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MOREMOREYour satisfaction is our quality standard – down to the smallest detail. To fulfil this, we only use high-quality materials – excellently manufactured using state-of-the-art production processes and perfectly adapted for your Volkswagen.

Your safety is our priority – down to the smallest detail. For this reason our products are subjected to safety inspections which meet the most stringent requirements and far exceed the legally prescribed standards.

Your Volkswagen is our benchmark – down to the smallest detail. This is why every Volkswagen Genuine Accessories product is developed in conjunction with the vehicle. Our goal: everything must fit perfectly. So that your Volkswagen stays a Volkswagen.

The vehicles shown in this brochure are occasionally pictured with additional accessories and/or special fittings.These, along with any decorative elements depicted, are not included in the scope of delivery of the product described.


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Volkswagen City Crash test

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Alloy wheel finishing

Products from Volkswagen Accessories have many unique characteristics. These pictograms provide especially interesting information.


Sport and Design 04

Wheels and Tyres 16

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Comfort and Safety 30

Lifestyle 44

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NOTEFigure shows: Front spoiler Page 06, Rear spoiler Page 06, Rear diffuser Page 06, Nickname film Page 10, Tornado alloy wheel Page 20

Sport and Design 04_05

Forget the flowery Beetle romanticism and get ready to experience pulsating power that has a lot to offer. Especially for the eye: Create sporty accents for dynamic design highlights – thanks to Volkswagen Accessories. Or both.


Volkswagen Genuine Decorative film, stripe design1

The sporty 2 or 4-stripe design runs from the bon-net over the roof and back to the tail of the vehicle. A stylish look, available in Black and Amalfi White. See the attached price list for an overview of all available versions.

The figure 01 shows the decorative film with 2-stripe design, the figures 02/03 show the 4-stripe design.

Volkswagen Genuine roof edge spoiler (Figure 02)The Volkswagen Genuine rear spoiler not only looks good but is also effective. Its distinctive sporty look significantly enhances the tail end of the vehicle while simultaneously improving the aerodynamics. The basic element is primed and ready for painting in the vehicle colour and the spoiler edge shines with a glossy black paint finish.Art. no. 5C5 071 641 B GRU

Volkswagen Genuine Front spoiler Sportiness with intent: the aerodynamically designed front spoiler reduces lift to the front axle and makes a powerfully dynamic statement. Made of an especially durable, high-quality plastic, the spoiler is primed and can be painted in the colour of the vehicle.Art.-no. 5C0 071 607 GRU

Volkswagen Genuine Rear diffuserGive your car a striking look and overall sporty appearance – with the Volkswagen Genuine rear diffuser. Made of an especially durable, high-quality plastic, the diffuser is primed and can be painted – for example in the same colour as the vehicle or in Black as illustrated. See the attached price list for an overview of all available versions.




Volkswagen Genuine Decorative film, Billiard ball1

Make a stylish and powerful statement: with the white billiard ball decals for the vehicle doors and roof. A truly classic cult design. And also a clear reminder of the wealth of chances and opportunities that life has to offer. Colour: Amalfi White.Art. no. 5C0 064 317 L

Volkswagen Genuine Decorative film1

Wolfsburg coat of armsUnmistakeably Beetle, unmistakeably Volkswagen. Create a clear statement of your passion for the Beetle‘s birthplace with the Wolfsburg coat of arms for the roof. Available in Black and Amalfi White.Art. no. 5C0 064 317 K Y9K Amalfi White

Art. no. 5C0 064 317 K 041 Black

Sport and Design 06_07

Simply scan the QR code and re-experience the Beetle.

1 After one to three years decorative films may show signs of use and aging, especially when exposed to direct sun. In especially hot climates this may even occur during the first year. If the decorative film remains on the vehicle for an extended period, visual differences between the area covered with decorative film and other paintwork areas may occur.

