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Bald eagle. Bald Eagle. Bald Eagle. SOAR. ALYSSA PATTERSON 2013. Example: a dolphin. MAMMALS. Give live birth, warm blooded, backbone, drink milk from their mom and breathe air from lungs. Example: Poison frog. amphibians. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Bald eagle

  • MAMMALSGive live birth, warm blooded, backbone, drink milk from their mom and breathe air from lungs. Example: a dolphin

  • amphibiansBackbone,live on land and in water,cold blooded and lay eggs.Example: Poison frog

  • BIRDSBirds hatch eggs, have feathers, are warm blooded and have a backboneExample: Toucan bird

  • FISHGills, fins, eyes, mouth and a backboneExample: neon fish

  • REPTILESReptiles have a backbone usually legs and a tongue. They have lungs to breathe air and hatch eggs. They are cold bloodedExample: snake

  • Adaptations An example of an adaptation is growing legs on a tadpole. There are different kinds of adaptations, like growing teeth on a shark or becoming the alpha male in a pack. Species adaptation is when the whole species adopts that trait. Individual adaptation is when one animal adapts that trait to become the fastest cheetah or zebra, for example.

    Tadpole growing legs: species adaptationGrowing teeth: species adaptation

  • Adapting by camouflage Believe it or not, this is a frog- master of disguises.

    An animal has to find an area that blends with his or her color to hide from a predator.

  • Hibernation

    Bears sleep during the winter and gather food in fall. They do this because when the temperature falls the food source is very scarce.

  • MIGRATIONBirds migrate to the south for winter so they can find food to survive in the cold temperatures.

  • MIMICRAYMimicry is when an animal pretends to be something it is not for protection. For example, this caterpillar is pretending to be a snake.

  • Genetics and heredityGenetics is the study of heredity. Heredity is what you inherit. Heredity is something like disease or your hair and eye color.

  • INHERITED TRAITSThis baby inherited brown hair from his parents. The baby gets it from his biological parents, not adopted parents. The baby may acquire language from adopted parents. He gets it from his mom, dad or grandparents.The baby has brown eyes from his parents or grandparents. The parents of this baby may have a disease so the baby could inherit disease.

  • Acquired traitsAcquired traits are something you have control over, like getting your ears pierced or having really long hair.

  • fossilsFossils are bones that are a remaining of the animal or insect that is hundreds of thousands of years old. For example, this dragonfly is dead but the remains of it are in this fossil.

  • BALD EAGLE !!!

  • ENVIROMENT/HABITAT !The bald eagle is an American bird that likes to live near water, oceans, lakes, and ponds.The bald eagle has a life span of 20 to 30 years in the wild.

  • Extinct characteristics

    The bald eagles babies have recently been exposed to DDT. The farmers put DDT on crops, the bugs eat the crops, then the bald eagles eggs gets poisoned by the bugs.The bald eagle inherits the long yellow beak from its parents/ species and its black and white fur.

  • Structure and functionExample : wing The structure is what the bald eagles wing looks like. The function is what the wing does.

  • The bald eagle is considered to be king of all birds. They can fly up to 10,000 feet and 30 to 35 miles per hour. They dont flap their wings a lot, which helps save energy to fly faster and farther. The bald eagle builds its nest larger than any other North American bird. Baby eagles leave the nest at 11 to 12 weeks old for their first flight.

  • Bibliographyhttp/ and www.baldeagle/info

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