Application highlights. Deadline 3rd of March, 2013

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Application highlights

Deadline3rd of March, 2013Europe North AfricaType of mobilityDurationPlaces / Target groupAllowanceUndergraduate5 months14 (TG1)1000 EURUndergraduate10 months14 (TG1)1000 EURMaster10 months6 (TG1)1000 EURStaff1 months16 (TG1)2500 EURNorth Africa Europe Type of mobilityDurationPlaces / Target groupAllowanceUndergraduate10 months42 (TG1) / 0 (TG2) / 1 (TG3)1000 EURMaster24 months27 (TG1) / 12 (TG2) / 1 (TG3)1000 EURDoctorate36 months17 (TG1) / 5 (TG2) / 0 (TG3) 1500 EURPost-doctorate10 months16 (TG1) / 2 (TG2) / 0 (TG3) 1800 EURStaff2 months11 (TG1) / 1 (TG2) / 0 (TG3)2500 EURAcademic offerType of mobilityEuropean partnersNorth African partnersTotal Undergraduate6691157Master198118316Doctorate94094Postdoc1000100Academic Staff312152Administrative Staff9716Total 498237735Required documentsUndergraduateMasterDoctoratePost-doctorateStaffPhoto + CVXXXXXFormal identity document/passportXXXXXDeclaration of HonorXXXXXMotivation letterXXXXXSupport from a HEI in the GreenIT partnership (TG1)(Highly advisable for TG2 /TG1)XXXXXApplicants enrolment (students) or working condition (staff) in the home institutionXX (exchange students)X (exchange students)XXObtained degree---XXXXTranscript of recordsXXXX---Support from a host HEI------XXXTravel expenses conditions------------XRequired documents by the host institutions in the academic/staff offer & language skillsXXXXX