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<p>Slide 1</p> <p>PRESENTED BY-MD. SHAD ANWAR (12)SYMPHONY SATPATHY (26)UTKARSH JAISWAL (27)VIVIDHA YADAV (30)</p> <p>TheBengal School of Artcommonly referred asBengal School,was an influentialart movementand a style ofIndian paintingthat originated in Bengal, primarilyKolkataandShantiniketan, and flourished throughoutIndiaduring theBritish Rajin the early 20th century.INTRODUCTION</p> <p>Also known as 'Indian style of painting' in its early days, it was associated withIndian nationalism(swadeshi) and led byAbanindranath Tagore(1871-1951), but was also promoted and supported by British arts administrators likeE. B. Havell, the principal of theGovernment College of Art, Kolkatafrom 1896; eventually it led to the development of themodern Indian painting.INTRODUCTION</p> <p>Abanindranath TagoreBorn7 August 1871Calcutta,Bengal,British IndiaDied5 December 1951(aged80)NationalityIndianFieldPainting, writingMovementBengal school of art</p> <p>Abanindranath Tagore(7 August 1871 5 December 1951) was the principal artist and creator of 'Indian Society of Oriental Art' and the first major exponent ofswadeshivalues inIndian art, thereby founding the influentialBengal school of art, which led to the development ofmodern Indian paintingHe was also a noted writer, particularly for children. Popularly known as 'Aban Thakur', his booksRajkahini, Budo Angla, Nalak,andKhirer Putulare landmarks inBengali language children's literature.</p> <p>PAINTINGSTHE PASSING OF SHAH JAHAN</p> <p>A MOONLIGHT MUSIC PARTY</p> <p>FAIRYLAND (ILLUSTRATION)</p> <p>ASOKA, WHO BY THE WHITE STUCCO OF HIS FAME MADE SPOTLESS THE UNIVERSEJOURNEYS END</p> <p>Rabindranath TagoreBorn7 May 1861Calcutta,Bengal Presidency,British IndiaDied7 August 1941(aged80)Calcutta, Bengal Presidency, British IndiaOccupationPoet, short story writer, song composer, novelist, playwright, essayist, painterLanguageBengali, EnglishNationalityIndiaEthnicityBengaliNotable award(s)Nobel Prize in Literature1913</p> <p>At sixty, Tagore took up drawing and painting; successful exhibitions of his many workswhich made a debut appearance in Paris upon encouragement by artists he met in the south of Francewere held throughout Europe. He was likely red-greencolor blind, resulting in works that exhibited strange colour schemes and off-beat aesthetics.Rabindranath Tagore(7 May 1861 7 August 1941), sobriquetGurudev, was a Bengalipolymathwho reshaped his region'sliteratureandmusic.</p> <p>PAINTINGSVASE</p> <p>BROODING</p> <p>VEILED WOMAN</p> <p>MAN AND WOMAN</p> <p>SEVEN FIGURES</p> <p>Gaganendranath TagoreBornSeptember 18, 1867Calcutta,Bengal Presidency , British IndiaDied1938NationalityIndianFieldPainter,cartoonistMovementBengal School of Art</p> <p>Gaganendranath Tagore(Bengali: ) (September 18, 1867 1938) was anIndianpainter andcartoonistof theBengal school. Along with his brotherAbanindranath Tagore, he was counted as one of the earliestmodern artistsin India.Gaganendranath Tagore was born atJorasankointo a family whose creativity defined Bengal's cultural life. Gaganendranath was the eldest son of Gunendranath Tagore, grandson of Girindranath Tagore and a great-grandson of PrinceDwarkanath Tagore.</p> <p>PAINTINGSPURIS TEMPLE</p> <p>ARTISTS STUDIO</p> <p>BLUE MOUNTAIN</p> <p>BALLROOM DANCE</p> <p>CHRIST IN CHURCH</p> <p>Shri Jamini RoyBorn11 April 1887Bankura,West Bengal,IndiaDied24 April 1972(aged85)NationalityIndianFieldPaintingAwardsPadma Bhushan</p> <p>Shri Jamini Roy(Bengali: ; 11 April 1887 24 April 1972) was anIndianpainter. He was honored with the State award ofPadma Bhushan in 1955. He was one of the most famous pupils ofAbanindranath Tagore, whose contribution to the emergence of modern art in India remains unquestionable.Jamini Roy was born on 11 of April 1887 into a moderately prosperous family of land-owners in a village called Beliatore in the District of Bankura in Bengal .</p> <p>PAINTINGS</p> <p>BLACK HORSE</p> <p>MOTHER CHILD</p> <p>BLACKSMITH</p> <p>THREE PUJARINS</p> <p>THANK YOU</p>