Volkswagen Genuine Pedal cap setThe non-slip pedal caps made of brushed stainless steel are a real optical gain. The high-quali-ty design is impressive and the anti-slip coating ensures a good grip. The electric accelerator pedal is already included in the scope of delivery.Art. no. 1K1 064 200 A For manual gearboxes Art. no. 1K1 064 205 A For automatic and double clutch gearboxes (DSG) (not illustrated)

Volkswagen Genuine Tail silencer trimPure dynamics for the back of your vehicle. The inclined design, high-gloss polished stainless steel and a diameter of up to 75 mm make your vehicle the epitome of the sporty look.Art. no. 5G0 071 911 041 Colour: Black chrome, for twin tail pipe, Ø 60 mm

Art. no. 5C5 071 911 C Colour: Stainless steel polished, for twin tail pipe, Ø 60 mm

Art. no. 6R0 071 910 Colour: Stainless steel polished, for single tail pipe, Ø 65 mm

Volkswagen Genuine Flower vaseCreate a visual highlight inside your Beetle! In the style of the original flower vase from the VW Beetle, this unique accessory provides your interior with additional flair and a sense of added comfort.Art. no. 5C0 061 110

Sport and Design 08_09


The Volkswagen Genuine Nickname decorative film1 allows you to give your Beetle an even sportier profile. The films bearing the nicknames are available in black and amalfi white and provide that added touch of charisma. See the attached price list for an overview of all available versions.

Give your Beetle its own unique profile. With the Volkswagen Genuine Accessories nickname films for the sides of the Beetle. The films, with a variety of types of lettering to choose from, can be mounted by your Volkswagen Partner.

Sport and Design 10_111 After one to three years decorative films may show signs of use and aging, especially when exposed to direct sun. In especially hot climates this may even occur during the first year. If the decorative film remains on the vehicle for an extended period, visual differences between the area covered with decorative film and other paintwork areas may occur.

Volkswagen Genuine exterior letteringMore personality for your Beetle – with chrome on Beetle instead of black on white. Simply select the desired nickname and decorate the rear of the vehicle with high-quality, raised chrome letters. See the attached price list for an overview of all available versions.

Sport and Design 12_13

An individual Beetle feeling thanks to the elegant key cover available with a range of nicknames or Turbo lettering or other motives. Simply attach it to the key to make a clear statement. See the attached price list for an overview of all available versions.


Sport and Design 14_15


NOTEFigure shows: Nickname film Page 10,Tornado alloy wheel Page 20

Wheels and Tyres 16_17

Whether parked or on the road. As long as they are the stylish wheels from Volkswagen Accessories. The only question is whether you prefer to experience them while driving or admire them while parked. Admittedly: A difficult decision.


Wheels and Tyres 18_19




A good grip, reliable acceleration, controlled driving dynamics – hardly any components bear so much responsibility as the wheels. Both for safe driving and for the complete look of the vehicle. Our develo-pers, designers and engineers master the balancing act between form and function on a daily basis. They do this by unifying top-quality materials with first-class designs to corresponding functioning. And by testing the results for so long and so intensively until they meet our Volkswagen demands on quality and safety.

Fem AnalysisThe result shows in red where the greatest forces act on the alloy wheels.Designs and dimensions are drawn up based on this

We are not satisfied with offering you high quality standards. Therefore our inspection procedures are more extensive, stricter and harder than is demanded by law. And our products are simply safer.

Strength Tests: The rotating bending test simulates the load on rims when travelling through bends, whereas the roll-off test checks the wheel under overload conditions and in the impact test the impact strength of the edge of the rim is tested.

material & Surface Tests: In these tests both the chemical composition, tensile strength and elongation values of the rim and the resistance of the surface to scratching and corrosion are derived. endurance Testing: The endurance test takes place using a bi-axial wheel test bay (ZWARP). Here the greatest loads which can occur across the lifetime of a wheel are simulated.

Vehicle Tests: In the clearance test, the wheel bolt tightness test and the threshold test the wheels are tested under hard conditions on the test track.

Volkswagen Genuine Tornado 19-inch alloy wheelColour: Black, gloss machinedWheel size: 8 J x 19", ET 48, LK 112/5Applicable tyre size1: e.g. 235/40 R19Art. no. 5C0 071 499 AX1

Volkswagen Genuine Spokane 18-inch alloy wheelColour: Brilliant Silver Wheel size: 8 J x 18", ET 48, LK 112/5Applicable tyre size1: e.g. 235/45 R18Art. no. 561 071 498 B 8Z8

Volkswagen GenuineHelix 18-inch alloy wheelColour: Sterling SilverWheel size: 8 J x 18" , ET 48, LK 112/5Applicable tyre size1: e.g. 235/45 R18Art. no. 561 071 498 8Z8

Also available as a complete summer wheel

Volkswagen GenuineHelix 17-inch alloy wheelColour: AnthraciteWheel size: 7 J x 17", ET 43, LK 112/5Applicable tyre size1: e.g. 215/55 R17Art. no. 561 071 497 16Z

Volkswagen GenuineAspen 16-inch alloy wheelColour: Brilliant Silver Wheel size: 6.5 J x 16", ET 42, LK 112/5Applicable tyre size1: e.g. 205/55 R16Art. no. 3AA 071 496 8Z8

Please see the attached price list for technical details. The conditions and informationcontained in the german TÜV report must be carefully observed.

