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AMRITA SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING Bengaluru School of Engineering, Bengaluru and ... with Mr. Naveen Kumar, Secretary, Chetana ... protective nature and wrath of Lord Shiva through Rudra

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Text of AMRITA SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING Bengaluru School of Engineering, Bengaluru and ... with Mr. Naveen...

  • Volume : 8 Issue : 9 : March 2017




  • Spiritual Discourses 6th March 2017

    AMMAs Visit 8th & 9th March 2017

    Resume Building Workshop 14th March 2017

    Vedic Mathematics 18th March 2017

    MoU With Narayana Hrudayalaya

    Foto Fiesta17 23rd to 29th March 2017

    Joy of Giving 24th March 2017

    Annual Althletics Meet 4th March 2017

    InternMela17 26th March 2017

    Spotlight 21st to 27th March 2017

  • Amrita School of Engineering, Bengaluru and

    Narayana Hrudayalaya Limited (NHL) Bengaluru

    entered into a broad strategic collaboration for


    Both, Amrita School of Engineering, Bengaluru and

    Narayana Hrudayalaya believe that initiating such a

    collaborative research and development work would

    be of considerable mutual benefit enabling joint grant

    applications and joint publications. They have already

    been engaged in number of discussions and identified

    areas of mutual interests and collaboration that would

    be beneficial to both organization including but not

    limited to bio-medical diagnostics, radio imaging and

    research. Collaboration started with the research

    project on Establish the cephalometric hard tissue

    norm for orthognathic surgery for Indian population

    from a volumetric computed tomographic data by

    Ms. Jithy Vargees, under guidance of Dr. Tripty Singh

    and Dr. Moni Abraham Kuriakose, Vice Chairman,

    Department of Head & Neck Surgery, Director,

    Translational Research for Head & Neck /

    Plastic Surgery at Narayana Health and Mazumdar

    Shaw Medical Centre, and Dr. Venkatraman Bhat,

    MD, MNAMS, FRCR Director, Imaging at Narayana

    Health and Mazumdar Shaw Medical Centre.

    The School hosted the 15th Annual

    Athletics Meet on 4th March, 2017 in the

    campus grounds. Brigadier Jagadeesh

    Chandran, Commandant, CMP Centre

    was the guest of honour. As is custom,

    the dignitaries, Brigadier Chandran,

    Br. Dhanraj Swami, Director, Amrita

    School of Engineering, Bengaluru, Dr. Rakesh S.G.,

    Associate Dean and Head, ASE-B, and Capt. Sood,

    Head, CIR Dept. lit the lamp. Following this, the chief

    guest shared his words of wisdom with the gathering.

    He emphasized the significance of sports and

    sportsmanship in architecting and refining life and

    livelihood. He then declared the Sports Meet open to

    widespread applause.

    The inauguration was followed by the branch-wise

    march-past by students, with Mr. Naveen Kumar,

    Secretary, Chetana (S6, ECE) leading the contingent.

    He was followed by six members of the university

    sports team carrying the prestigious university flag. All

    the engineering departments showcased their

    noteworthy coordination skill in the march-past. The

    department of ECE won the march-past shield, and

    the Mechanical Engineering Department was the


    The sports enthusiasts competed with vigour in 100m,

    200m, 400m, 800m, and 1500m sprints, and in shot

    put and discus throw. The main event also had a 100m

    dash for all the teaching and non-teaching staff. Cheers

    resounded in the air following the end of each race for

    the display of excellent aptitude, sportsmanship and

    healthy competitive spirit by the students. The

    announcement of each race was accompanied by

    applause from the audience, invigorating the

    participants to give it their best shot.

    The remarkable day culminated with the post-match

    presentations. The prize distribution ceremony was

    presided over by Mr. Ramakrishnan, Dept. of Physical

    Education, and he conferred the winners with medals

    and certificates, thus encouraging them to aim high

    and redefine impossible as ''Im possible''.

    Mr. Mohit Dhaker, Joint Secretary, Chetana (S6,

    ECE), proposed the vote of thanks, a word of gratitude

    to all who made the athletic meet a grand success.

    MoU Signed

    School Highlights

    March 2017 PAGE 1

    Annual Athletics Meet

  • School Highlights

    March 2017 PAGE 2

    Annual Athletics Meet

  • School Highlights

    March 2017 PAGE 3

    Spiritual Discourses

    Poojya Swami Ramakrishnanandapuri and Poojya Swami Amritageetanandapuri from Mata Amritanandamayi

    Math, Bengaluru, graced the school on 6th March 2017. They addressed the first year students, and resonated

    Ammas thoughts in a unique manner.

    The importance of value based education, and its essence in our daily life was also remarked upon. The event

    served as a precursor to our beloved AMMA, Mata Amritanandamayis visit to Bengaluru. Anecdotes of Ammas

    life, her unconditional love and magnanimity preceded a discussion on the various seva activities that the Math


  • School Highlights

    March 2017 PAGE 4

    AMMAs Visit to Bengaluru 8

    th and 9

    th March, 2017 dawned bright as the Kengeri Brahmasthaanam, Mata

    Amritanandamayi Math, Bengaluru, witnessed the divine presence of Satguru Mata

    Amritanandamayi Devi, who is fondly known as Amma.

    As the first rays caressed the city, ritualistic chants of Ammas Archana and Lalita

    Sahasranam were heard and this was followed by the Rahu and Shani-dosha poojas. The

    program was hosted by Dr. Rakesh S.G., Associate Dean & Head, Amrita School of

    Engineering, Bengaluru. Amma was welcomed at 11 A.M and garlanded by various dignitaries including Mr. D.V.

    Sadananda Gowda, Union Minister for Statistics and Programme Implementation and Mr. H.K. Patil, Rural

    Development Minister, Karnataka. Notable personalities like Mr. B.S. Yeddyurappa, Former Chief Minister of

    Karnataka, Mr. Krishnappa, Minister for Housing, Karnataka and Mr. Subhash Chandra Khuntia, Chief Secretary,

    Karnataka were also in attendance. In a show of generosity by the Math, over 5000 sarees were distributed to

    underprivileged women.

    In the satsang, Amma emphasized the importance of developing a meditative mind and loving nature. Following this,

    Amma led the devotees during bhajans and the Manasa puja. The most awe-inspiring vision was Ammas darshan,

    wherein she hugged every individual with impartial, soothing and unconditional love.

    Seva activities undertaken by students and faculty of the school, in collaboration with the residents of the Ashram

    included serving of food, cleansing of utensils, and managing the throng of devotees. The selfless service of volunteers

    from Amrita Vidyalayam and Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham was lauded by Amma and all the attendees.

