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Model Question Paper Subject Code: BC0042 Subject Name: Operating Systems Credits: 4 Marks: 140 Part A (One mark questions) 1. sequence of instructions telling the computer what to do is called a --------------------- a) program b)language c) translator d) package 2. A process is ------------------ a) program in main memory b) Program in cache memory c) program in secondary storage d) program in execution

BC0042 OS-Model Question Paper

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Page 1: BC0042 OS-Model Question Paper

Model Question Paper

Subject Code: BC0042

Subject Name: Operating Systems

Credits: 4 Marks: 140

Part A (One mark questions)

1. sequence of instructions telling the computer what to do is called

a ---------------------

a) program


c) translator

d) package

2. A process is ------------------

a) program in main memory

b) Program in cache memory

c) program in secondary storage

d) program in execution

Page 2: BC0042 OS-Model Question Paper

3. A program to be executed must be in ---------------

a) main memory

b) secondary memory

c) virtual memory

d) Read only memory

4. ------------------ are very expensive and employed for specialized applications such as weather


a) Micro computers

b) Super computers

c) Personal computers

d) Mainframe computers

5. In MS-DOS, the interfaces and levels of functionality are ---------------

a) not well separated.

b) well separated

c) independent

d) dependent

6. --------------------- approach simplifies debugging and system verification

a) Kernel

b) Layered

c) Extended

d) Virtual machine

7. In layered approach each layer uses the functions and services of ------------------

a) kernel

b) lower-level layers

c) higher-level layers

Page 3: BC0042 OS-Model Question Paper

d) all of these

8. ------------------------------is a piece of computer software that isolates the application being used by the

user from the computer.

a) compiler

b) Modules

c)virtual machine

d) none of these

9. Using---------------- the file subsystem of Kernel mode is responsible for file and I/O management.

a) system calls

b) device drivers

c) modules

d) virtualization technique

10. A process may create a new process by executing --------------- system call

a) init

b) fork

c) create

d) new

11. A process control block contains varies attributes required by --------------------- to control a process

a) RAM

b) virtual memory


d) Operating System

12. ------------- are popular way to improve application through parallelism

a) Processes

Page 4: BC0042 OS-Model Question Paper

b) Threads

c) Context switching

d) none of these

13. ---------------is responsible for allocating primary memory to processes and for assisting the

programmer in loading and storing the contents of the primary memory.

a) Operating system

b) Memory manager

c)database administrator

d) RAM

14. ------------------------- refers to the technology in which some space in hard disk is used as an

extension of main memory.

a) cache memory

b) paging

c) virtual memory

d) paging

15. ------------- deals with when a modified page should be written out to secondary memory.

a) cleaning policy

b) fetch policy

c) frame locking

d) none of these

16. Microprocessors with small internal caches often employ the ---------------------------


a) direct mapping

b) fully associative

c) set associative

Page 5: BC0042 OS-Model Question Paper

d) sector mapping

17. ______________ selects a process from among the ready processes to execute on the CPU.

a) CPU Schedular

b) Loader

c) Dispatcher

d) Compiler

18. The time taken by the Dispatcher to stop one process and start another running is known as


a) Turnaround time

b) Dispatch Latency

c) Access time

d) Response time

19. __________ systems are required to complete a critical task within a guaranteed amount of


a) Virtual

b) soft real time

c) Hard Real time

d) None of these

20. A solution to starvation is _____________.

a) segmentation

b) Aging

c) Paging

d) virtual memory

21. When resources have multiple instances --------------- is used for deadlock Avoidance

Page 6: BC0042 OS-Model Question Paper

a) Banker’s algorithm

b) Resource Allocation Graph

c) semaphores

d) all of these

22. ---------------------------- is a situation in which two computer programs sharing the same

resource are effectively preventing each other from accessing the resource, resulting in both

programs ceasing to function.

a) Semaphore

b) Deadlock

c) Mutual Exclusion

d) No preemption

23. ---------------------------------refers to a strategy where whenever a resource is requested, it is

only granted if it cannot result in deadlock.

a) Deadlock Prevention

b) Livelock

c) Deadlock avoidance

d) none of these

24. When a child dies, it sends a ------------------------ signal to its parent.





25. ------------------- occurs when two or more execution flows are able to run simultaneously.

