Allentown Area Corvette Club, Inc. ¢â‚¬©Vetter¢â‚¬â„¢s Lettera John Kostick, Jr. 610-432-7172 NCM Ambassador

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  • ‘Vetter’s Letter

    Hello Corvette Enthusiasts and Happy New Year to All!

    Now that Kris Kringle and Auld Lang Syne are behind us, it is time

    to become excited about 2014.

    At the Detroit Auto Show, January 18 - 26, 2014, there will be exciting news re-

    garding the 2015 Z06. There is loads of speculation just like last year’s introduc-

    tion to the 2014 Corvette Stingray. I guess we will have to wait until the unveiling

    of the Z06 to see the actual car and read the specifications. From all the specula-

    tion, it appears as though it will be somewhere north of 600 HP? Will it be turbo-

    or super-charged? Stay tuned, in a few weeks we will all know!

    Reading through car websites, I came across an article that caught my eye; this

    was posted on

    Ward’s Auto 10 Best Engines for 2014, with the staff limiting to vehicles

    costing less than $60,000 and available in the U.S. market. They tested 44

    different powertrains and the 6.2(L) ONV V-8 engine in the Corvette Sting-

    ray was awarded a top ten engine award. Despite Chevy’s small block

    pushrod design, this engine features advanced technologies such as di-

    rect injection and cylinder deactivation and can get up to 29 mpg on the

    highway. Very impressive for a large V-8 delivering 455 HP.

    (Continued on page 3)

    Allentown Area Corvette Club, Inc.

    January 2014 Volume 21, Issue 1

    President Jeff Mohring


    Vice-President Laura Hegyi


    Secretary Carol Jenkins


    Treasurer Janet Mohring


    NCCC Governor Joel Dean


    Membership Marty & Laura Hegyi


    Events John Kostick, Jr.


    NCM Ambassador Rich Ringhoffer


    Newsletter Editors Kevin & Michelle Minnich


    Webmaster Bud Benton


    Sponsored by:

    398 Stoke Park Road

    Bethlehem, PA

    AACC Meetings @ Blue Monkey The Allentown Area Corvette Club meets at 8:00 p.m. in the

    Palm Room (upstairs) at the Blue Monkey, 1092-1094 How-

    ertown Road, North Catasaqua, PA.

    Full menu and bar service is available.

    Upcoming Club Meetings

    Jan. 8 Feb. 12 & 26 Mar. 12 & 26

    From the val Office

  • Club Events  08—Club Meeting, Blue Monkey,

    8 pm, N. Catasauqua, PA (p.1)

     12-19—Barrett-Jackson Auction ,

    Scottsdale, AZ (pp.6,9)

     Feb 07—Mack Trucks Museum

    Tour, Allentown, PA (p.4)

     Mar 23—Allentown St. Patrick’s Day Parade & Post Party ,

    Allentown, PA

     May 4—AACC SpringFest Corvette Show, DeSales Univ.,

    Center Valley, PA

     Sep 20—AACC AutoX,

    SteelStacks, Bethlehem, PA  Sep 21—AACC Fiberglass &

    Steel All-Chevy Show,

    SteelStacks, Bethlehem, PA  Dec 13—AACC Holiday Party,

    Bath, PA

    Page 2 Allentown Area Corvette Club ‘Vetter’s Letter | Vol. 21, Iss. 1 | January 2014

    NCCC Events

    Congratulations go out to AACC’s East

    Region trophy winners for 2013 — in

    Autocross, Tom Schneck finished 2nd

    and Jim Fagan 3rd. They gave first place

    winner Dave Walters (CVCC) some

    pressure. Watch for them to be even

    more competitive in 2014!!

    Following the 2013-14 Winter Break,

    watch for these early season events:

    3/08: Regional Governor’s Meeting,

    Grantville, PA

    5/03*: (1) CN, NVCC, Location TBD

    5/04: (1) CN, AACC, Center Valley, PA

    For more on NCCC events contact AACC’s


    Joel Dean


    Future Events

    NCCC Events

    Please support our fellow East Region NCCC clubs.