    Students of ASE-B showcased an array of cultural programmes. Vedanta, the cultural club, initiated the program with

    soulful renderings of bhajans, which was later followed by euphonious melodies praising Lord Shiva from Raaga, the

    music club. A mime emphasising the essence of empathy in life and a skit highlighting how ignorance is the word when

    another is in trouble, were presented by Abhinaya, the drama club. Narthana, the dance club, depicted the fiercely

    protective nature and wrath of Lord Shiva through Rudra Tandava. A graceful classical dance by the girls was an

    offering to Shakti, the embodiment of power and the Yoga Dance was an expression of unparalleled agility, focus and

    inner strength.

  • School Highlights

    March 2017 PAGE 5

    AMMAs Visit to Bengaluru

  • Amrita Centre for Entrepreneurship organised a

    workshop on resume building on 14th March 2017.

    The objective of the session was to introduce the

    participants to the dos and don'ts of resume writing.

    The session was hosted by Mr. Mohanasundaram,

    Faculty, L&D (Soft Skills), CIR, and Ms. Sandhya

    Sheshadri, Asst. Manager, L&D (Soft Skills),

    Department of CIR.

    The session commenced with a game of Bingo to

    make the audience more interactive. This was

    followed by a brief description of CV and resume, and

    the latter's utility. The elements to be included in the

    resume like contact details; objective, co-curricular and

    extra -curricular achievements were elaborated upon.

    Other criteria like papers published, Industrial visits,

    participation in club activities, hobbies, languages

    known were suggested as suitable additions to the


    The 80-20 principle of including 80% core and 20%

    extra-curricular for technical internships was discussed.

    The workshop ended with an interactive question-

    answer session.


    Association of Computing Machinery (ACM)

    student chapter held the inaugural ceremony of the

    ACM- Womens Chapter in the school on 15th March,

    2017. The session started with the traditional lighting

    of the lamp by Dr. Amudha J., Associate Professor,

    Dept. of CSE, Ms. Supriya M., Assistant Professor,

    Dept. of CSE and the Chief Guest, Ms. Rashmi

    Mohan, Secretary, ACM India. Mr. Subramaniam

    Pillai, an alumnus, addressed the youngsters and

    discussed the need to focus on being a problem solver

    rather than just a mere engineer.

    ACM Chair Ms. Janani Anand (S6, CSE), gave a brief

    opening speech and addressed the gathering. This was

    followed by an introduction to the newly elected

    executive members of ACM-W, Chair Ms. Devi

    Krishnan (S4, CSE), Vice-Chair Ms. Rachana

    Pasuparthy (S4, CSE), Membership Chair

    Ms. Ashwini Nayak (S4, CSE), and Webmaster Ms. B.

    Preethi (S4, CSE). The ACM-W Chair explained the

    need for the newly inaugurated chapter, and the

    Membership Chair explicated the objectives of the


    The speaker for the day, Ms. Rashmi Mohan shared

    her experiences in the business world, and described

    her job stint at Yahoo. Her tips and tricks for surviving

    in the industry were truly enlightening for the


    The event concluded on a positive note with

    Dr. Amudha J., felicitating the guest speaker.

    Resume Building

    School Highlights

    March 2017 PAGE 6

    ACM Womens Chapter

  • Sankhya, the Mathematics Club hosted a workshop

    on 'Vedic Mathematics' with the objective of teaching

    students speed, accuracy, memory enhancing, logical

    analysis and short-cut methods for computation on 18th

    of March, 2017. The guest speaker was Mr. C. Mayil

    Vahanan, Principal, UCCK MAT. Higher School,


    The gathering was welcomed by the Joint Secretary,

    Ms. Dharmini Kanteti (S6, ECE). The participants

    witnessed the lightning of the lamp by the Chief Guest

    C. Mayil Vahanan, Dr. S. Ravishankar, Chairperson

    of Amritadhara, Ms. Shali S., Co-Chair, Prachodhana,

    Ms. G.S. Jyotsna, Co-Chair, Sanskriti, and Dr. Neetu

    Sreevastava, Mentor. Following an invocation song by

    Ms. Lalitha Prasanna (S4, CSE), the session

    commenced with a game and a presentation of facts on

    April fools day. A quiz was conducted on

    Mathematicians to introduce the audience to the origin

    of Vedic Maths. The guest speaker explained the

    various techniques which can be put to use on a daily

    basis. The subjects of discussion included addition,

    subtraction, multiplication, division of large numbers,

    exponents and powers, square roots, cube roots,

    differentiation, integration, and partial fractions.

    The event witnessed a huge participation and

    concluded on a high note with a feedback session and

    Dr. Rajath Vasudevamurthy, Asst. Prof., Dept. of ECE

    felicitating the guest speaker with a memento.

    Spotlight, the flagship event of

    Narthana, the Dance Club was

    organized to choose the Best

    Dancer and the Most Popular

    Dancer of the school.

    The auditions witnessed


    from all the

    years, participating in the free

    style round held on 21st March,

    2017. Out of this versatile pool

    of talent, 6 boys and 6 girls

    qualified to the second round.

    Their exquisite theme-based

    performances were staged on

    24th March 2017 with

    contestants explicitly displaying noteworthy essences

    like, Mothers Love, Women Empowerment etc., to

    name a few. 6 candidates were chosen for the property

    -round and the finale held on 27th March, 2017 saw 4

    contestants in the Face-off round, which showcased

    their prodigious dancing skills that kept the audience


    Vedic Mathematics

    School Highlights

    March 2017 PAGE 7


  • A movie making workshop - 'Take No. 2' was held by

    EPIC, the movie club. On Day 1, the speakers

    discussed the basics of editing a video. On Day 2, a

    raw, unedited short film was handed over to the

    attendees. They were asked to use their creativity and

    edit the film to the best of their skill and ability. On

    the third day, advanced techniques relating to editing

    were discussed. The original short film was replayed

    and the members of the club shared their insights on

    the nuances of editing. Aspiring cinematographers

    learnt about handling a DSLR, and how to optimise

    the ISO, aperture and shutter speed for better

    captures. By the end of the third day, all those who

    attended had acquired knowledge and skill and were

    capable of creating their own short films.

    Lekhani, the Press Club invited Ms. Adwitiya Borah,

    author of 'The Wrong Vantage Point' on 22nd March,

    2017, to interact with students and share her


    Ms. K. Poorna (S6, ECE) and Ms. Janani Anand(S6,

    CSE) introduced the speaker to the large gathering.

