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<ul><li><p>An Innovative and </p><p>trusted partner on your </p><p>way to digitalization Dieter Broeckl, Siemens Thailand </p><p> Restricted Siemens AG 2016 </p></li><li><p>Restricted Siemens AG 2016 </p><p>05.10.2016 Page 2 Dieter Broeckl/Siemens Ltd. </p><p>Industry 4.0 is about .. </p><p> Internet of things Digital Factory </p><p> Automatization </p><p>Digitalization </p><p>Big Data </p><p> Smart Factory </p><p> Smart Products </p><p> Social Machines </p><p>Connected Enterprise </p><p> Cyberphysical Systems </p><p>RFID </p><p>Augmented Reality 3D Printing </p><p> Intelligent Systems </p></li><li><p>Restricted Siemens AG 2016 </p><p>05.10.2016 Page 3 Dieter Broeckl/Siemens Ltd. </p><p>Digitalization is changing our world </p><p>It creates new companies with new business models .. </p></li><li><p>Restricted Siemens AG 2016 </p><p>05.10.2016 Page 4 Dieter Broeckl/Siemens Ltd. </p><p>What happens in an Internet minute? </p><p>.. Consumer &amp; Producer get closer / new players create benefits </p><p>Source: Intel, 2015 </p><p>1,572,877 GB of global IP </p><p>data transferred </p><p>Mobilo </p><p>Apps </p><p>Ads </p><p>$400 Million </p><p>during Alibaba peak day sales </p><p>438,801 Wiki page views </p><p>194,064 </p><p>app downloads </p><p>$133,436 </p><p>in sales </p><p>38,194 photos uploaded </p><p>10 Million </p><p>ads displayed </p><p>57,870 page views </p><p>347,222 Tweets </p><p>3.3 Million pieces of content shared, 6.9 Million messages sent </p><p>4.1 Million searches </p><p>100 hours </p><p>of video uploaded </p><p>138,889 hours </p><p>of video watched </p><p>23,148 hours </p><p>of video watched </p><p>Netflix + </p><p>YouTube = </p><p>more than </p><p>0.5 of all </p><p>traffic </p></li><li><p>Restricted Siemens AG 2016 </p><p>05.10.2016 Page 5 Dieter Broeckl/Siemens Ltd. </p><p>Integrated product </p><p>and automation </p><p>design </p><p>Analytics-based avail- </p><p>ability and perfor- </p><p>mance guarantees </p><p>Data-driven optimization, </p><p>moving to self-learning </p><p>Optimized grid auto- </p><p>mation integrating </p><p>renewables </p><p>Digital Factory Power and Gas, </p><p>Power Generation Services Wind Power Energy Management </p><p>Integrated process </p><p>and plant engineering </p><p>and operation </p><p>Process Industries and Drives </p><p>Guaranteed </p><p>availability </p><p>via predictive </p><p>maintenance </p><p>Mobility </p><p>Data-driven advice </p><p>for building efficiency </p><p>Building Technologies </p><p>Image-guided therapy </p><p>for innovative surgical </p><p>procedures </p><p>Healthcare </p><p>Digitalization involve all our Siemens businesses </p><p>Design and engineering Operations Service </p></li><li><p>Restricted Siemens AG 2016 </p><p>05.10.2016 Page 6 Dieter Broeckl/Siemens Ltd. </p><p>Market requires convincing references therefore </p><p>our attention turned inwards, towards our own ~300 factories </p><p>60,000+ customers worldwide each year </p><p>24 hour lead time for new orders </p><p>~12 dpm means near perfect quality every time </p><p>~1 Million SIMATIC products / month </p><p>1000+ TeamCenter managed products shipped to </p><p>Siemens Amberg plant </p><p>Fast! </p><p>Flexible! </p><p>Efficient! </p><p>Look inside - Amberg (Digital Factory) </p><p>Industry 4.0_ Integrated Industry reaches the next level_CUT.mp4</p></li><li><p>Restricted Siemens AG 2016 </p><p>05.10.2016 Page 7 Dieter Broeckl/Siemens Ltd. </p><p>Siemens is building a Collaboration Platform for our customers </p><p>Product Lifecycle Management </p><p>Manufacturing Operations Management </p><p>Integrated Production Automation </p></li><li><p>Restricted Siemens AG 2016 </p><p>05.10.2016 Page 8 Dieter Broeckl/Siemens Ltd. </p><p>Building the Digital-Enterprise-Platform requires continuous investment </p><p>both organic and inorganic </p><p>tire_movie_cam2_04_CUT.mp4</p></li><li><p>Restricted Siemens AG 2016 </p><p>05.10.2016 Page 9 Dieter Broeckl/Siemens Ltd. </p><p>Shaping the Future of Manufacturing </p><p>Bring Real and Digital Factory together </p><p>From Vision to Reality with a holistic portfolio of PLM software, Manufacturing Execution System </p><p>and automation technology. </p><p>2014 Siemens is currently </p><p>the only company whose </p><p>technologies combine the real </p><p>and the virtual production world </p><p>under one roof </p><p>2009 TIA Portal provides </p><p>access to all automation </p><p>tasks </p><p>1996 Totally Integrated </p><p>Automation (TIA) enables </p><p>inter-operability between </p><p>all automation components </p><p>1958 Start of </p><p>production automation: </p><p>Siemens receives the </p><p>patent for SIMATIC </p><p>Future virtual and real production worlds </p><p>increasingly merge. The Digital Enterprise Software </p><p>Suite helps to digitalize the entire value chain </p><p>offering a holistic automation solution covering all </p><p>major Industrie 4.0 requirements. </p><p>2011 </p><p>2012 </p><p>2007 </p><p>Product development </p><p>Production engineering </p><p>and execution </p><p>2014 </p><p>4+ billion </p><p>in investments </p><p>since 2007 2013 </p><p>1958 1995/96 2001 2009 2012 2013 2008 </p><p>1958 2014 </p></li><li><p>Restricted Siemens AG 2016 </p><p>05.10.2016 Page 11 Dieter Broeckl/Siemens Ltd. </p><p>First in ASEAN - Siemens launched its Digital Factory </p><p>Manufacturing-Design-Consultancy in Singapore on Sept. 17, 2016 .. </p><p>.. a first for Siemens AG .. </p><p>.. the consultancy aims to assist </p><p>manufacturing companies to assess </p><p>the current state of their facilities </p><p>and thereafter structure a meaningful </p><p>Industry 4.0 transformation roadmap </p><p>to digitalize their factories .. </p></li><li><p>Restricted Siemens AG 2016 </p><p>05.10.2016 Page 12 Dieter Broeckl/Siemens Ltd. </p><p>Daimler vehicles are being designed, </p><p>developed and produced with </p><p>PLM software and SIMATIC automation </p><p>components from Siemens. </p><p>Unrestricted / Siemens AG 2014. All Rights Reserved. </p><p>October 2014 Page 12 Digital Factory Division </p></li></ul>


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