    KEY: AX=AutoX, CN=Concourse, FN=Funkhana, PC=People’s Choice, RL=Rallye


    Follow us on

    January 2014

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    5 6 7 8 9 10 11

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    19 20 21 22 23 24 25

    26 27 28 29 30 31

    Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale Auction


  • Sallie Bambu (recovery)

    Bruce Carney (recovery)

    Marianne Mosher (recovery)

    Charlotte Shuletsky (recovery)

    Joann Warmkessel (recovery)

    If any club members

    know of a member

    who is in the hospi-

    tal, has had surgery,

    or has lost a loved

    one, please notify VP

    Laura Hegyi (610-730-2695, or one of the

    other Board Members.

    Thinking of You

    Page 3 ‘Vetter’s Letter | Vol. 21, Iss. 1 | January 2014

    2014 marks the 45th Anniversary of the Allentown Area Corvette

    Club., Inc. For our “sapphire” anniversary we are hoping to return

    to the days of yesteryear by hosting popular events that have been

    on hiatus from our club calendar.

    Planning is underway for a wide range of events to entice everyone

    into participating.

     Show off your baby by registering for

    our Springfest and Fiberglass & Steel


     Test your navigation skills with a

    Road Rallye.

     Celebrate Corvette by joining the

    2014 NCM Caravan.

     Put your driving skills on the line at our Autocross.

     Challenge your patience by going on the Mystery Trip.

     Tempt your taste buds at the Chicken Run, Family Picnic,

    Hampton Winds Dinner Nights, and Holiday Party.

    There is hopefully something to get your motor revving in 2014...

    Oval Office Continued...

    Start Planning

    Our first ‘car’ outing will be our annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade, held

    March 23, 2014. Next is our annual SpringFest on May 4, 2014.

    Once Springfest is ‘in the books’ we can look forward to all the oth-

    er car shows, cruises, fun runs, autocrosses, and how can we forget,

    the 2014 National Corvette Caravan that will take place the last

    week of August.

    Hopefully during the year, AACC will return to having our own Road

    Rally and Autocross. I look forward to 2014 being filled with exciting

    and fun activities and making new friends with all of our new

    members that have joined AACC in recent years.

    Be safe and be well,

    AACC President Jeff Mohring

    Two club members lost

    parents between the


    Bev Kark’s father,

    Richard “Dick” Noll,

    84 (Williams Twsp.,

    PA) passed on Dec. 7.

    Linda Peters’s mother, Elizabeth Fisher,

    94 (Bethlehem, PA) passed on Dec. 12.

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you

    and your families at this difficult time.

    Deepest Sympathy

  • Page 4 Allentown Area Corvette Club ‘Vetter’s Letter | Vol. 21, Iss. 1 | January 2014

    Jan. Birthdays As of AACC’s meeting on December 11th there were:

     184 active members  3 potential members

    The following are Potential Members as of this publication:

    Terry & Deb Klippel ...................... Nazareth, PA .... ‘64 Riverside Red Cnv.

    Dick Wilson ................................... Emmaus, PA ..................... ‘13 GS Cpe.

    We all look forward to seeing you at upcoming AACC meetings & events!

    Membership Corner 1 Curtis Purdy, Jr

    4 Dennis Guth

    Nick Recchia

    7 Dave Hornung

    8 Jim Bambu

    Dave Shanaberger

    9 Ike Eisenhart

    10 Margie Edinger

    11 Carol Mickley

    14 Tim Curry

    21 Frank Farley

    25 Dennis Phillips

    28 Sherry Rolema

    29 Newt Kern, Jr.

    John Shedlock

    30 Joanne Feinberg

    Re(ad)cycle John Kostick is collecting used

    magazines to be enjoyed by

    residents at area nursing

    homes. Just drop off your pub-

    lications at a club meeting and

    John will handle distribution.

    Fri. Feb 07 — Join past AACC VP and Mack retiree, John

    Shedlock for a tour of a Lehigh Valley landmark, the Mack

    Trucks Historical Museum (near the Queen City Airport,

    Allentown, PA). John, who retired from the Warranty Administration de-

    partment in 2008 after 43 years, coordinated a museum visit which is FREE

    to participants. Details are below.

    Date ............. Friday, Feb 07

    Time ............. 2pm (45 min. tour)

    Meet............. at the Museum!

    Follow Rte 309/I-78 to Lehigh St. towards Allentown (east).

    Left onto Vultee St. (@ firehouse/CVS).

    Right onto Grammes St. to “T”.

    Left onto Lehigh Parkway South.

    Check in at the main gate for directions to parking and the

    museum entrance.

    GPS ............... 2402 Lehigh Pkwy. S. Allentown, PA 18103

    (Tour Director Of