    Ms. Borah is a business analyst who graduated from

    NIT Assam, and also indulges in martial arts,

    modelling and fitness training. Her unique

    perspectives and her exciting journey captivated the

    rapt audience.

    The author addressed many relevant topics, and an-

    swered queries on themes such as how to beat writer's

    block, how to have your own voice as a writer, the

    importance of research before penning a book, and

    the ways to go about publishing your manuscript.

    Mr. P.R.K. Manoj, Joint Secretary, Lekhani (S6, ECE)

    invited Ms. Sreevidya B., Mentor, Lekhani to present

    the guest with a token of gratitude, and Mr. Roshan S.

    Sharma, Secretary, Lekhani(S6, ECE), proposed the

    Vote of Thanks.


    School Highlights

    March 2017 PAGE 8

    Movie Making

    Invited Talk

  • School Highlights

    March 2017 PAGE 9

    FOTO FIESTA17 Smriti, the photography club organized Foto Fiesta a week filled with photography centric events from 23

    rd to 29


    March, 2017 in Amrita School of Engineering, Bengaluru. The motto of the

    event was to create awareness about the intricate art of photography through

    lectures, workshops and competitions.

    The inauguration ceremony began on 23rd March on an auspicious note with

    the lighting of the lamp by the various dignitaries present, which preceded the

    invocation song. The chief guest of the session was Mr. Amit Nag, a freelance

    photographer and software engineer working at Infosys. Mr. Nag spoke in

    detail regarding his views and ideas on photography. The importance of the

    candid nature of street photography was stressed on. Photowalks and photography as a stress busting hobby was also

    discussed which led to a discussion on taking up photography as a profession. The session was very interactive and

    certainly helped all budding photographers in the college to gain more insight into cityscapes and street photography.

    The second day of Foto Fiesta witnessed a 'Pixels to Words' competition. The objective was to arrange jumbled puzzle

    pieces into a meaningful photograph and write a suitably titled story of sixty to eighty words based on the same within a

    time constraint of three minutes. Around twelve teams of maximum two students each participated in the contest. The

    incentive of certificates and exciting prizes motivated the contestants to come up with creative works, and participants

    thoroughly enjoyed the unique event.

    On the third day, Mr. Ankit Banerjee, a hobbyist turned independent photographer addressed students. Mr. Banerjee

    then took over and shed light on some of his past experiences. He then went on to elucidate the importance of

    travelling, and explained how meeting people of various cultures and regions could help a photographer capture

    enthralling images. The invitee then addressed questions from the audience about his source of inspiration and the

    methods in which he taught himself. The importance of following photographers and designers on social media and

    building connections in the photographers community was also remarked on. The event then drew to a close with

    him displaying artistic photography magazines and answering the attendees' queries.

  • School Highlights

    March 2017 PAGE 10


    The fourth day saw art and design enthusiasts gather in the E Learning Hall at 3:30 PM for 'ReDesign'. 'ReDesign'

    was a competition, wherein participants split themselves into teams of 2, and were given the logo of one big

    brand. All the teams were asked to use their creativity and art skills to redesign these logos, using whichever

    software or tool they deemed appropriate.

    The main theme of concern on the fifth day was 'Spot Photography', which was something everyone could easily

    connect to. The talk being by Ms. Hema Narayanan took off by her showcasing a few pictures. She made the

    ession very interactive and spoke about her journey at length. She suggested that architecture, streets and

    landscapes are a few places where anyone could start from and move on to anything at a later stage. The session

    was filled with video clips and pictures from different genres to provide a few tips to the photographer in


    On the last day of the event, Mr. Chethan Karur, alumnus and national award winning photographer met

    students and discussed the nuances of photography with them. Although his primary interest is baby

    photography, he is known for being the main photographer for many concerts across India, and his talk

    highlighted his vast experience in the field.

  • The School celebrated Joy of Giving on Friday,

    24th March, 2017. The event, spearheaded by Prerana,

    the Social Outreach Club, was a word of appreciation

    for those who contribute to the upkeep of the campus.

    The staff, consisting of the gardeners, electricians,

    carpenters, estate & facility managers, canteen & mess

    staff, security team and the bus drivers (around 380

    members in total) were felicitated for their

    contributions. Associate Dean Dr. Rakesh S.G. and

    other faculty members attended the event and

    presented the staff with their tokens of appreciation.

    Around thirty student volunteers from all four years

    were also present and were instrumental in making the

    event successful.


    Joy of Giving

    School Highlights

    March 2017 PAGE 11

  • Amrita Club for Entrepreneurship has evolved in

    terms of organizing capability, initiative and student


    InternMela 2017 was a Mega event that was

    conceptualized by the ACE Club student leadership

    and executed to provide a platform for our student

    interaction with start-ups representing a cross section

    of the start-up space. It was held on 26th March 2017.

    The event commenced at 8:30 AM with lighting of

    lamp by Director Br. Dhanraj, Capt Sood and Mr.

    A.D. Balakrishnan.

    An energetic keynote presentation by Mr. Suresh

    Babu marked the commencement of the session.

    Mr. Suresh Babu has founded One life academy

    and is fast expanding his start-up business and he

    comes from a background of work experience at

    Microsoft and has migrated to the start-up space.

    Highlights of this years event:

    Students managed to obtain sponsorship from Internshala, Frapp, Entrepreneur Caf & Start-up


    Event was the development of advertisements using the digital medium to reach out to various

    sections of our student population, BTech &

    MTech and to sell their concept to start-ups

    600+ student registrations, for an event on a Sunday was an exceptional achievement. 32 start-

    ups along with their teams participated in the

    placement process and 170+ internship offers

    have been finalized

    Some of the start-ups were from alumni / present students of Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham

    Thus, InternMela 2017 was a success story OF the

    students; FOR the students and BY the students of

    Amrita School of Engineering, Bangalore


    InternMela 2017

    School Highlights

    March 2017 PAGE 12

  • Papers Published



    & YEAR



    Suja P.

    Shikha Tripathi

    Emotion recognition from Facial

    Expressions using 4D Videos and

    Analysis on Feature-Classifier


    March 2017 The Intelligent Networks and Sys-

    tems Society (INASS), Japan, 2017.

    Vol.10, No. 2, Pages 30-39

    Department of CSE

    March 2017 PAGE 13




    Presented By:

    Sreevidya B.


    Deepanvita Paliwal

    Sreevidya B.