1 Please see the certifi cate for the relevant alloy wheel for further applicable tyre sizes.

An especially resistant coating guarantees that all alloy wheels are suitable for use in winter. your Volkswagen Partner will be more than pleased to provide you with a quote for the tyres that fi t your vehicle.

Wheels and Tyres 20_21

Volkswagen GenuineSima 16-inch alloy wheelColour: Brilliant Silver Wheel size: 6.5 J x 16", ET 48, LK 112/5Applicable tyre size1: e.g. 205/55 R16Art. no. 3C1 071 496 B 8Z8

Volkswagen Genuine16-inch wheel trimThe wheel trim with Volkswagen emblem protects the steel wheel against dirt and enhances the vehicle‘s appearance. Suitable for steel wheels Art. no. 561 601 027.Art. no. 5C0 071 456 8Z8

Volkswagen Genuine Valve capsCustomisation down to the smallest detail: the four valve caps are embossed with the Volkswagen logo and provide the valves with optimal protection against dust, dirt and moisture. 1 set = 4 pieces.Art. no. 000 071 215 A

Suitable for aluminium valves

Art. no. 000 071 215

Suitable for rubber/metal valves

Volkswagen GenuineWheel bolt locking setSecure your alloy wheels even more effectively against jealous thieves with the theft-hindering wheel bolt locking set. Colour: Black. 1 set = 4 pieces.Art. no. 000 071 597

Please note our wide range of complete summer and winter wheels. You can obtain the corresponding catalogues from your Volkswagen Partner or on the Internet at www.volkswagen-zubehoer.de.


NOTEFigure shows: Nickname film Page 10, Tornado alloy wheel Page 20


On the phone one moment, on your own private stage the next – Volkswagen Accessories knows just how to enhance the Beetle’s communicative side. With the finest high-tech and uncompromising functionality. A striking presence.

Communication 22_23


Volkswagen Genuine Touch Phone Kit music1

Enjoy the comfort of this multi-talent. In addition to the voice-con-trolled, hands-free Bluetooth system with a high-resolution touch-screen, audio stereo streaming via USB or audio adapter enhances every journey – the system also enables you to manage and play your favourite music, for example, from your iPhone. For more information about the adapter cable set required and optional audio adapter, please see the attached price list.Art. no. 000 051 473 C

Plug & Play Sound SystemA rich sound for your vehicle with the sound system from Volkswagen Accessories. The system consists of an amplifier with an integrated digital sound processor and a total output of 300 W sine/480 W music along with a powerful subwoofer. In addition to musical enjoyment of the highest level, the system also sports an impressive range of vehicle and driver-specific sound setups which optimally match the vehicle‘s configura-tion and can be programmed at the dealership. The system utilises the vehicle‘s existing speakers and can be installed in the spare wheel well.Art. no. 000 051 419 1 For vehicles without factory-fi tted mobile telephone integration.

Volkswagen Genuine iPod/iPhone adapterQuickly and easily connect your iPod or iPhone to your Volkswagen Genuine radio navigation system. It is controlled via the radio. Only in conjunction with the „RNS 510“. For more information about the com-patible iPod/iPhone models, please refer to the attached price list.Art. no. 1K0 051 444 D

Volkswagen Genuine meDiA-iN and adapter cableSimply connect your desired audio source to the MEDIA-IN using the adapter cable and enjoy your favourite music via your radio or 3rd generation radio navigation system. Only in conjunction with „RCD 310“, „RCD 510“, „RNS 315“ or „RNS 510“.Art. no. 5N0 057 342 B meDiA-iN

iPod/iPhone is a registered trademark of Apple Computer International.

