed, he never gave up. In 1843, he be came a candidat council of congress, and he failed.
  7. 7. Lincoln had so many experience in failure, but he tried and tried. To became success. In 1846 he wont to be council of congress. But two years later, he had to lose his chair in congress. And then, in 1849 he back to Springfield and tried to be a commissioner and failed again.
  8. 8. In 1854, he be came a candidat to be council of senate USA, but he lost. Two year later, he tried in order to could be a homination as vice of president in National Konvension and he failed. And then in 1858, he became a candidat to be council of senate again, and he got failure again.
  9. 9. From his long journey in failure, Lincoln could get the biggest success. He won to be a president of USA in 1861. that was why he was called a successful loser became president. Beside he won to be a president, he also be the most important one who wiped out slavery and saved America from civil war. Lincoln was also rememberes because of his letters and his speech, character, and his willing.
  10. 10. Lincoln be came a president from 1861-1865 when he won to be a president a few years later he always dreamed about same thing. He told that in his dream, he woke up because he heard sound of crying. Finally, he arrived at East Room, one of main room in white house. He said that he was surprised. Because there he saw there was a corpse. Then he asked to the guard, and the guard answered president dead. He was killed by someone
  11. 11. After he dreamed that again and again, finally it could be a real. When he watched a play in Washington DC, he was shot by John Wilkes Booth from balkon. It suas not clear why John did it. But, everyone said that booth had a big hate to Lincoln. He was shot at 21.45. he dead on 14 april 1865. and it was the last of a long journey of his life.


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