    Design and Development of an

    Intelligent Web Application for

    Direct Consumer to Consumer

    Trading over Internet

    10th 11


    March 2017

    International Conference on

    Inventive Communication and

    Computational Technologies

    (ICICCT 2017) Organized by

    Ranganathan Engineering College at

    REC Coimbatore, India.

    Paper will be included in IEEE


    Presented By:

    Rajesh M.


    Yamini A.

    Rajesh M.

    Automation Framework for

    Verification of LAMPS and DCS

    in Airbag Control Unit (ACU)

    Presented By:

    D. Padmini Pagna


    D. Padmini Pagna

    Sahithi Dandu

    Meenakzshi M.

    C. Jyotsna

    Amudha J.

    Health Alert System To Detect

    Oral Cancer

    Presented By:

    Rajesh M.


    Nithya Kancherla

    Rajkumar P. Sreedharan

    Rajesh M.

    Analysis of Security Risks for an

    RTOS Based on the OSEK/

    VDX Standard

    17th 18


    March 2017

    International Conference on

    Innovations in Information,

    Embedded and Communications

    Systems (ICIIECS 2017)- Karpagam

    College of Engineering, Coimbatore.

    Paper will be included in IEEE

    Xplore; Scopus Indexed

    Presented By:

    Alekhya B.


    Alekhya B.

    Rakesh N.

    Performance Analysis of

    Co-Operative MIMO Channel

    Model for a Tree Canopy



    - 24th

    March 2017

    IEEE International Conference on

    Wireless Communications, Signal

    Processing and Networking

    (WiSPNET), Sri Sivasubramaniya

    Nadar College of Engineering,

    Presented By:

    Sindhu Suryanarayanan


    Sindhu Suryanarayanan

    Sreekala Manmadhan

    Rakesh N.

    Design and development of real

    time patient monitoring system

    with GSM technology

    27th- 29


    March 2017

    International Conference on Smart

    Computing and Communication

    (SmartTech- 2017), Amity University

    Rajasthan, Jaipur, India

    Paper will be included in Journal of

    Cases on IT; Scopus IF SJR : 0.21

    Papers Presented

  • Dr. Tripty Singh authored a chapter, Computer aided diagnosis system for breast cancer detection (pp. 1002-

    1019 ) in the book titled Medical Imaging: Concepts,

    Methodologies, Tools, and Applications,

    ISBN13:9781522505716 | ISBN10: 1522505717

    |EISBN13: 9781522505723|DOI: 10.4018/978-1-

    5225-0571-6.ch040. The book is co-authored by Arun

    Kumar Wadhwani & Sulochana Wadhwani (Madhav

    Institute of Technology and Science, India) and Tripty

    Singh (Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, India)

    Dr. Rakesh N. from Department of CSE attended CSI foundation day program held on 18

    th March, 2017 at

    NR Hall, Koramangala Club, Bengaluru. The program

    witnessed various delegates from industry and

    academia. The attendees included various CSI

    Regional Heads.

    Mr. Rishikeshwar Muthuram (S4 CSE) and Mr. Vivek Reddy (S4 CSE) secured

    second position and cash award of Rs.3000/- in the

    event, Mind Sweeper - Coding Contest of

    AATMATRISHA, a Techno Cultural event on 3rd

    March,2017 organised by PES University.

    Sigma panel Meeting was held at ADE, Dr. Abdul Kalam Sabhangana Hall, C.V. Raman Nagar on 21


    March, 2017. Dr. Amudha J., Associate Professor,

    Dept of CSE, presented her new proposal to the

    SIGMA Panel accompanied by Dr. Dhanesh G.

    Kurup, Professor, Dept. of ECE and Dr. Rakesh N.

    Assistant Professor, Dept. of CSE, ASE-Bengaluru.

    Industrial Visit - Infosys, Bengaluru S6 students and Infosys recruits from ECE, MEE,

    EEE and EIE branches were taken for an Industrial

    visit to Infosys, Bengaluru on 14th March, 2017. The

    students were briefed about current industry standards

    and Python Programming language. The students were

    accompanied by Ms. Supriya M., Ms. Kavitha C.R.,

    Ms. Nalini S. and Mr. Nippun Kumaar A. A. of De-

    partment of CSE.

    "Explore Machine Learning Using R Dr. Sangeeta K. and Ms. Sangita Khare attended 3

    days Train the Trainer Program on "Explore Machine

    Learning Using R" from 15th to 17

    th March at Infosys

    Ltd, Electronic city, Bengaluru.

    Industrial Visit - Cisco, Bengaluru On 29

    th March 2017, the CSE Department organized

    an industrial visit to Cisco, Bengaluru, which is one of

    the most reputed multinational technology conglomer-

    ates. Around twenty-five girls were shortlisted to go for

    the event, comprising of CSE as well as ECE branches

    from the M.Tech. and B.Tech. students. They were

    accompanied by two faculty members Ms. Santhana-

    Lakshmi S. from CSE Department and Ms. Praveena

    from ICTS department.

    Faculty Achievements/

    Participation/Recognition Department Activity

    Department of CSE

    March 2017 PAGE 14

    Student Achievements

  • Industrial Visit - Cisco, Bengaluru (contd.)

    The main purpose of visit was to attend and take part

    in a hackathon organized by CISCO. The day

    witnessed a span of interesting events. It started off

    with a few of the CISCO employees giving the audi-

    ence a presentation about the company and taking

    everyone through their journey so far. Following which

    there was a group photograph and then commence of

    the much awaited hackathon. This ninety minutes

    hackathon was quite a challenge for every participant

    to put together their logical and coding abilities to

    bring out their best within the given time frame. Post

    this session was the campus tour, which was quite an

    exciting venture. All the students were shown all parts

    of the amazing campus and they also got an

    opportunity to interact with the employees of CISCO,

    who briefed them on various aspects of the company.

    The day finally ended with the announcement of the

    hackathon results where few of the participants were

    chosen for a summer internship with CISCO.

    CodeGrounds CodeGrounds, a coding competition was organised

    by the Forum for Aspiring Computer Engineers abbre-

    viated as 'FACE', and hosted by Mr. Rishikeshwar

    Muthuram (S4, CSE) and Mr. Vivek Reddy (S4, CSE).

    The event was held on 25th January, 2017. The contest

    encouraged students to code by providing them with

    platform, opportunity and incentive.

    The contest was a huge success. It saw a fabulous turn-

    out of around a 100 enthusiastic participants. The

    questions were good ones and served as a brain

    tickling challenge to the contestants. Each team could

    have at most 3 members and were given an hour and a

    half to crack 6 programming problems which were to

    be submitted from a team Hacker Rank account.