Volkswagen Genuine Adapter cable for Volkswagen Genuine MEDIA-IN01 Art. no. 000 051 446 D Adapter cable for 3,5-mm jack

02 Art. no. 000 051 446 A Adapter cable for mini-USB

03 Art. no. 000 051 446 B Adapter cable for USB

04 Art. no. 000 051 446 L Adapter cable for iPod

05 Art. no. 000 051 446 Q Adapter cable for Apple Lightning connector

Art. no. 000 051 446 m Adapter cable for iPod (1D3-Tagging for USA) (not illustrated)


1 For vehicles without factory-fi tted mobile telephone integration.

01 02 03 04 05



Volkswagen Genuine Radio navigation system RNS 510Enjoy completely new standards of car infotainment with a 6.5“ touchscreen with brilliant, sharp presentation of maps, pictures and videos. The comprehensive feature set with a 30 GB hard drive, DVD drive and SD card reader rounds off the high-end configuration of the system, along with DAB+ reception and a Bluetooth function. A reversing camera can be connected. Map material is not included in the scope of delivery and must be ordered separately. See the attached price list for an overview of this.Art. no. 1T0 057 680 T Without digital tuner

Art. no. 1T0 057 686 G With digital tuner (DAB+)

Volkswagen Genuine Radio navigation system RNS 315Clear sound quality, precise navigation and comfortable operation via a5“ touchscreen – this is the sound of the multi-talent which can play music from a CD, SD card, MP3 player or, optionally, via Bluetooth. Depending on the version, the system has an integrated DAB tuner (additional aerial required). The map material for Western Europe is pre-installed.


Art. no. 3C8 057 279 F Without digital tuner

Art. no. 3C8 057 279 G With digital tuner (DAB+)

DAB+ retrofit kit(Not illustrated)DAB+ reception for all car radios! With the DAB+ retrofit, DAB+ (digital radio plus) can be picked up on any RDS radio. Adding DAB+ reception to the existing car radio provides access to a wide selection of digital radio stations. Connection to the car radio is wireless via an FM transmitter. Operation is simple, user-friendly and intuitive and works via the supplied remote control which harmoniously integrates into the vehicle‘s interior. Additional external audio sources, such as MP3 players and iPods, can be connected via the device‘s AUX IN jack.Art. no. 000 063 212

Communication 28_29

Volkswagen Genuine mP3 radio RCD 310For virtually endless musical enjoyment, the „RCD 310“ plays MP3 and WMA files from the CD drive and delivers a rich sound. In addition, the chrome-look edging to the buttons and knobs is a real eye-catcher.Art. no. 1K0 057 186 AN Without digital tuner

Art. no. 1K0 057 186 B With digital tuner (DAB+)

Volkswagen Genuine mP3 radio RCD 510The multi-talent with an SD card slot, telephone interface, integrated 6-way CD changer, MP3 play function, GALA, RDS, TIM and TP provides you with an extra touch of comfort with its high-resolution TFT display/touchscreen.Art. no. 3C8 057 195 F Without digital tuner

Art. no. 3C8 057 195 B With digital tuner (DAB+)

mP3 radio RmT 200The smart all-round solution for the greatest listening pleasure is offered by the MP3 radio with title display, USB slot, SD card reader, iPod/iPhone control and charging, AUX IN with A2DP audio streaming and a Bluetooth hands-free system. The stylish piano lacquer appearance creates the perfect look.Art. no. 6Q0 051 228 B

mP3 radio RmT 300The „RMT 300“ is your constant companion, with convenient operation and an optimal overview thanks to the 3-line display. Whether for making hands-free telephone calls via Bluetooth or enjoying music from an SD card, USB stick, AUX IN, A2DP or iPod. Library browsing, title display and a charging function are included for the iPod. A functional miracle and also a real eye-catcher with its tailor-made trapezoidal design and the high-quality piano lacquer look.Art. no. 6Q0 051 228 C


Comfort und Safety 30_31

NOTEFigure shows: Front spoiler Page 06, Rear spoiler Page 06, Rear diffuser Page 06, Nickname film Page 10, Tornado alloy wheel Page 20

Volkswagen Accessories provides the proof: Freedom and safe comfort are by no means mutually exclusive. Our recommendation: Make yourself truly comfortable in your Beetle. With plenty of freedom. And plenty of comfort. All at the same time.