Page 7: BC0042 OS-Model Question Paper

a) Deadlock

b) Concurrency

c) race condition

d) interrupt

26. ----------------------- occurs when multiple processes or threads read and write data items so that

the final result depends on the order of execution of instructions in the multiple processes.

a) Race condition

b) Mutual exclusion

c) Exception

d) Interrupt

27. --------------- is a mechanism the prevents two or more processes from accessing a shared resource


a) Livelock


c) Semaphore

d) either a or b

28. In an interrupt driven system, context switches from one process to another can only occur on -------


a)predetermined time

b) interrupt

c) Busy waiting

Page 8: BC0042 OS-Model Question Paper

d) all of these

29. In Multics, a process could have up to 256K segments, but each segment was limited to ---------------

64K words.

a) 64K

b) 32K

c) 1024K


30 The problem with logical dumping is --------------

a) very costly

b) very slow

c) human errors

d) all of these

31. A two-byte integer called -------------- is interpreted as an index into an array of inodes in a

fixed, known location on disk.

a) an inode

b) an inumber

c) an imap

c) an imark

32. A variable sized block is called ---------------.

a) an extent

b) a segment

c) a page

Page 9: BC0042 OS-Model Question Paper

d) a fragment

33. In ------------------ the disk drive itself has a way of discovering bad blockswith extremely high


a) disk index

b) Extents

c) Bad-block forwarding

d) back-up dumps

34. Because the I/O devices are not synchronized with the CPU, some information must be

exchanged between the CPU and the device to ensure that the data is received reliably.

This interaction between the CPU and an I/O device is usually referred to as ---------------------


a) polling

b) arbitration

c) handshaking

d) interrupting

35. ------------------- approach can place the data directly into the memory or take the data

directly from the memory without direct intervention from the processor.

a) DMA

b) Daisy chain arbitration

c) polling

d) none of these

36. A SCSI device can transfer up to----------- of information per second.

Page 10: BC0042 OS-Model Question Paper

a) 40 Mbytes

b) 60 Mbytes

c) 40 Gbytes

d)60 Gbytes

37. ------------------- file system allows sharing in multiple different locations grouped under one folder.

a) Direct

b) distributed

c) sequential

d) parallel

38. Windows 2000 supports -------------- type of file system .


b) EFS



39. The integral subsystem looks after operating system specific functions on behalf of the -------


a. specific program

b. environment subsystem

c. programmer

d. application

40. Kernel mode drivers exist in ------------------

a. three levels

b. two levels

Page 11: BC0042 OS-Model Question Paper

c. four levels

d. single level

Page 12: BC0042 OS-Model Question Paper

Part B (Two mark questions)

41. a context is the contents of a ----------- and --------------- at any point of time..

a) MDR, IR

b) CPU registers, PC

c) MDR, PC

d) CPU registers, IR

42 The introduction of mutual exclusion can prevent race conditions but can lead to problems such as -



b) starvation

c) both a and b

d) none of these

43 The controller can access memory in memory cycles which are not used by the particular

bank of memory into which the DMA controller is writing data. This approach, called ----------------



a) interrupting

b) cycle stealing

c) swapping

d) paging

Page 13: BC0042 OS-Model Question Paper

44. Windows NT operating system architecture consists of ------------- and ------------------ layers.

a) physical , data link

b) Micro , Macro

c) user mode, Kernel mode

d) Physical , Micro

45. The two sub systems of user mode layer of windows 2000 are ----------- and -----------.

a) excel, executive

b) environment, integral

c) orbit , kernel

d) Kernel , executive

46. The user mode is made up of subsystems which can pass ----------to the appropriate kernel

mode drivers via the ---------

a. I/O requests, I/O manager

b. I/O manager, I/O requests

c. data, proper channel

d. I/O manager, internet

47. The kernel is further separated into a series of ---------and -------------

a. interfaces, device drivers

b. application program, system program

c. application program, interface

d. application program, device drivers

48. The microkernel method, structures the operating system by removing all ----------------from

the kernel and ------------------then as system and user-level programs

Page 14: BC0042 OS-Model Question Paper

a. nonessential components, implementing

b. essential components, record

c. essential components, implementing

d. nonessential components, record.

49. User level threads are mostly used on the systems where the operating system does not-----

------------------, but also can be combined with the ---------------------

a. support C++ application, kernel level threads

b. application program, multilevel threads

c. support threads, kernel level threads

d. support local variables, multilevel threads

50. The Worst fit strategy attempts to reduce the problem of ------------by allocating the largest

fragments to -----------------

a. fragmentation, new processes

b. allocation, old process

c. fragmentation, old process

d. allocation, new processes

51. For paging memory management, each process is associated with a--------------. Each entry

in the table contains the ---------------of the corresponding page

a. records, record number

b. lookup table, frame number

c. lookup table, record number

d. page table, frame number

Page 15: BC0042 OS-Model Question Paper

52. CPU bursts vary from process to-----------, and from program to ---------------

a. program, process

b. controller , controller

c. process, program

d. request, CPU.

