Back-to-School Night. Back-to-School Night Agenda  Newton Rayzor’s mission statement  About me  What is IB?  Class schedule  Supplies needed this

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Newton Rayzor Elementary, an IB World School

Newton Rayzor Elementary, an IB World SchoolBack-to-School Night

Back-to-School Night AgendaNewton Rayzors mission statement About meWhat is IB? Class scheduleSupplies needed this yearField TripsClassroom management Grading and Homework policySupport services offered at Newton RayzorCarrico CommunicationsGeneral Information

School Mission We will empower all learners to be self-motivated, internationally-minded participants in a global society.

All About Me..

My Family..

ColinCarrissaBrownie & Charlie

What is IB?

In international education we are guided by 3 level of relationships:How human beings relate to each otherHow they relate to a cultureHow they relate to their shared humanity.

It is making sense of these relationships, the personal, the cultural and the universal, that is the challenge to international education.-George Walker, 2003The Learner Profile

AttitudesThe attitudes are what we want the students to feel in order to become more like the student profile.

ActionHow do we want the students to act?

Programme of InquiryThe programme of inquiry (POI), together with the Denton I.S.D.s subject-based scope and sequence, provides a comprehensive, well-balanced curriculum.

Key ConceptsForm: What is it like?Function: How does it work?Causation: Why is it like it is?Change: How is it changing?Connection: How is it connected to other things?Perspective: What are the points of view?Reflection: How do we know?Responsibility: What is our responsibility?Transdisciplinary SkillsWhat transdisciplinary skills do we want the students to possess?

Social SkillsResearch SkillsCommunication SkillsSelf-management SkillsThinking Skills

Above all, in summary, a PYP classroom is an intelligent place. It is a place where the easy option is seldom sought and where expectations are high. It is an environment in which learning knows no limits.

Making the PYP Happen, 2007

Class Schedule7:35-7:50 Morning Work7:50-8:00 Morning Announcements8:00-10:25 Transdisciplinary Studies10:25-11:25 Guided Reading11:25-11:55 Lunch11:55-12:10 Recess12:10-12:45 Transdisciplinary Studies12:45-1:45 Math1:50-2:40 Special Areas2:50 Dismissal

School SuppliesSecond Grade#2 pencils (24)2 facial tissue (large box)3 writing tablets* (second grade)1 pkg. dry erase markers1 pkg. wide-rule fi ller paper (200 count)1 bottle white glue (washable, 8 oz.)4 glue sticks1 12x18 pkg. of white paper1 12x18 pkgs. Manila or white paper (50 count)1 12x18 Asst. construction paper (50 count)

2 spiral notebooksWaxed crayons (24 count)Scissors (sharp point)Colored pencils (12 count - long)School box (prefer plastic)3 pocket folders with brads2 composition books1 box of washable markers2 Large erasers1 box ziploc - freezer-type bags quart or gallon size1 box Wipes (ie: Clorox or baby wipes)Field TripsWe would love your assistance on field trips!

Please be sure to fill out all volunteer forms and submit a background check if you plan to attend.

Classroom ManagementThe first day of school the class will establish essential agreements that will be posted and utilized all year.

Our goal will be to create a classroom that is committed to ensuring that students exhibit the IB attitudes and learner profiles.

If a student is having a hard time keeping the agreements we will communicate with the student and parents in an effort to come up with a plan that ensures student success.

We believe communication is the key to a successful year!

Grading / Homework

Support Services offered at Newton RayzorIB Coordinator: Mrs. GavilanesNurse: Nurse NanCounselor: Mrs. HorschLibrarian: Mrs. Marsh and Mrs. AyersExpo: Ms. BoodtReading Specialist: Mrs. McWilliamsSpeech Teachers: Mrs. MacMillan (Spanish) and Mrs. FisherDyslexia Teacher: Mrs. KirklandBridge Builder Coordinator: Mrs. GavilanesCIS Coordinator: Ms. Lomeli


Please see Ann Boodt at the EXPO table in the hall near room 8if you have questions about the Denton ISD Gifted and Talented Program.She can also be reached at or 940-369-3747

NRE Family HandbookDaily ScheduleSpecials ScheduleStudent Essential AgreementsCarrico CommunicationB.O.B.Being Organized Binder

Carrico CommunicationsDr. Carrico will be sending home a Carrico Communication each week in the Be Organized Binder (BOB).

It will contain important information, so please make it a point to read carefully!

Communication is KeyBroadtexterE-mailsPhone callsNewsletters

General InformationLost and Found

PTA join, join, join!

Eating lunch with your child, will be on the stage this year. No other students will be allowed to eat with you and your child.

Change in dismissal

Thank You ..For coming tonightFor entrusting your child to me

It is going to be a great year!


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