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Autumn/Winter 2013 lookbook

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collection of designs from Birmingham Fashion Week + additional Autumn/Winter designs

Text of Autumn/Winter 2013 lookbook

  • 1autumn/winter 2013jndupuy designs

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  • 3maudie dress (black poly gabardine)oppostie: scout jumpsuit (brown cotton-wool blend herringbone with leather trim; louise shell blouse (white poly sleeveless blouse)

  • 4alexandra blouse (cream cotton burlap textured with poly-cotton blend collar and pocket); finch skirt (black poly chiffon with poly knit built-in shorts)

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  • 6harris blouse (black and printed poly chiffon); jem trousers (black poly stretch gabardine)

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  • 9radley vest (gray reversible jersey knit); louise blouse (white cotton dotted swiss); jem trousers (black poly stretch gabardine)

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    atticus trench (weather resistant treated faux canvas with poly glenn plaid lining); louise blouse (white cotton dotted swiss)model: Shelby Lane

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