53. FCFS can yield some very long average----------------, particularly if the first process takes a -


a. wait times, long time

b. throughput time, long time

c. Turnaround time, short time

d. response time, short time.

54. The idea behind the SJF algorithm is to pick the ----------------that needs to be done, get it out

of the way first, and then pick the next ----------------to do next

a. slowest little job, smallest fastest job

b. fastest little job, smallest fastest job

c. first process, last process

d. slowest little job, last job

55. state true/false

Once deadlock has been detected, in order to correct following strategies

Should be

A- Preemption

B- Kill one or more processes

a. A-T, B-T

b. A-F, B-T

c. A-F, B-F

Page 16: BC0042 OS-Model Question Paper

d. A-T, B-F

56. If a child dies before its parent----------, the child becomes a -----------

a. calls wait, zombie

b. circular wait, parents

c. preemption, parents

d. circular wait, zombie

57. Concurrency occurs when -------------execution flows are able to run---------------

a. two or more, simultaneously

b. single, separately

c. two or more, one by one

d. single, simultaneously

58. Unix hides the -------------- of tracks, sectors, etc. and presents each file as a ---------- array of

bytes with no internal structure.

a. smoothness, heterogeneous

b. chunkiness, smooth

c. details, name

d. chunkiness, name

59. In disk Index idea is to keep the --------------representation, but take the link fields out of the

blocks and gather them together all in-------------.

a. array, various place

b. array, one place

c. linked-list, one place

d. linked list, various place

Page 17: BC0042 OS-Model Question Paper

60. The I/O handling procedure will require some-------------- from the-----------------

a. status information , I/O device

b. status information, processor

c. resource, processor

d. resource, I/O device

Part C (Four mark questions)

61. match the following

1. Operating system i). application software 2. Library system ii) system software 3. secondary storage iii) smaller capacity 4. Main memory iv) larger capacity

a) 1-ii, 2-i, 3-iv, 4-iii b) 1-iv,2-ii, 3-I, 4-iii c) 1-ii,2-i, 3-iii, 4-iv d) 1-iv, 2-I, 3-ii, 4-iii

62. which of these is a reason for using threads in designing operating systems ?

a) Unlike processes, threads are not independent of one another

b) All threads can access every address in the task . c) Because threads can share common data, they do not need to use interprocess


d) Like processes, thread can create children.

Page 18: BC0042 OS-Model Question Paper

63. Arrange the following memories in terms of increasing access time (from low to high)

1. registers 2. Main memory 3 secondary memory 4 cache

a) 1-3 -4 -2 b) 1-4-2-3 c) 3-2-4-1 d) 2-4-1-3

64. Given four processes with Burst time P1=6, P2=8, P3=7 and P4=3 calculate average waiting time using SJF scheduling algorithm. a) 7.0 ms

b) 10.25 ms

c) 3.0 ms

d) 17.0 ms

65. match the following

1. pipes i) continuously change their state 2. livelock ii) WNOHANG

3. Killing Zombies iii) fixed size

4. argument iv) web server

a) 1-iv 2-iii 3-I 4- ii b) 1-iii 2-i 3-iv 4- ii c) 1-ii 2- I 3-iv 4-iii

d. 1-iii 2-iv 3-ii 4- i

66. Match the following

Page 19: BC0042 OS-Model Question Paper

1. Programmed controlled I/O i. polled I/O

2. Interrupt controlled I/O ii. Cycle stealing 3. DMA iii. maskable and non maskable

a) 1-i , 2-iii, 3-ii b) 1-ii 2-iii 3-i c) 1-iii 2-ii 3-i d) 1-i 2-ii 3-iii

67. Match the following

1. Process manager i. Device detection and installation

2. IPC manager ii. Thread creation

3. PNP manager iii. Drawing windows and menus

4. Window manager iv . Communication between clients.

a) 1- iv , 2-iii, 3- ii 4- i b) 1-ii, 2-iv , 3- i, 4-iii c) 1- iii, 2-ii , 3-iv 4- i d) 1- iv , 2-ii , 3-iii , 4- i

