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<ul><li><p>Are You Ready To Say Yes to Love?</p><p>This will spark some ideas and insights of </p><p>how you can prepare for a relationship, how far </p><p>you have come, and what might need tweaking.</p><p>So, grab a cuppa, and tune in!</p><p>Enjoy this Relationship Readiness Love Quiz for Single Women Entrepreneurs.</p><p>Do you know what you want?I have a clear vision of what it would feel like being in this relationship. It feels real, obtainable and just around the corner. </p><p>TAKE THE QUIZ1. Score each question out of 10, with 1 being the worst and 10 being the best.2. Add it up.3. Review your score.4. Email me personally, Cimone-Louise, at to help you </p><p>Take Action to get the love you want!</p><p>YOUR PERSONAL READINESS SCORE (1-10)</p><p>YOUR TOTAL SCORE</p><p>Do you know your boundaries?I have a written five deal-breakers that are non-negotiable so I am clear on what I dont want to attract anymore. </p><p>Are you already happy &amp; fulfilled in your life?Being in a relationship is the bonus. </p><p>Have you made space in your head &amp; heart?Nothing is weighing me down emotionally from my past relationships. </p><p>Do you love your business or career path?I can enjoy both a career &amp; a relationship. I have time for both. </p><p>Do you nurture your mind, body, &amp; spirit consistently?I am responsible for my own happiness. </p><p>Are you in control of your money?I respect money &amp; have financial freedom. </p><p>Are your relationships with family &amp; friends stable?There is no-one I am ignoring or avoiding. Are you ready to date again?I feel great about this decision &amp; trust my choices. </p><p>Are you ready to show vulnerability in this relationship by being real &amp; authentic?I can bring out the best in myself &amp; the other person. </p></li><li><p>TOTAL SCORE YOUR NEXT STEPSStage A - You are ready to go!By being clear you now can be in your ideal relationship &amp; in-joy the yumminess. Share the love, vibrancy &amp; energy &amp; it will come back to you. Complete gratitude &amp; thriving in this space.</p><p>Stage B- You are nearly there!This is an indication there are areas that still require tweaking. The key is to continue to do the inner work. Get out of your old habits &amp; comfort zone.</p><p>Stage C - Time to move!You are not getting the results you want. Look at your belief systems. Shift can only happen by your willingness to change.</p><p>Now, Review Your Answers</p><p>80-100</p><p>60-79</p><p>0-59</p><p>Cimone-Louise is an Intuitive Decision-Making Strategist. Her expertise is working with women entrepreneurs through her successful mentoring program Say Yes to Love.</p><p>Her juicy joy, boundless energy &amp; vitality are truly felt when you are in her presence. She has seen thousands of clients over the past 10 years and has offered clarity, confidence &amp; inspiration.</p><p>She is a regular speaker at the MindBodySpirit Festivals around Australia, worked with Cleo Magazine in a regular column and has featured in the Sunday Telegraph, the Daily Telegraph, and several other overseas publications, including Hong Kongs leading English news daily, the South China Morning Post as well as contributing to an e-Book alongside Jack Canfield, Mike Dooley &amp; Dr John Demartini.</p><p>WHO INSPIRES HER? Women that are ready to be in their ideal relationship. There is nothing more sexier and attractive when women have built their business and are ready for love. She admires someone that has taken the time to build their business and would like to invest their time, energy and love to their future partner. Theyre ready to have it all!</p><p>Email her today to start working together on Your Next Steps:</p></li></ul>