Volkswagen Genuine Luggage compartment linerPrecise protection in a light and flexible form: the anti-slip liner is designed to perfectly fit the shape of the luggage compartment and reliably protect it.Art. no. 5C5 061 160 For Beetle Coupe

Art. no. 5C3 071 310 For Beetle Cabriolet

Volkswagen Genuine WindbreakThe calm before the storm: the windbreak for the Beetle Cabriolet prevents air turbulence forming inside the vehicle, resulting in a lower noise level. The perfectly fitting windbreak can be easily installed without drilling. A practical compartment for the windbreak is provided to fit the luggage compartment.Art. no. 5C3 072 400 A 041

Volkswagen Genuine Transparent loading sill protection filmThe perfectly-fitting loading sill protection made of transparent film prevents damage during loading and unloading. For gluing onto the loading sill on the rear bumper.Art. no. 5C5 061 197

The Beetle „Faster Baby“ skateboardcan be found on page 50 or online atwww.volkswagen-zubehoer.de/lifestyle.


Comfort und Safety 32_33

Volkswagen Genuine Sill protectors, nicknameThe stainless steel sill protectors with stylish nickname lettering provide you with a more unique individual look and protect your Beetle. See the attached price list for an overview of all available versions.

Volkswagen Genuine Sill protector film, transparentLike an invisible protective guard, the precise-fitting transparent Volkswagen Genuine Protective film can be applied to painted entry points. Scratches have no chance here – and you have much more pleasure when getting in.Art. no. 5C5 071 310 For Beetle Coupe

Art. no. 5C3 071 310 For Beetle Cabriolet

You‘d be forgiven for thinking that a stylish appearance is the sole purpose. But it‘s not. Because in addition to the abso-lutely stylish look, the robust sill protectors, with a range of different nicknames as lettering, also provide the door sill with effective protection against scratches.

Volkswagen Genuine Textile footmat, nicknameThe clean fit in the nickname range, made of durable, thickly woven velour and securely anchored to the floor to prevent slipping. Silver Beetle, Käfer, Bug, Vocho or Fusca lettering available. See the attached price list for an overview of all available versions.

Volkswagen Genuine All-weather matThe perfect fit: the perfectly fitting footmat set with Beetle lettering on the front mats keeps out dirt and moisture and is 100% recyclable. The front mats are attached to the vehicle floor using the integrated fastening system to prevent slipping. Colour: Black.Art. no. 5C1 061 502 C 82V For front (1 set = 2 mats)Art. no. 5C5 061 512 82V For rear (1 set = 2 mats/not illustrated)

Volkswagen Genuine mud flaps, front and rearProtect your own vehicle and the one behind from flying dirt, dangerous stone impacts and spray water with these extremely durable and hard-wearing mud flaps.Art. no. 5C0 075 111 For front (1 set = 2 pieces/not illustrated) Art. no. 5C0 075 101 For rear (1 set = 2 pieces)

Volkswagen Genuine Park Distance Control, rearThe Park Distance Control system is automatically activated when the vehicle is put into reverse: four sensors and an acoustic warning signal help the driver when reversing into a parking space.Art. no. 1K0 054 630 C

Comfort und Safety 34_35

Volkswagen Genuine Cool and thermos boxSnacks at the right temperature for every occasion. The energy efficiency class A box is connected via 12V/230V, in the vehicle or at home. Two-litre bottles can be transported upright in the box, which has a capacity of approx. 25 litres. It is delivered with battery discharge protection and a replacement insulation cover.Art. no. 000 065 400 D

„Volkswagen edition“ espresso machine including espresso podsIdeal for espresso fans: you no longer have to find a service area to enjoy your coffee break. The mobile Espresso AutoSet means you always have your own small coffee bar on board. Simply stop for a break, connect up the machine via the 12V socket inside your vehicle and enjoy a freshly brewed espresso. The set includes two break-proof espresso cups, a serviette and 25 espresso pods along with an elegant and practical storage case for the set.Art. no. 000 069 641

Volkswagen Genuine Clothes hanger 1

Sometimes things just have to be crease-free: the stylish clothes hanger can be quickly and simply attached to the headrest bars on the front seats. You can hang up your shirts, jackets and other suitable articles of clothing, keeping them free of creases during transport.Art. no. 00V 061 127

Volkswagen Genuine Clean Solution waste bagNo waste, no worries: the waste bag can be flexibly attached to the headrest bars on the front seats. If a bag is taken out, a new one is automatically pulled into place. Included in the scope of delivery: two rolls, each with 50 bags.Art. no. 000 061 107

Volkswagen Genuine Snakey headrest hookPractical organiser in a twin pack: two-piece set for mounting on the front seat headrest bars. Simply hook on the things to be transported and off you go.Art. no. 000 061 126 A 041 Colour: Black (2 pieces)

Art. no. 000 061 126 UHS Colour: Cornsilk Beige

(2 pieces/not illustrated)

Comfort und Safety 36_37

1Usage only if no person is sitting on the seat behind.