    Chatbots Forum for Aspiring Computer Engineers (FACE) in

    collaboration with StudyOwl conducted the

    Developer Weekend on Chatbots and Progressive

    Web Apps on the 4th March, 2017.

    On the first day, participants were greeted by

    Mr. Sanket M. Bhat, Secretary, FACE (S6, CSE).

    Mr. Prashanth Reddy from StudyOwl gave a brief

    introduction about the workshop's agenda. The guest

    speaker was Mr. Sohan Maheshwar from Gupshup

    Technology Pvt. Ltd., which is one of the worlds

    largest smart messaging platform. Mr. Maheshwar

    conducted a hands on training session on the

    technology of the week, 'Chat Bots'. The session helped the students learn static and dynamic types of

    chat bot responses using a float bot model and an

    IDE. The platform Gupshup was used to create these

    Bots. Mr. Keshavan from Amrita TBI then

    demonstrated the Amazon Elixa. In the afternoon

    session, a Botathon was conducted, and the attendees

    demonstrated the bots that they had built. The

    attendees learnt a lot about Chatbots as a user friendly

    tool to help people find information.

    On the second day, attendees were introduced to

    JavaScript by Mr. Madhu Kiran (S6,CSE), an

    executive member of FACE. Mr. Prashanth

    explained the need to understand the fast growing

    technology of Progressive Web Apps (PWA) which

    use modern web capabilities to deliver an app-like

    user experience, and traced the fundamentals of web

    server and scripting codes of PWA.

    The two speakers shed light on the various

    applications of and advancements in this trending

    technology. The session ended with the declaration of

    the winners of the Botathon, who showcased

    creativity and unique trains of thought. The event

    came to an end with a Q&A session, which imparted

    a lot of knowledge on the aspects related to the


    Department Activity Department Forum Activity

    Department of CSE

    March 2017 PAGE 15

    Department Forum Activity

  • Papers Published



    & YEAR



    Srinivasa Reddy K.

    Sahoo S. K.

    An approach for fixed coeffi-

    cient RNS-based FIR filter

    March 2017 International Journal of Electronics

    Taylor and Francis ; IF: 0.414

    Indexing : Science Citation Index

    (Thomson Reuters) , Scopus


    Department of ECE

    March 2017 PAGE 16




    Presented By:

    T. K. Ramesh


    T. K. Ramesh

    C. V. Giriraja

    Efficient Networking System for

    Rural Human Health Care

    22nd - 24




    2017 2nd IEEE International

    Conference on Electrical, Computer

    and Communication Technologies

    (IEEE ICECCT 2017) at SVS

    College of Engineering, Coimbatore,

    Tamil Nadu ; Scopus Indexed

    Presented By:

    Garima P. Gupta


    Rajashree R. Nair

    Garima P. Gupta

    R. Jeyanthi

    SPO2 Measurement for Clinical

    management Systems Using


    2nd - 4


    March 2017

    1st International Conference on

    Power Engineering, Computing and

    Control (PECCON) 2017, organised

    by VIT university, Chennai.

    Proceedings published by Elsevier

    Energy Procedia

    Presented By:

    Navin Kumar


    Navin Kumar

    Visible Light Communication

    for 5G

    17th - 18


    March 2017

    IEEE 5G Summit Conference and

    GISFI Workshop held at Kolkata,


    Presented By:

    R. V. Sanjika Devi


    R. V. Sanjika Devi

    Dhanesh G. Kurup

    Behavior modeling of RF power

    amplifiers for designing energy

    efficient wireless systems

    IEEE International Conference on

    Wireless Communications, Signal

    Proceessing and Networking

    (WiSPNET), at SSN College of

    Engineering, Chennai, India

    Scopus Indexed

    22nd - 24


    March 2017

    Presented By:

    P. L. Sindhuja Rao


    P. L. Sindhuja Rao

    K.V.V.N.D. Santosh

    T. K. Ramesh

    Sandeep Kumar Konda

    Earliest Execution Demand First

    Routing Protocol for WDM

    Optical Networks

    Presented By:

    Arvinda Koithyar


    Arvinda Koithyar

    T. K. Ramesh

    Integer-N Charge Pump Phase

    Locked Loop with Reduced

    Current Mismatch

    Papers Presented

  • As part of National Mission Project on Education through ICT - Developing suitable pedagogical

    methods for various classes, intellectual calibers and

    research in e-learning- Main Phase, sponsored by

    MHRD, Government of India, the development of

    course titled Telecom Transmission and Switching

    has been successfully completed and has been

    released to IIT Kharagpur by Dr. Dhanesh G Kurup

    (Principal Developer), Ms. M. Vinodhini (Co-

    Developer) and Ms. R. V. Sanjika Devi (Co-

    Developer) from Department of ECE, Amrita School

    of Engineering, Bengaluru. The course will be made

    available as an Open Education Resource.

    Mr. Sagar B. and Dr. Navin Kumar attended IEEE Bengaluru Section Branch Counselors Meet 2017

    on 26th March 2017 at PES University, Banashankari,

    Bengaluru. The event was attended by Mr. Sunil,

    Student chair and Ms. Shaambhavi, Student Secretary

    of Amrita School of Engineering, Bengaluru.

    Dr. Navin Kumar : was invited as a speaker at 28th Series meeting of

    GISFI (Global ICT standardization Forum for

    India) held at Kolkata on 18th March 2017.

    chaired a session at GISFI on Future Racho Track on 18

    th March 2017.

    was a ComSoc Chair, Bengaluru chapter organized one day workshop on Advances in

    5G Networks and HetNet on 20th March 2017

    at IISc, Bengaluru. The event was combined

    with a Distinguish Lecture (DL) Tour from

    IEEE ComSoc and a guest lecture by

    Prof. Lajos Hanzo from University of

    Santhamton, U. K. In addition, there were

    Industrial experts as speakers during the event.

    The workshop was attended by around 110


    Mr. Sagar B. reported back during March 2017 after completing one semester at University of Trento, Italy.

    He went under Erasmus + International Credit

    Mobility Programme for his Ph.D. Research.

    Mr. Sagar B. has reported back during March 2017

    after completing one semester at University of Trento,

    Italy. He went under Erasmus + International Credit

    Mobility Programme for his Ph.D. Research.

    Ms. Musala Reddy Gari Sucharitha, Mr. Nagaraju Lohith Sri Sai Varma and Ms. Kalluru Divya received

    a grant from Karnataka State Council for Science and

    Technology (KSCST) for their project titled, Design

    and Implementation of Automotive Cold Storage Unit

    for Potato Crop using GSM, under the Student Pro-

    ject Proposal during March 2017 with a funding of Rs.

