Administrator’s Form March 9, 2010. Change! Things do not change; we change. Henry David Thoreau, Walden (1970) Okay, well sometimes things do change,

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So, whats happening to benefits next year?

What is happening to benefits next year?Administrators FormMarch 9, 2010Change!Things do not change; we change. Henry David Thoreau, Walden (1970)

Okay, well sometimes things do change, but we need to change with them!

No paperNo benefits open enrollment packetsNo fancy bookletsNo Esther IDs and PINs distributedWe will be mailing a postcard reminder to your home addressOpen enrollment is April 12 April 30, 2010Dont procrastinate!Rice Fest is Tuesday, April 20th in the RMC/Ley Student Center

No paperPlease be sure you know your Esther ID and PIN (or use the Forgot PIN? button before contacting HR)We will send a basic booklet to employees who are not typically at a desk all day (FE&P, H&D, Delivery Services, RUPD, and Transportation)More will be available in HRMore information online and new, updated web content coming soon

Medical planRates are going up! Were still trying to figure out by how muchHopefully, in the increase will only be in the single digitsPlan designs are probably changingOur plans have been the same for 7+ yearsGiven the increasing costs, the copayments will need to change slightly to keep premium rates lower and reflect the increasing cost of health careMore information coming soon

Why are health costs increasing?We negotiated a two year rate guarantee for Aetnas administrative rates last yearOur own medical claims expense is driving the cost upPrescription drugsMedical plan usageHigh-tech treatmentsUse of the emergency room

Other changes?Most of the other health and welfare plans will remain the same.Look for changes with short-term disability planRetirement plans remain the same

What can you do to help?Spread the word about benefits open enrollment going greenWhat about medical plan costs?Monitor your use of the medical planSee if you can use get a generic prescription drugSee if you can use mail order services for your regular medicationsThink about your use of the emergency roomCan it wait until tomorrow?Can I be seen in an urgent care clinic?Take care of yourself (and participate in wellness programs)Use the web ( for open enrollment information and tell us what you think!Coming soon (once the changes are finalized)