HIgH LEVEL OF SAFETy FOR LITTLE ONES.Musical boxes, teething rings, picture books or story books – all ages have their own milestones, whether little or large. Every stage of development also has its own challenges. That is why we have developed child safety seats for each age group. Each one offers a convincing combination of high sitting comfort, easy handling and also exceeds the requirements of the ECE-R44/04 standard. All covers can be easily removed and washed at 30°C. And the most important point: your child is well protected when travelling.

Volkswagen Genuine G0 plus ISOFIXHigh protection and comfort for new-born babies and babies up to 13 kg or 15 months old: The ISOFIX fastening system ensures that the child seat with its base frame is securely fastened to the vehicle body. Without ISOFIX it can also be used with any 3-point belt. The child is securely held in the seat by a height-adjustable, 5-point full belt safety harness. Further features include an adjustable handle, an easily removable, washable fabric covering, an adjustable-height seat insert and a sun shade.Art. no. 5G0 019 907 With iSOFiX

Art. no. 5G0 019 900 Without iSOFiX

Volkswagen Genuine G1 iSOFiX DUO plus Top TetherSafety and seating comfort for children weighing between 9 and 18 kg (from eight months to approximately four years old). The height of both the full safety harnesses and the sleep support can be adjusted. Furthermore, the sitting position can be adjusted in multiple ways. In addition to the tried and trusted locking system using an ISOFIX connection, the seat is secured at the provided fasteners in the luggage compart-ment by means of the „top tether“ connection in suitably fitted vehicles – thus providing additional support.Art. no. 5G0 019 909 A

Volkswagen Genuine G2-3 iSOFiTChildren aged between 3 and 12 years (15 to 36 kg) travel safely and comfortably thanks to the height-adjustable sleep supports and the possibility of individually adjusting the height and inclination of the seat to the needs of the child. The seat is attached using the vehicle‘s ISOFIX anchorage points. The child itself is buckled in using the 3-point seatbelt in the child‘s seat.Art. no. 5G0 019 906

Volkswagen Genuine Seat coverThe optimum protection for sensitive seats: The easy-to-clean, anti-slip seat cover prevents dirt or wear, for example from child seats. Practical net pockets offer additional stowage space. Also usable with ISOFIX seats.Art. no. 000 019 819

Volkswagen Genuine Additional interior rear view mirrorFor better visibility and keeping a watchful eye on children travelling in the rear: The additional inside rear view mirror is fixed to the windscreen or the dashboard using a suction cup mounting and can be individually adjusted to take in the interior, the traffic or for parking, thanks to its flexible joint.Art. no. 000 072 549 A

Comfort und Safety 38_39

Volkswagen Genuine Care and cleaning aidsThe care and cleaning aids have been developed to work perfectly together in and on the vehicle. Every product is ISO-certified and has also been tested and approved by Volkswagen‘s central laboratory. For long-term, effective vehicle care which protects both the material and the environment. Please see the attached price list for more detailed information on the individual products along with the seasonal care and cleaning sets.

Volkswagen Genuine Safety vestThe fluorescent safety vest with Volkswagen lettering and reflective strips is approved as per DIN EN 471. The safety vest must be carried by law by drivers in company cars in Germany, except when engaging in freelance work, and is already compulsory for all vehicle occupants in some countries. A storage bag is included in the scope of delivery. Colour: Orange.Art. no. 000 093 056 C 2LD

Volkswagen Genuine Tyre bag setProtect your wheels. With the four robust, high-quality polyester tyre bags and wheel bolt bag. For tyres and complete wheels with dimen- si-ons of up to 18 inches, a 245 mm tyre width and a 2100 mm tyre circumference.Art. no. 000 073 900

Volkswagen Genuine Warning triangleThe intelligently designed warning triangle has ECE test certification, requires minimal storage space and can be set up quickly and safely thanks to its swivelling metal foot.Art. no. 000 093 057

Volkswagen Genuine Snox snow chain (powered by pewag)The innovative Snox system controls the snow chain tension completely automatically and adapts to the vehicle‘s current speed – smooth running is ensured. When the vehicle stops, the locks release automatically and the snow chain can be removed in any wheel position. A practical carry bag is included in the scope of delivery. Now with the new „Quick Release“ function for easy removal of the chain.Art. no. 000 091 387 AC

Opens with a click: „Quick Release“ function for simple removal.