    4000. The project is guided by Ms. Priya B. K. Stu-

    dents will be presenting the project to the KSCST

    committee during April 2017.

    Dr. N. S. Murty delivered a workshop on "VLSI De-mystified" on 18

    th March 2017 at Amrita School of En-

    gineering, Bengaluru. During his talk, he discussed

    about the VLSI wafer fabrication, device assembly,

    testing, reliability evaluation and failure analysis with

    videos and pictures. He also showed physical samples

    of wafers, mask plates, devices under different stages

    of assembly etc. The talk was arranged for faculty

    members and students.

    Mr. Ashrith Harith from Mentor Graphics delivered a training session on Tessent test tool on Thursday 23


    March 2017 in VLSI Design Lab. The session was

    arranged by Dr. N. S. Murty and Dr. Srinivasa Reddy

    for faculty members and students.

    Faculty Achievements/

    Participation/Recognition Student Achievements

    Department of ECE

    March 2017 PAGE 17

    Other News

  • Makers Community Session

    The introductory session of the Makers Community

    was organized by ECIF on 15th March 2017 to an

    audience of about 55 aspiring makers from different

    branches of engineering. The session started with a

    talk on purpose, ideals and future of the community

    by Mr. Manoj A. (S4, ECE) and Mr. Aryan Oberoi

    (S4, ECE). The principle behind DIY (Do It Yourself)

    was also discussed. The introductory session also dealt

    with a project based on persistence of vision. The

    audience was briefed on the concepts and working of

    videos and displays. The session was interactive with

    witty quips and humour. Mr. Rohit C.H (S2, EEE)

    shed some light on the intricacies and challenges

    involved in making a PoV globe based on his

    experience. A challenge question was then posed to

    the audience where they attempted to recreate a

    smiley using persistence of vision.

    The session ended amidst cheers for the success of

    the first ever DIY community meet up in Amrita

    School of Engineering, Bengaluru.

    Industrial Visit HAL

    ECIF organized an industrial visit to one of the

    pioneers of aviation - Hindustan Aeronautics Limited,

    Bengaluru, on 16th March 2017. The visit had sixty

    students of Electronics, Communication and

    Instrumentation branches accompanied by two faculty

    members Dr. R. Chitra and Ms. Kavitha N. Pillai. The

    students visited various research areas in the

    Helicopter Division in HAL. The Ground Test Cen-

    tre, Rotary Wing Research and Design centre were

    few of the areas the students got to visit. The students

    also got a chance to interact with the people working

    there and were briefed on the work and function of

    each of the areas. The students were also taken to

    MRO Division (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul).

    The students were treated to an exciting display of the

    testing of helicopters. They were also briefed on the

    working of a helicopter and its components. The event

    was exciting with a lot of learning involved.

    ECIF hopes to conduct more such Industrial Visits in

    the future.

    ECIF in association with the Quiz club organized the selection for the TCS Tech Bytes Quiz on 6

    th February

    2017 at Amrita School of Engineering, Bengaluru. A

    total of 10 teams have been selected to represent in

    the regional level. 7 teams have attended the regional

    level quiz held in SJB Institute of Technology on 21st

    March 2017.

    Department Forum Activity

    Department of ECE

    March 2017 PAGE 18

  • Papers Published



    & YEAR



    Vinoth Kumar P.

    Suresh A.

    Rashmi M. R.

    Investigation of Enhanced DC-

    DC Converter for Renewable

    Energy Applications

    International Journal of Control

    Theory and Applications

    Vol.9, Issue 31, pp.129-138

    Scopus Indexed

    March 2017

    T. Baldwin Immanuel

    A. Suresh

    Rashmi M. R.

    D. Arokia Nivitha

    Design and Analysis of Multi

    Input Multi Output Converter for

    Hybrid Energy Systems

    International Journal of Control

    Theory and Applications

    Vol.9, Issue 36, pp. 269-280

    Scopus Indexed

    G. Udhaya kumar

    Rashmi M. R.

    Suresh A.

    Interleaved Boost Converters

    with Active Clamping as Power

    Supply for Artificial Ozonator

    International Journal of Control

    Theory and Applications

    Vol.9, Issue 36, pp. 601-617

    Scopus Indexed

    Department of EEE

    March 2017 PAGE 19




    Presented By:

    Manitha P.V.


    Ishan Nagar

    Rajesh M.

    Manitha P.V.

    A Low Cost Energy Usage

    Recording and Billing System for

    Electric Vehicle

    10th 11


    March 2017

    International Conference on

    Inventive Communication and

    Computational Technologies

    (ICICCT 017) Organized by

    Ranganathan Engineering College at

    REC Kalvi Nagar, Coimbatore,

    Paper will be included in IEEE

    Xplore; Scopus indexed

    Presented By:




    Manitha P.V.

    Ilango K.

    Implementation of Three Phase

    Shunt Active Filter using

    Instantaneous Real Power

    Calculation and Triangular

    Carrier Current Control

    17th 18


    March 2017

    International Conference on

    Innovations in Information,

    Embedded and Communications

    Systems (ICIIECS 2017) Organized

    by Karpagam College of

    Engineering, Coimbatore

    Paper will be included in IEEE

    Xplore; Scopus indexed

    Papers Presented

  • Department of EEE

    March 2017 PAGE 20




    Presented By:

    Kishore Naik Mude


    Kishore Naik Mude

    Maria teresa Outeiro

    Adriano Carvalho

    In-motion Wireless Power

    Transfer: Technology, Challenges

    and Market Scenario

    25th March


    IEEE International Conference on

    Industrial Technology (ICIT 2017),

    Toronto, Canada

    Paper will be included in IEEE

    Xplore; Scopus indexed

    Presented By:

    Kishore Naik Mude


    Kishore Naik Mude

    Rui Feng

    Dariusz Czarkowski

    Francisco de Leon

    Optimal Design of Resonant

    Coupled Multi-Receiver Wireless

    Power Transfer Systems

    Papers Presented


    Kishore Naik Mude IEEE International Conference

    on Industrial Technology (ICIT

    2017), Toronto, Canada Special

    session on Wireless Power for

    Industrial Electronics

    23rd 24


    March 2017

    Hilton Inn, Toronto, Canada

    Workshops/ Seminars/ Conferences organized


    Kishore Naik Mude IEEE International Conference

    on Industrial Technology (ICIT

    2017), Toronto, Canada

    22nd- 25


    March 2017

    Hilton Inn, Toronto, Canada

    Workshops/ Seminars/ Conferences attended

    Dr. Kishore Naik Mude: Chaired a session on the 'Control, Automation-Part I' in IEEE International Conference on Industrial

    Technology (ICIT 2017) held at Toronto, Canada.

