Apresentação Exterior Belchior

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Apresentação da empresa para o setor de exportação da Belchior Cortinas e Acessórios

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Established on a decoration market for more than 10 years, Belchior has consolidated its business in Brazilian market, breaking territorial limits, strengthening its brand also abroad.

Wonderful curtains that decorate environments with too much quintessence and sophistication.

Accessories for curtains that besides harmonize the composition, they have a bold and sophisticated design with amazing finishing, introducing a responsible appeal, because they are produced from recycled plastic, showing that it is possible to create products that decorate without damage the environment .

So it is pride reason for Belchior, the gratefulness and the sophistication of its clients, and the dedication and professionalism of all its staff.Supported by these factors, Belchior is always concerned whit the quality of its products, without ignoring the economic appeal that place us among the best of the market.

This is the Belchior success philosophy.


Cutting-edge injection machines and qualified operators, warrant the perfection and agility of the products Belchior


Our confection is an ongoing growth as in the size as quality and production capacityOne united group and proactive tofit the big needs of our consumers.


Come On.you’re at home

CURTAINSAlways alert on innovation, Belchior has a great range of curtains, with the most beautiful colors, stamps and fabrics of a fine finishing.

SETSOur rods sets do not use wood in its composition. They are all manufactured in aluminum, steel and recycled plastic. The real aspect of the wood comes through the superficial treatment with the technology Belchior.


CUSHIONSWonderful cushions, big diversity of colors, fabrics and stamps, that combine style and beauty for the most varied compositions of ambient.


We have worked each time more to strengthen our brand in the international market mainly with participation of great trends fairs. Belchior always keeps in mind the importance of a good contact with the client, more than just make one sale, Belchior wants the loyalty of its customers trough a good treatment, quality of the products and sophistication. We follow with you up to be sure that the products you ordered were received in perfect conditions for your best sale.

CONTACT - Henrique

+55 19 3499.1330 | +55 19 99156.6112skype: [email protected]