Accommodatin - Luxury villas,apartments,holiday penthouse for rent across spain

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Accommodatin - Find a place to stay, enjoy and spend quality time. Book with confidence directly from verified owners. Villas, apartments, cottages, country houses, luxury apartments, penthouse which are one the best in spain


<ul><li><p> Find a Place to stay </p><p> A new way to discover &amp; enjoy new places </p><p> Is a company with a dedicated team of professionals who work with the constant </p><p>effort to provide the best service and attention to their clients . </p><p>At present we have a large number of carefully selected accommodations especially in the province of </p><p>Mlaga. </p><p>The customer service centre is composed of a highly qualified team who has a lot of experience and an </p><p>excellent knowledge of the tourism sector. </p><p>We are more than pleased to welcome you in one of our beautiful homes, ensuring you that we'll do our </p><p>very best to make your stay, whether holidays or business trip, as enjoyable as possible. </p><p>We have a network of dedicated professional members that are at your disposal whenever needed. </p><p>You'll be friendly attended in English, Spanish, French or Italian, </p><p>There is no need to hesitate to contact us , and we'll provide you with the best information. </p><p>We've taken the most representable pictures of each property , as displayed on our website , in order </p><p>for you to have good image of what we have to offer you. </p><p>Our goal is your satisfaction, to find the property you look for and make your stay as comfortable and </p><p>pleasant as possible. </p><p>Aware of the responsibility that is inherent to our work, we offer you our knowledge, experience and </p><p>dedication and commit us to provide the best service and personal attention. </p><p>We work with the intention to offer you the opportunity to enjoy a wonderful place, in the best areas </p><p>and with all the amenities to make you feel comfortable . </p></li><li><p>Contact Us:-- </p><p>C/ Duquesa de Parcent, 2 -7 Derecha - Mlaga 29001 Spain </p><p>Telf.: +34 951 509 864 - GSM: + 34 663 775 119 - GSM: +34 606 063 599 </p></li></ul>