    He was the member of Best paper and Best Student Paper selection committee of IEEE ICIT 2017 Conference.

    He has been invited as a speaker by the University of Porto for lecture series on 'Future Transportation Solutions (Two Parts)' which will be held on 21st April 2017 and 25th May 2017.

    Faculty Achievements/Participation/Recognition

  • Mr. Nandawadekar Ajit Dattu (S4, M.Tech. in Power Electronics) has received Young Researcher Award

    and won 1st prize worth Rs. 60000/- for his work

    Multifunctional Induction Machine in IET

    Karmveer Expo-2017, held at Nashik, Maharashtra

    during 21st 22

    nd March, 2017.

    The main contribution was to configure an induction

    motor to operate using single phase as well as three

    phase AC supply. This is achieved by modelling the

    induction motor as a welding transformer through

    some modification in the stator winding. Welding

    transformer requires low voltage and high current for

    joining of two metal parts by electrical arc welding.

    The running and starting winding of the single phase

    operation are placed in the same slots that are used

    for the three phase operation. So at a time anyone of

    them can be used to supply or produce excitation in

    order to employ rotation of rotor.

    Talk on Renewable Energy Technologies in Power Generation

    On 1st March, 2017 as a celebration of Eco Week, a

    talk on Renewable Energy Technologies in Power

    Generation was held by Prakriti, in collaboration with

    IEEE PELS Student Branch chapter. The talk was

    hosted by Mr. B. Satya Sripada (S6, EEE), Vice

    Chair, IEEE PELS and Mr. Thirumal Reddy (S4,

    ECE), Executive Member, Prakriti. Mr. Sripada

    spoke about the limited life of non-renewable

    resources and the urgency of transitioning to

    renewable resources for power generation. He spoke

    in detail of different sources of renewable energy such

    as Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Hydro Energy and

    Bio Energy. Mr. Reddy spoke on the consequences to

    humanity and the planet if renewable energy sources

    are not integrated to international power production.

    Seminar on Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation for Sustainable Development Including

    Hands on training

    EEE PELS Student Branch Chapter of Amrita School

    of Engineering, Bengaluru hosted a seminar on

    Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation for

    Sustainable Development Including Hands on

    training by Dr. H. Naganagouda, Director, National

    Training Centre for Solar Technology, KPCL,

    Bengaluru on March 2nd, 2017. M. Tech. (Power Electronics), final year and pre final year, B.Tech.

    EEE students along with faculty members of the

    Electrical and Electronics department attended the

    seminar. Dr. H. Naganagouda started his talk giving

    an overview of energy conservation and its need. He

    gave a brief description of the electrical system and

    few important points under electricity system like

    electricity billing, electrical load management,

    maximum demand control, power factor

    improvement and its benefit , selection and location

    of capacitors, performance assessment of PF

    capacitors, distribution and transformer losses. He

    also gave brief description of solar power plants,

    different types of solar panels with different ratings

    with hands on training. He gave an overview of design

    of PV panel. He gave a brief idea on wind power

    plants and design of wind turbine which includes

    major parameters like gear ratio.

    He concluded the talk by motivating students to join

    in IEEE for networking with experts and to get

    updated with the present technology. The session was

    ended with Dr. Ramprabhakar felicitating Dr. H.

    Naganagauda. The seminar was organized very well

    by the IEEE PELS Student Branch chapter members

    of Amrita School of Engineering with the support and

    guidance of Chairperson and faculty of EEE


    Student Achievements Departmental Activity

    Department of EEE

    March 2017 PAGE 21

    Departmental Activity

  • Hands on MATLAB

    IEEE PES & IAS Jt. Student Branch Chapter, Amrita

    School of Engineering, Bengaluru conducted a

    workshop titled Hands on MATLAB for Matlab

    beginners on 6th of March, 2017 from 10.30am to

    12.30pm in Rama Hall. Dr. K. Deepa, Assistant

    Professor, EEE Department started the session with

    applications of MATLAB in Electrical Engineering.

    Workshop included M-File programming and circuit

    components assembling and execution in MATLAB


    IEEE student members took an active role in

    clarifying the basic doubts and in rectifying the errors

    encountered by the beginners in the hands-on session.

    The workshop provided a personalized experience

    that is rich in technical knowledge and covered basic

    concepts of MATLAB and its applications in various

    areas. Participants of this workshop were B.Tech. (S6

    EEE) students. The workshop was a great success and

    the beginners left the hall with full confidence in the

    simulation skills learnt.

    Talk on How to make a successful M.Tech. Dissertation

    A presentation titled "How to make a successful

    M.Tech. Dissertation was arranged by IEEE-PES

    and IAS Joint Student Branch Chapter, Amrita

    School of Engineering, Bengaluru on 20th March, 2017

    from 1:15 pm to 3:00 pm in EEE Department

    Conference Hall. The presentation was given by

    IEEE-PES and IAS Student Branch Chapter Chair

    Mr. Prassanna Kumar V. and was attended by the

    students of M.Tech. (S2 Power Electronics).

    The main focus of the talk was to give a brief

    overview on preparation for M.Tech. Dissertation.

    Mr. Prasanna emphasized the importance of

    thorough literature survey and guided the students on

    keywords based on line search of a research article in

    IEEE Explorer. He also gave a brief insight on

    selection of a topic for research, planning of the work,

    preparation of slides for periodic presentations and

    documentation of the work carried out. The talk was

    interactive and every student came to know real crux

    about the dissertation and its presentation. The event

    was concluded in a very productive manner as

    students felt very happy after this informative session.

    Educational Tour

    The Department of Electrical and Electronics Engi-

    neering organized a one day educational tour on 25th

    March 2017 to 10 MW Solar Power Plant, Shivasam-

    udram and Bhoruka Hydro Power plant, Sattegala,

    Kollegala under IEEE PELS student Branch Chapter.

    About 48 students from M.Tech. Power Electronics

    and B.Tech EEE branch along with 4 staff members

    visited the plants. The study tour helped the students

    to get a deep insight to concepts of solar and hydro

    power generation, its control and power transmission.

    Departmental Activity

    Department of EEE

    March 2017 PAGE 22

  • Departmental Forum Activity

    Department of EEE

    March 2017 PAGE 23

    Brainstorming session on What after B.Tech.?

