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Reporting on the economics of healthcare delivery, Physician Magazine is published by Physicians News Network and is the official publication of the Los Angeles County Medical Association

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  • APRIL 2014




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    T h e O f f i c i a l P u b l i c a T i O n O f T h e l O s a n g e l e s c O u n T y M e d i c a l a s s O c i a T i O n

    A PUBLICATION OF PNNwww.PhysiciansNewsNetwork.com

    R E P O R T I N G O N T H E E C O N O M I C S O F H E A L T H C A R E D E L I V E R Y

    RISK TIP: Dont Be Defective in Dealing with Device Alerts and Recalls



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  • APRIL 2014 | w w w. p h ys i c i a n s n e w s n e t wo r k .com 1

    Volume 145 Issue 4

    Physician Magazine (ISSN 1533-9254) is published monthly by LACMA Services Inc. (a subsidiary of the Los Angeles County Medical Association) at 707 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 3800, Los Angeles, CA 90017. Periodicals Postage Paid at Los Angeles, California, and at additional mailing offices. Volume 143, No. 04 Copyright 2012 by LACMA Services Inc. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is prohibited. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to Physician Magazine, 707 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 3800, Los Angeles, CA 90017. Advertising rates and information sent upon request.

    april 2014 | TaBlE OF C




    10 daTa pRiVacY and The lawIf your medical practice has not up-dated your data compliance forms, it is time to engage in data protec-tion compliance efforts. However, HIPAA is not the sole concern. There is a growing pool of regula-tions connected to data privacy.

    dePaRTMenTs 6 fROnT Office | pRacTice ManageMenTTips, hints, advice and resources

    8 pnn | newS in ReViewThe latest headlines impacting the economics of healthcare delivery in Southern California

    16 UniTed we STand | aT wORK fOR YOULACMA and CMA membership at work for you

    fROM yOuR assOciaTiOn

    4 pReSidenTS leTTeR | MaRShall MORgan, Md

    14 ceOs leTTeR | ROcKY delgadillO


  • SubScriptionSMembers of the Los Angeles County Medical Association: Physician Magazine is a benefit of your membership. Additional copies and back issues: $3 each. Nonmember subscriptions: $39 per year. Single copies: $5. To order or renew a subscription, make your check payable to Physician Magazine, 707 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 3800, Los Angeles, CA 90017. To inform us of a delivery problem, call 213-683-9900. Acceptance of advertising in Physician Magazine in no way constitutes approval or endorsement by LACMA Services Inc. The Los Angeles County Medical Association reserves the right to reject any advertising. Opinions expressed by authors are their own and not necessarily those of Physician Magazine, LACMA Services Inc. or the Los Angeles County Medical Association. Physician Magazine reserves the right to edit all contributions for clarity and length, as well as to reject any material submitted. PM is not responsible for unsolicited manuscripts.


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    Sheri carr 559.250.5942 | sheri@physiciansnewsnetwork.com


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    physicians news networklos angeles county Medical association707 wilshire Boulevard, Suite 3800los angeles, ca 90017Tel 213.683.9900 | fax 213.226.0350www.physiciansnewsnetwork.com

    LAcMA officErS Marshall Morgan, Mdpedram Salimpour, Mdpeter Richman, MdVito imbasciani, MdSamuel i. fink, Md

    LAcMA boArD of DirEctorS

    david aizuss, Mdwilliam averill, Md Boris Bagdasarian, dOerik BergStephanie Booth, MdSteven chen, MdJack chou, MdTroy elander, Md hector flores, Mdc. freeman, MdSidney gold, Md william hale, Md david hopp, Md fred ziel, Mdlawrence KneisleyKambiz Kosari, Md howard Krauss, Md Maria lymberis, Mdcarlos e. Martinez, Md nassim Moradi, Md ashish parekh, Md Jennifer phan heidi Reich, Mdpeter Richman, MdSion Roy, MdMichael Sanchez, Md nhat Tran, MdSion Roy, Md

    The Los Angeles County Medi-

    cal Association is a profes-

    sional association representing

    physicians from every medical

    specialty and practice setting

    as well as medical students,

    interns and residents. For more

    than 100 years, LACMA has

    been at the forefront of cur-

    rent medicine, ensuring that its

    members are represented in the

    areas of public policy, govern-

    ment relations and community

    relations. Through its advocacy

    efforts in both Los Angeles

    County and with the statewide

    California Medical Association,

    your physician leaders and staff

    strive toward a common goal

    that you might spend more time

    treating your patients and less

    time worrying about the chal-

    lenges of managing a practice.

    LACMAs Board of Directors consists of a group of 30 dedicated physicians who are working hard to uphold your rights and the rights of your patients. They always welcome hearing your comments and concerns. You can contact them by emailing or calling Lisa Le, Director of Governance, at lisa@lacmanet.org or 213-226-0304.

  • MER

    CER 67103 CMA WC Los Angeles Ad (4/14)

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    Mercer Health & Bene ts Insurance Services LLC CA Ins. Lic. #0G3970967103 (4/14) Copyright 2014 Mercer LLC. All rights reserved.

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    1 Source: Workers Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau of California, h p://www.wcirb.com/sites/default/fi les/documents/132023_010114_amended_ppr_fi ling_complete.pdf

    2 Source: Business Insurance, h ps://www.businessinsurance.com/article/20130925/NEWS08/130929901


  • 4 p h ys i c i a n m aG a Z i n e | APRIL 2014

    fOR neaRlY 30 years, the Medical Board of California operated a Physician Diversion Pro-gram to protect patients while physicians suffer-ing from drug and alcohol misuse were undergo-ing monitored rehabilitation.

    In 2008, the Board discontinued the Diver-sion Program and abandoned all efforts at re-

    habilitation. It now attempts to protect the public only by punitive actions against the licenses of physicians. This change positioned California as one of only a few states without access to an inte-grated, accessible system of services and resources for im-paired physicians.

    This is a serious problem: Many, if not most, hospital Physician Well-being Com-mittees, and nearly all me-dium and small physician groups, do not have access to the expertise and resources required to support physician health while assuring quality care to patients.

    There is indirect but per-suasive evidence that a large

    number of California physicians who need such services are not receiving them.

    In 2009, the California Medical Associa-tion, the California Hospital Association and a number of defense-oriented malpractice firms pooled resources to create California Public Protection and Physician Health Inc. (CPPPH), an independent 501(c)(3) organization with fund-ing sufficient for two to three years. Their goal was to write and pass legislation to establish, within state government but independent of the Medical Board, an entity that would replace the function previously served by the Diversion Program but with responsibility to address