68. State whether the following statement is true/false for Layered Approach

1. In layered approach operating system is broken up into a number of layers (levels).

2. The main advantage of the layered approach is simplicity of construction and debugging.

3. The first layer can’t be debugged without any concern for the rest of the system.

a. 1. True, 2. true, 3. true

b. 1. true, 2. false, 3. true

c. 1. false, 2. false, 3. false

Page 20: BC0042 OS-Model Question Paper

d .1. true, 2. true, 3. False

69. match the following

1. The process has finished execution i). Ready State 2. The process being created ii) New State 3. If process uses CPU iii) Terminated


a. 1-ii, 2-i, 3-iii b. 1-iii,2-ii, 3-I, c. 1-ii,2-i, 3-iii, d. 1-iii, 2-ii, 3-i,

70. match the following


1. The allocator places a process in the smallest block of unallocated memory in which it

will fit.

2. begins at the start of primary memory and allocates memory from the first hole it

encounters large enough to satisfy the request

3. The memory manager places a process in the largest block of unallocated memory



A. First fit

B. Best fit

C. Worst fit

a. 1-A,2-B,3-C

b. 1-B,2-A,3-C

c. 1-C,2-A,3-B

d. 1-C,2-B,3-A

71. match the following

Page 21: BC0042 OS-Model Question Paper


1.Time required for a particular process to complete, from submission time to completion

2. Number of processes completed per unit time

3 .The time taken in an interactive program from the issuance of a command to the



A. Throughput

B. Turnaround time

C. Response time

a. 1-A,2-B,3-C

b. 1-B,2-A,3-C

c. 1-C,2-A,3-B

d. 1-C,2-B,3-A

72. match the following


1. Each process is waiting to obtain a resource which is held by another process

2. processes currently holding resources can request new resources

3. Once a process holds a resource, it cannot be taken away by another process or the

kernel .

A. Hold and Wait

B. No preemption

C. Circular wait

a. 1-A,2-B,3-C

Page 22: BC0042 OS-Model Question Paper

b. 1-B,2-A,3-C

c. 1-C,2-A,3-B

d. 1-C,2-B,3-A

73. State whether the following statement is true/false for Mutual Exclusion

1. Mutual exclusion needs to be enforced only when processes access shared modifiable


2. Mutual exclusion occurs when a process remains inside its critical section for a finite time


3. Mutual exclusion is a way of making sure that if one process is using a shared modifiable

data, the other processes will be excluded from doing the same thing.


a. 1. True, 2. true, 3. true

b. 1. true, 2. false, 3. true

c. 1. false, 2. false, 3. False

d .1. true, 2. true, 3. False

74. match the following


1. Read or write the next record or next n bytes of the file.

2. Read or write the record with a given key

3. Read or write the nth record or bytes i through j.


Page 23: BC0042 OS-Model Question Paper

A. Random Access

B. Sequential Access

C. Indexed Access

a. 1-A,2-B,3-C

b. 1-B,2-C,3-A

c. 1-C,2-A,3-B

d. 1-C,2-B,3-A

75. In I\O structure for handshaking which of the following events are


1. The device providing the data (the talker) must indicate that valid data

is now available.

2. The device accepting the data (the listener) must indicate that it has

accepted the data.

3. The talker indicates that the data on the bus is no longer valid, and

removes the data from the bus.

a. 1-T,2-T,3-T

b. 1-T,2-F,3-T

c. 1-T,2-T,3-F

d. 1-F,2-T,3-T

Page 24: BC0042 OS-Model Question Paper

Answer Keys

Part - A Part - B Part - C

Q. No. Ans. Key Q. No. Ans. Key Q. No. Ans. Key Q. No. Ans. Key

1 A 21 A 41 B 61 A

2 D 22 B 42 C 62 C

3 A 23 C 43 B 63 B

4 B 24 A 44 A 64 A

5 A 25 B 45 B 65 B

6 B 26 A 46 A 66 A

7 B 27 C 47 A 67 B

8 B 28 B 48 A 68 D

9 B 29 A 49 C 69 D

10 B 30 B 50 A 70 B

11 D 31 B 51 D 71 B

12 B 32 A 52 C 72 C

13 B 33 C 53 A 73 A

14 C 34 C 54 B 74 B

15 A 35 A 55 B 75 A

16 B 36 A 56 A

17 A 37 B 57 A

18 B 38 A 58 B

19 C 39 B 59 C

20 B 40 A 60 A