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Analysis of Clash magazine front cover.


<p>The barcode on this magazine has been kept small and turned sideways so that it does not distract from the cover or hide too much of the image. The banner has been printed beneath this to fit in.The layout of most of the text on this cover is neat as it is positioned around the artists face and does not interrupt any other text. However, the artists name is larger than the surrounding text and is slanted diagonally across the image which is used to make it more eye-catching and to make sure it stands out amongst the other text. The font, aside from the subheading at the top, is very basic. The names of the magazine and of the artist are bold and large so that they are easy to read at a distance. Also the artists name has been given a shadow to make it stand out further and to differentiate it from the rest of the plain white text.The image appears to be slightly blurred and softened which gives the affect that the artist is dazed or in a dream like environment. The artists eyes being shut adds to this impression and therefore coincides with the bottom header of now being ready to bloom again to have been in a sleep like state. The image is a mid-shot however it appears unusual because the artist is lying down. The artists hands are around her face which provides a frame for the centre of the magazine and draws the readers attention to her face. Also it draws attention to the artists tattoo on her hand which makes her more recognisable. Aside from her face and hands not a lot of the rest of her body is shown as it is covered by her fur jacket which makes the artist appear more luxurious and graceful. Each issue of clash has a different subheading that is used to make the issue unique and to engage readers to want to find out more. The font of the subheading is different to that of the title and is often different to the font of it from other issues. This makes it more personal to the topic and in this case, it provides a more elegant and unusual feel. Furthermore, the font difference makes it stand out against the title even though it is much smaller than it.The masthead of this magazine is made large and positioned right at the top of the cover so that it clearly stands out. The title is placed on top of the image so that none of it is cut out and so that the magazine is easily recognisable. The title is the larger than all of the other text on the page to show that it is significant and it is used as the base for other pieces of information that is placed around it so they do not appear out of place for example, music fashion film.The artists names that feature in the magazine appear as a list but are not all aligned to the left. This creates a more random effect and makes the words appear as though they are shaped to the Lana Del Reys hands many of the smaller words end against them.There is no negative space on this cover as, untraditionally, the image has not been cut out of the background. The writing does not overlap and so the cover remains neat but, at the same time holding a lot of information. The colours used on this cover are calm and warm, many pale shades are used for the artists clothes and the image appears to have been edited to increase the brightness and saturation so the shadows on her face are heightened. The colour of the font appears to match the colours of the image except for the name of the artist which appears harsher on top of the image which makes it clearer.</p>