Aquatic Rehabilitation Device Kylene Kownurko Advisor: Mollie Malone

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Text of Aquatic Rehabilitation Device Kylene Kownurko Advisor: Mollie Malone

  • Aquatic Rehabilitation DeviceKylene KownurkoAdvisor: Mollie Malone

  • MotivationCurrent aquatic belts have many disadvantages:Hold the body in an improper positionRide up on the torsoIrritate the skin Do not offer enough buoyancy

  • MotivationInjured athletes have few rehabilitation options that offer:High intensityImpact free workoutsSimulated running positionUnique properties of water offer these options and assist in the overall rehabilitation process

  • Market Potential977 colleges and universities that offer NCAA sports Divisions I-III At these universities, the number of athletes totals 361,175 Professional Athletes (football, hockey, basketball, baseball, soccer)Nearly all athletes are injured during their careersHigh school athletes

  • BenefitsFaster rehabilitationFaster recovery from workoutsGreat cross-training activity (no impact)Calorie Burning (per 30 minute workout)Land Walking135 CaloriesDeep Water Walking264 CaloriesJogging on Land240 CaloriesDeep Water Jogging340 Calories

  • Similar Products

  • Similar Products

  • Current Device ProblemsImproper exercise positioningAthlete sinksRubbing and rug burnNot adjustable for different types of exercise

  • QualitiesMade for the athletic bodyPositions the athlete uprightDoes not ride upAdjustable to different exerciseComfortable

  • Working SolutionShorts to keep belt in placeShorts made of durable swimsuit materialRemovable blocks of different sizesSpecific positioning of blocksBuoyant foam pieces around whole body

  • Flow Chart of Design

  • ComparisonOld DesignsNo assemblyVery buoyantGood for the non-athlete

    My DesignCustomizedComfortableRequires some assemblySports SpecificExercise compatible

  • Ideas that wont workInflatable buoysToo much buoyancy, reduce the natural movement of armsAqua belt held down with strapUncomfortable, causes suit to bunch

  • Determining Foam Pieces

  • Determining Foam PiecesFemale SubjectFat % - 15.9%Weight 122lbsSinkable Mass 102.6lbs

    Male SubjectFat % - 11.8%Weight 251lbsSinkable Mass 221.4lbs

  • Materials and CostsMultiple size foam blocks$40.00Adjustable waist band$5.00Spandex material$10.00Pool Free

  • Predicted SalesPredicted to sell ~100,000 a yearSold at $20.00100,000 X $20.00 = $2,000,000/yearMinus costs and materials

  • Current WorkCalculations (fat/weight/buoyancy)Prototype testingWeekly advisor meetings

  • Future WorkFinal PrototypeFinal TestingDetermining various buoyancies for different weights and fat percentagesFinal Research and ReportPossible Marketing

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