Bathroom design of vanity cabinets and wall mirrors

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1. Bathroom Design: Of Vanity Cabinets and Wall MirrorsOne of the most important features that a bathroom can have is the vanity cabinets. If youre inthe process of furnishing your home and youre thinking about what to put in your bathroom,the best choice for vanity cabinets would be those that you can store a ton of things in it - notonly your toiletries and personal bathroom implements but also additional storage for otherthings that you need to keep hidden away.Choosing Vanity Cabinets: Elements to Look Out ForIt shouldnt only be based on the looks of the bathroom vanities and cabinets that you makethe purchase. While its true that the vanity works as a centerpiece to your bathroomenvironment, it has to be functional first and stylish second. Thats why you need to considerhow many sinks there will be in your bathroom for the perfect vanity cabinet to be installedunder it. You also have to consider the elements like: Width Type/finish Top material Brand Add ons And then of course, style.The best double sink bathroom vanities are those that fit the space of your bathroom well. Forexample, if you have over 60 inches width of vanity to work with, then go ahead and get acabinet of that size. Even if you just have a small space, you can get something as small as 15inches in width. As for the finish, its going to depend on the theme that you have going inyour bathroom. Maybe you want something modern - then glass is a good choice. You mightwant something earthier - then stone is one of your choices. But dont forget that you have lightwood, hand-painted finishes and even ceramic as options too.How about the top material for your vanity? You can opt for marble or you can go with granite.If you shop at a reputable home furnishing store like HomeLiving, youll also have a widerange of options for brands. When it comes to the add ons, you might want to have decorativebathroom wall mirrors over your traditional style vanity. Also, you can also think aboutfaucets that would work nicely on the overall design of the cabinet. And, you also have toconsider the lighting over your vanity because that does a lot to the style and feature of comfortthat your bathroom can give off.In the bathroom, its important to have a vanity cabinet for storage and for added functionality.You know where you can get your bathroom vanity and other furniture, its at HomeLiving.Visit them at now!


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