Volkswagen Genuine Tow ropeAlways on the safe side: the TÜV and DIN-tested tow rope can be used for vehicles with a gross weight of up to 2,500 kg.Art. no. 000 093 014

Volkswagen Genuine First aid kitThe DIN standard first aid kit is an essential companion in case of accidents. Meets the legal requirements of § 35h StVZO (German road traffic regulations) and DIN 13 164.Art. no. 6R0 093 108

Comfort und Safety 42_43



NOTEFigure shows: Ladies‘ Beetle leather jacket Page 46, Beetle trilby hat Page 49

The complete Lifestyle collection is available at www.volkswagen-zubehoer.de/lifestyle

Lifestyle 44_45

It simply has what it takes. This stylish emotional combination of futuristic boundlessness and winningly confident seriousness. This attitude is part of every Beetle – and part of every piece of the Beetle Collection.


Ladies‘ Beetle leather jacketAnything but meek. The fitted leather jacket‘s bold checked lining and numerous pockets set it apart. Breast patch pockets with snap fasteners, a zip pocket plus two pockets with snap fasteners. The Beetle silhouette engraved on the zipper pullers and the metal tag on the sleeve are essential details. Material: 100% kid leather. Colour: Dark Blue. Sizes: S, M, L, XL.Art. no. 5C0 084 012 A–D 274

Lifestyle 46_47

Ladies‘ Beetle cardiganAn absolute classic. Absolutely hip. The casual Beetle knitted cardigan is a classic trend-setter – set apart by the sleeve patches and collar patch made of checked fabric and the embroidered Beetle badge on the sleeve. Refined details include the metal plates decorated with the engraved Beetle silhouette. Materials: 70% cotton, 30% wool. Colour: Grey. Sizes: S, M, L, XL.Art. no. 5C0 084 016 A–D 573

Ladies‘ Beetle polo shirtSamba de Beetle. A feminine polo shirt with the Brazilian nickname, „Fusca“, and the national flag embroidered on the chest. Colour-matching Beetle badge printed on the sleeve. Olá! Material: 100% cotton. Colour: Blue-Grey. Sizes: S, M, L, XL.Art. no. 5C0 084 240 A–D 800

Ladies‘ Beetle checked blouseA charming checked blouse with bold checked applications on the sleeve patch, inner cuff and collar patch. Plus numerous Beetle references: a Beetle badge on the sleeve, Beetle lettering on the button panel and its French nickname, „Coccinelle“, with the national flag on the shoulder seam. Beetle – je t’aime! Material: 100% cotton. Colour: Blue, Red. Sizes: S, M, L.Art. no. 5C0 084 262 A–C WU8

men‘s Beetle cardiganThe swinging sixties. Das Auto. The fashion. The comfortable cardigan in easy-to-wear sweatshirt quality. With checked applications on the elbows, inner collar and button panel. Two pockets on the front. The visible statements include the Beetle badge embroidered on the chest and its silhouette as a flag label on the side.Materials: 70% cotton, 30% polyester. Colour: Grey. Sizes: M, L, XL.Art. no. 5C0 084 006 B–D KU4

men‘s Beetle Harrington jacketVery British. Very cool. The Harrington-style blouson has a checked lining, an embroidered Beetle badge on the sleeve and the Beetle silhouette engraved on the zipper pullers and as a metal tag on the sleeve. For lateral thinkers from Manchester to Berlin. Material: 100% cotton. Colour: Blue. Sizes: M, L, XL, XXL.Art. no. 5C0 084 002 B–e 274

men‘s Beetle polo shirtEven Mexican Beetle fans like things a little Scottish. This shirt sports a checked collar patch and side vents. On the chest is „Vocho“, the Mexican nickname for the Beetle. There is also an embroidered national flag. Flag label as silhouette on the side. Colour-matching Beetle badge printed on the sleeve. Material: 100% cotton. Colour: Blue-Grey. Sizes: M, L, XL, XXL.Art. no. 5C0 084 230 B–e 800

men‘s Beetle leather jacketJust relax – with the sporty, slim-fit leather jacket, for example. The numerous pockets are especially practical: two breast patch pockets with snap fasteners, a zip pocket above the flap, two front pockets with snap fasteners and side access plus two inside pockets. Lined with the Beetle checked fabric. Material: 100% kid leather. Colour: Dark Blue. Sizes: M, L, XL, XXL.Art. no. 5C1 084 002 B–e 274

