Best android applications for social networking

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Best Android applications for Social Networking


  • 1. Best Android applications for Social Networking1. Seesmic (Social networking) for Android There are many social network apps on Android. One of the best android application to manage our social network in one consolidated place is Seesmic for Twitter and Facebook applications. Facebook Android application is lacking in features compared to Facebook application, but a Facebook Android Application finally allowing android users to communicate in almost real time. The application is very fast and stable, with a greater simplicity that reminds you of the old days when using Facebook used to be bearable. 2. Android Rail Enquiries National Rail applications went paid-for, National Rail has finally brought out its own free application. National Rail Enquiries enables you to check live train times, plan your journeys, and get notifications of delays. On first use, the app prompts you to enter a home and work train station, and then you can use the 'Get me home' button to see the next available trains. 3. Outlook for Android - See more