Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo

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Script for a duo of Bengal Tiger


This guy is hungry. Sergeant said they fed him. Nah, hes hungry. This place creeps me out. I wanna see some action. Not hang around a ghetto-ass zoo. Zoo duty has seen action three nights last week. Whos gonna attack a zoo? Were here. Theyll attack us. I dont know why they want to kill us. Were trying to protect their zoo, ya know? Its the middle of a war. WE blew this zoo up. Use your head. And these animals are valuable- people have been stealing them.

*NOISE* What the fuck was that? HALT! Who goes there? Whos there?! Were U.S. Marines! Cover me. You shoulda shot it. Im not gonna kill an ostrich. Besides, sergeant said no more killing animals unless theyre a danger. Dumb bastard tiger is so hungry, he dont even know hes hungry. Leave him alone. Hes barely got any fur left anyhow. Come on, tough guy. Hand me that Slim Jim. Atta boy. Eat something. Eat! SLAM! My hand! My fucking hand! KEV shoots the tiger repeatedly with the gold gun. Tommy! Tommy, you okay? I shot him, Tommy. I shot him! Hes dead, Tommy! I killed him! Man down! Man attacked by fucking tiger animal! Im gonna go get help, Tommy! Stay here!

According to research conducted by the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs, between 11-20% of combat veterans of Operation Enduring Freedom suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, leaving just over 250,000 languishing within an already overcrowded V.A.system. The experiences of our soldiers who have lived through the horrors of combat is something we can not truly understand. Horrors that have driven PTSD related suicides to rates three times higher than for their civilian peers. How do you fight against memories, the horrors of war, the things youve seen, the things you cant forget? When youre this far from home, is it possible to come back? Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo by Rajiv Joseph

Hey, whats up? Youre back. Check it out. Bionic hand. Holy shit. They do you up right. Im like Robocop.Whyd you come back here? Didnt want to go out like that. Let me see your hand. Thats badass.Yeah.Theyve had me in here like a week now.What happened? It was fucked up.Yeah?We were doing these night raids? And I went around the back and booked it upstairs? I go in this room, this motherfucker came out from under the bed. Clocked me in the face. I was out. Next thing I know, Im on my way here. I wanna get back, you know? This is bullshit. But they keep running tests. They keep telling me theyre running tests.Yeah.

You know that tiger? Yeah. I shot him.Yeah, I know. I was there. Remember? Im just saying. I saved you. I saved your life. Look at this. Look at this, motherfucker.What? God, whats your problem? I lost my hand. Its gone. Do you get that, asshole? Yeah, I know! I can see! I was there! I was gonna go home and work for my uncle. What am I supposed to do now? I lost my right hand. Dude, that thing is top of the line. Youre like RoboCop! No Im not. Im a stupid handicapped jerk. I didnt even get a Purple Heart.That sucks.

Tommy, you ever think about him? Who? The tiger. He bit off my hand! You ever see him? What? You ever see the tiger? Like just hanging around? Or talking.What are you talking about? The tiger is dead.I know the tiger is dead, I killed the fucking tiger. Im asking you if you ever seen him. Like his ghost. No, Kev. Ive never seen the tigers ghost. I dont believe in ghosts. I especially dont believe in animal ghosts. I got to tell you something man. Jesus. This is why everyone hates you, Kev. Cause youre a fucking idiot. Seriously, man, can I tell you something? Youre like the only person I can tell this stuff to. I dont even really know you, man. Can I just tell you something? Please?

So look. You know I said I was on that night raid? Yeah. And the dude came out from under the bed and whacked you upside the head. I know. Okay, so Im like lying there, right? And the dude takes off, right? So Im alone in the bedroom. And the ghost of that tiger walked into the room. The ghost of the tiger. Yeah, and he could talk! He could talk, what did he say? He started babbling all this bullshit to me, and then I fainted. You fainted? Yeah man, I mean I was freaking out. Thats a pretty stupid fucking story.

Youre not listening to me! What? I didnt finish yet! Well then finish! Tell the story or Im leaving. Forget it. Forget it. Jesus you are retarded, you know that? I thought you came to visit me and see how I was doing and catch up and everything

Did you get the letter I sent you? Yeah, I got the letter. I wrote you a fucking letter, dude. I mean, I saw what happened to you. Do you even remember that tiger biting your hand off? I remember enough.Well fuckin-A! That was some crazy shit! I dont exactly think thats like normal. Except for war and shit. I just, I felt bad. For you, I mean. I was glad to kill that tiger. I was glad I got to save your life, Tommy. Youre my good buddy. Thats what people do when they have a friend and shit. Well, thanks. Dont mention it. Were partners, you know? We been through battle together, Tommy.

Do you know where you are, Kev? The war, man. No, I mean here. The Hospital? I told you, man. Im out on a fucking night raid, next thing I know Im on my way here. They think youre crazy. I aint crazy. Youre going nuts. No man, Im cool. Gulf War Syndrome. I do not! You are fucked, man. You really have a great bedside manner, you know what Im saying, Tommy? They got you on suicide watch. Bullshit, man! If they did, they wouldnt be leaving sharp objects and shit around, you know? Im just a normal guy! Trying to tell you something. Something kind of wack, okay? What are you talking about? Im talking about the tiger! The tiger is dead! Hes not, Tommy. Hes right here. In this room. He hangs out here all the time. Tommy. (starts crying) Tommy. Dont leave. Were partners. Youre my best friend. I am not your friend.KEV: Yes you are. You are, man. And I need you, okay? Im so scared. Hes everywhere I look. Well thats your psycho problem, Kev. Not mine.

YeahI understand-Tiger enters- Dead-ass ghost motherfucker. Just hanging around, trying to make everyone think Im crazy. Im sorry! Okay! Im sorry I shot you! The tiger is dead! You know what, man? I wrote my brother about you! He said youre just a figment of my imagination and shit. He said you were just one of those fucked-up things about being in war. So whats up now? You dont even exist, bitch. And if I was on suicide watch, then they wouldnt have left that shit behind that I could. . . you know, shit like this. (Kev takes out a knife) You werent attacked. If you dont get the fuck out of my head. I will kill us both. Dont think I wont do it. I killed you once, Ill kill you again! They think youre crazy. Get. Out. Of. My. Head. Youre going nuts.You want my hand? You want to eat my hand just like you did Tommy? Then maybe youll leave me alone. Eat it, take it. Take my fucking hand. I dont want it! Ill get a new one like Tommy. Fucking RoboCop and everything. See? I can still do what I want. I dont know why Im so scared... I can do whatever. . . whatever. . . whatever I want...its amazing how quickly you lose a part of yourself. (Kevin dies) Im sorry that I drove you to do this. I guess thats how it goes. When youre this far from home, you know youre never getting back.


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