Lifestyle 48_49

Beetle trilby hatRests on heads all over the world: the good old trilby is the trend hat of our decade. The Beetle version is made of twill, lined with checked cotton and edged with a contrasting band sporting a checked application. The Beetle silhouette decorates the flag label. A fashion statement – refreshingly jaunty and ultra-cool. Material: 100% cotton. Colour: Blue.Art. no. 5C0 084 308 1V4 Size 58

Beetle shoulder bagA fashionable messenger bag, suitable for conventional laptops up to 15“, with practical hook and loop fastener, adjustable shoulder strap and two flap pockets on the front side which can be closed with press studs. Additional zip pockets are located on the rear and inside. Material: Cotton canvas, leather. Colours: Denim Blue, Checked Pattern. Size: 37 x 30 x 8.5 cm.Art. no. 5C0 087 319 FQC

Beetle „Faster Baby“ skateboardThe complete skateboard from TITUS guarantees all-round fun and is perfectly suited to a wide range of tricks. Seven layers of birch make the board extremely stable. This is the „Faster Baby“ version. Ride the Beetle: get on and let‘s roll!Art. no. 5C0 050 530 041

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Junior Beetle TurboFor the speediest little racers aged 18 months and over: the robust Junior Beetle with a padded seat sports „Turbo“ lettering on both sides. With quiet-run-ning plastic tyres. Material: PE (Plastic). Colour: White.Art. no. 5C0 087 500 A 084

Junior BeetleThe sun yellow Junior Beetle lets happy little explorers aged 18 months and older head off on a journey of discovery. With a padded seat and whisper wheels – so that the whole family stays happy. Material: PE (Plastic). Colour: Yellow.Art. no. 5C0 087 500 A eRR

Trailer for Junior BeetleLittle adventurers love to go exploring. Simply pack their cookies, cuddly toys and shovel into the trailer for the Junior Beetle. And they‘re off! For children from around 18 months and older. Material: PE (Plastic). Colour: Yellow.Art. no. 5C0 087 502 eRR

Decorative film for Junior BeetleThe small ones just want to be like the big ones: the “Beetle”, “Käfer”, “Bug” and “Volkswagen” lettering film transforms the Junior Beetle into a special edition in only a matter of moments. One set consists of foils with all four nicknames.Art. no. 000 087 810 041

GSR grip thermos cupThose who like it hot can now enjoy their drinks while on the go as well. Regardless of how sporty it feels behind the wheel – during breaks the grip thermos cup means your drink always feels as good to handle as your Beetle GSR does on the road.Art. no. 5C5 069 601 eBC

GSR sunglassesYour appearance should dazzle, nothing else. Ultra-light, precisely formed and with the highest level of UV protection, the GSR sunglasses are specially designed for the needs of GSR drivers – for a strong look and keen vision.Art. no. 5C0 087 901 eQP

GSR mobile phone coverThe new Beetle GSR lays rubber and has good grip. Just like the cover for the iPhone 5 with a tyre tread look. So that you have a handle on two things –´ the road and your smartphone.Art. no. 5C5 051 708 eBC


GSR key tagWith the GSR key tag and its surprising grip design, a true motorsport feeling begins right from the moment you reach for your car key.Art. no. 5C5 087 013 ZAC


Junior Beetle GSRJust the right thing for young Beetle fans aged 18 months or older: the yellow Junior Beetle in the GSR design is equipped with quiet- running plastic tyres to keep parents relaxed. The padded seat provides optimal comfort. Material: PE (Plastic). Colour: Yellow.Art. no. 000 087 500 G V36

GSR model car, 1:43A big impression, even at a scale of 1:43. The new Beetle GSR doesn‘t just turn heads on the road, but on your shelf as well – as a model car.Art. no. 5C5 099 300 B1B

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