    An attempt was made to answer the burning question What after B.Tech., by Vidyuth, the forum of the Dept.

    of EEE on 6th of March, 2017. The talk was given by the Vidyuth members to S2 and S4 EEE students, which

    shed light on various professions that are open to a B. Tech. graduate in Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

    With the prime focus being the myriad of exams that can be taken up to pursue higher education in the field of

    Engineering; the event covered a wide range of choices like journalism to designing.

    The one hour session started with detailed insights about examinations like GATE, GRE, CAT etc., and was

    followed by a birds eye view on the ocean wide opportunities available for the students to explore. The event

    was well received by the audience.

  • Dr. Veeresh Kumar G.B.

    Delivered an Invited Talk on the topic "Recent Developments in the Metal Matrix

    composites" on 3rd March, 2017 in the TEQIP

    Sponsored Five days FDP on Advances in

    Nano-materials / Nano-composites for

    Engineering Applications, Organized by center

    for Material Science, School of Mechanical

    Engineering and School of Environmental and

    Civil Engineering, B. V. Bhoomaraddi College of

    Engineering and Technology, Hubballi,

    Karnataka, INDIA held during 27th February to

    3rd March 2017.

    Chaired a Technical Session in the 4th Internation-al Conference on Mechanical, Materials

    and Manufacturing (ICMMM 2017) held

    between 9th and 11

    th March 2017, which was joint-

    ly organized by School of Mechanical

    Engineering, VIT University, Vellore INDIA

    and State University of New

    York, Binghamton, United States.

    Bridge the Gap

    Bridge the Gap, a design competition was conducted

    by Ingenium on 23rd March 2017. The event tested

    the creativity and resourcefulness of the 80+

    participants. Each team was given a single cardboard

    sheet, one chart and a handful of ice cream sticks.

    Participants had to build an aesthetic bridge between

    two tables, which would later be subjected to a simple

    load test. The event saw a variety of trusses, tensile

    structures and layered bridges.Bridge the Gap brought

    out the versatility and quick thinking of students.

    Dassault Systems Seminar

    A seminar by Dassault Systmes was arranged in the

    campus for the students of S6 on 1st March, 2017 by

    INGENIUM. Dassault is a French multinational

    software company that develops 3D design, 3D digital

    mock-up, and product lifecycle management (PLM)

    software. Dassault Systmes is a subsidiary of

    the Dassault Group created in 1981 by Avions Marcel

    Dassault to develop a new generation of Computer-

    Aided Design (CAD) software called CATIA.

    Mr. Xavior, Senior Director, Dassault Systms ex-

    plained the audience about the different domains cov-

    ered by Dassault Systmes, such as aiding the devel-

    opment of aircrafts in the infamous Boeing Company

    and also spoke about the use of ICEM to design from

    different places at a time. The seminar ended with a

    briefing on CATIA and Delmia.

    Faculty Achievements/

    Participation/Recognition Departmental Forum Activity

    Department of ME

    March 2017 PAGE 24

    Departmental Forum Activity

  • Department of ME

    March 2017 PAGE 25

    Visit to Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru

    The Mechanical Engineering Forum, in association with Aavishkara, arranged a visit to the IISc. Open Day for the

    students of Amrita School of Engineering, Bengaluru on 4th March 2017.

    The Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru conducted a world class open day that appealed to a wide audience. The

    display included demonstrations of bottle rockets, gas propulsion, UAVs, glass blowing, chemiluminescence, reverse

    brain cycle and nanotechnology. There was also an intelligent water management system and an air show involving

    quad copters.

    The Open Day inspired students to venture into the project making trend and innovate.

    Departmental Forum Activity

  • Department of Sciences & Humanities

    March 2017 PAGE 26




    Neetu Srivastava MHD flow between two non-

    coaxial disks rotating at different


    March 2017 Rendiconti del Circolo Matematico

    di Palermo Series 2, (2017), 1-12.

    DOI :10.1007/s 12215-017-0303-0

    Publisher: Springer ;

    Scopus Indexed

    Papers Published


    Mamatha T.M. International Symposium

    Computational Science

    Symposium 2017

    16th - 18


    March 2017

    Department of Computational and

    Data Sciences(CDS), Indian Institute

    of Science, Bengaluru

    Murali K. Two day workshop on

    Scientometric Analysis: tools

    and Techniques

    17th 18


    March 2017

    Bharathiar University,


    Workshops/ Seminars/ Conferences attended

    Dr Amrita Thakur has successfully completed the development of course titled Sustainability and Green Chemistry as the Principal developer for the Pedagogy Project in collaboration with IIT Kharagpur.

    Principal Developer: Dr. Amrita Thakur Co Developer: Ms. K. Nithya Collaborator: IIT Kharagpur Project: National Mission Project on Education through ICT Funding Agency: Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India

    The course is now released and available as an Open Education Resource.

    The link for the course is

    Faculty Achievements/Participation/Recognition



    Dr. Sarada Jayan has been awarded the 'Outstanding Women in Science Award' in the field of Mathematics during the Venus International Women Awards 2017 which was held on 4

    th March, 2017 in Chennai.

    Faculty Achievements/Participation/Recognition


  • Department of Sciences & Humanities

    March 2017 PAGE 27

    Other News


    VYOM - The Astrophysics club has procured a celestial telescope "Celestron 130 EQ" partially funded by the

    School Management.

    The club aims at the display of the night sky including moon and its surface features, Jupiter and its satellites

    etc., celestial objects to the students and faculty of our college. Further the telescope will be developed with a

    motor as a project from the members of the VYOM in the coming years which can help one to track various

    celestial events with ease.

    Regular night sky shows will be a part of the VYOM activities from now on, due to the existence of the

    telescope. The scope is further planned to be upgraded for spectroscopy studies of celestial objects which can

    also be a amateur research work for the beginners. The work on spectroscopy studies will be planned in the

    coming years.

  • Ms. Sreevidya B. Dept. of CSE

    Ms. Kirti S. P ande

    Dept. of ECE

    Ms. Mamatha I. Dept. of EEE

    Ms. Mrudula Prashanth

    Dept. of ME

    Mr. H. Manjunath Dept. of Sciences

    Dr. Neetu Srivastava Dept. of Mathematics

    Ms. Deepa K. Narayanan

    Dept. of English

    Dr. Rakesh S.G. Associate Dean & Head

    Chief Editor

    Ms. Kavitha C.R. Assistant Professor

    Dept. of CSE Editor

    Ms. Vasanthi

    ES to Associate Dean Editor

    Mr. Shiju

    ICTS Media Support

    Editorial Board

    Board Members

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