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presentatiion about knowladge ocilloscop

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Presented by GROUP 6Ahmad KuswoyoAhmad Nurul AzizCahaya Karismah NatsirGufron MuhammadMinarni

ANALOG OSCILLOSCOPE What is an oscilloscope ?Part of oscilloscopeHow to use oscilloscopeSafety InstructionImportantOSCILLOSCOPE Oscilloscope is a device that displays a waveform, which is a plot of voltage (vertically) versus time (horizontally).What is an Oscilloscope?

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OscilloscopePart of OscilloscopeSections of the Oscilloscope

Vertical controls measuring voltage. Two channels.Horizontal controls measuring time.Trigger ControlsPower ButtonThe intensity control changes the brightness of the wave. The focus control changes the sharpness of the wave.Vertical and Voltage Controls

Mode selects what is displayed on the screen. Channel one, Channel two, both channels, or both channels added together can be displayed.These knobs place the trace in a particular spot on the screen. One knob for each channel.These knobs place the trace in a particular spot on the screen. One knob for each channel.These knobs place the trace in a particular spot on the screen. One knob for each channel.These knobs are multipliers that allow the trace to be seen and measured on the screen. One knob for channel one and one for channel two.Horizontal and Time Controls

Position: Moves the location of the wave horizontally on the screen.This knob is a multiplier that allows the trace to be seen and measured on the screen.Triggering

Triggering allows the waveform to appear stationary on the screen. Current is continually flowing in a circuit. In order to read a wave on the oscilloscope the wave needs to be triggered with a source that causes the wave to appear not to be moving.When an oscilloscope is triggered a start point is initiated as a reference point from which the wave will be measured. Without a triggerthe wave will appear as many waves offset slightly from one another.The best way to trigger a waveform is to use channel 1. An external source can also be used to trigger a signal. To do this, use one of the probes connected to the source you wish to use as a trigger. The Probe

Alligator clip connects to ground.Probe clip connects to the location in the circuit you wish to measure.Measuring a signal accurately with any type of probe is difficult because of circuit loading. Circuit loading is an inaccuracy caused by the interaction of the probe with the oscilloscope. To prevent this interaction, an attenuator is built into the probe. This probe can be switched from 10x to 1x. 1x for weak signals. When using 10x, the amplitude is reduced by a factor of 10, but the reading will be more accurate.Helpful Hints Obtaining a Wave: Calculate the theoretical wave form and set controls to show the wave you should see on the screen.Know the controls. Have an experienced person set up a known waveform. Then adjust the controls one at a time and observe how they affect the wave.If Step 1 does not work, try setting the controls at their midpoint.

To measure/see the waveform from an electric source, clip the probe to the ground of the source you want to measure.How to Use OscilloscopeMeasuring FrequencyPosition the wave on the scope.

Determine the start of the wave and the end of the wave.

Read the number of divisions.

Multiply by the time base.

Calculate the frequency.Read Number of Divisions

Start of the wave.End of the wave2.2 DivMultiply By Time Base

.5 ms/divTotal seconds =.5ms/div x 2.2 div=1.10ms1.1ms=.0011sCalculate the Frequency

F = Frequency in Herz (Hz)t = Period in seconds

Measuring Voltage Position the wave on the scope.

Determine the amplitude of the wave - The top and bottom.

Read the number of divisions.

Multiply the number of divisions by the volts/division on the voltage range knob.Read Number of DivisionsReading peak to peak voltage

3.4divMultiply By Volts/Div

Using channel 12 Volts/Div2Volts/Div x 3.4Div=6.8Volts Do not forget to clean your table before start the measuring.Do not eat or drink when using this device.Do not forget to read the manual guide to see the specification of maximum voltage or current can be measured.

Safety Instruction You must ask someone who ever use oscilloscope to watching you if you never use this device before.A wrong connection while measuring, may cause product failure.Important THANK YOU


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