Bengal stairs

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<p>Bengal Stairs</p> <p>Bengal StairsDesign by David CodyA San Francisco Street Park</p> <p>{Bengal Alley</p> <p>wind</p> <p>water causing erosion</p> <p>swales slow the water</p> <p>swales slow and sink rain</p> <p>large rain events flow safelyedible hedge instead of fencing</p> <p>logs are used for retaining and creating stepssimple wooden steps replace old stairs</p> <p>fruit and nut trees further stabilize soil</p> <p>swales here can sink more water and grow more trees</p> <p>growing bed namesfedge species</p> <p>ElderberriesAllesoBlack BeautyHaschbergBlack LaceBlueGoldbereJohnsHuckleberriesLow AlpineEvergreenRedThunderbirdOthersWhite cloverComfreyCalendula2011 TimelineSome basic numbrsItemCost eachQuantityLine Totalswale trees2524600landings trees2520500berries20501000additional plants6160960log delivery6001600cleanup150011500engineering consultant2501250total5410</p>