BGE Guyane Who are we ? What do we do? Any best pratice ?

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BGE Guyane Who are we ? What do we do? Any best pratice ?. SUSIPE Grundtvig Partnership March 2014 Spokesman : Julien VALETTE. But first thing first: where are we ?. Map key Sige de la Boutique de Gestion Activit Conseil Cayenne - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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BGE GuyaneWho are we?What do we do?Any best pratice?SUSIPE Grundtvig Partnership March 2014

Spokesman: Julien VALETTE

But first thing first: where are we ?

Map keySige de la Boutique de Gestion Activit Conseil CayenneAntennes de la Boutique de Gestion Activit Conseil Kourou St Laurent du Maroni St GeorgesLieux de permanences ponctuelles Rmire-Montjoly Mana Maripasoula Awala-YalimapoZones dintervention habituelle de la Boutique de Gestion de Guyane

The only Europan region in South AmericaRoughly 90 000 km : same as Portugal250000 inhabitants all by the coastline, the rest is rain forest.A very young population: more than 50% of which is less than 26 years old.Dramatically expanding demographics: depending on the area, population has multiplied by 5 to 9 in 50 years.Rough social and economical context: high unemployment (3 times higher than in mainland France), uncontroled inmigration, violence, unproper housing, etc.Higher percentage of people attracted by small-scale entrepreneurship

French Guiana in short :

An association created in 1996Part of a wide national network27 employees4 branches :Job Market IntegrationEntrepreneurshipVocational TrainingLocal Development Consultancy BGE in short :

BGE Guyane helps people defining a professional project for themselves and provides guidance throughout the completion of it.

It strongly relates to empowering people with the lowest chances, including long-term unemployed people.

We help them finding a job as well as solving other personal issues related to social exclusion. Our activities : Job Market Integration

Our activities focus on the definition of a business project, mainly as a mean to become self-employed.

We provide guidance throughout the completion of it.

The target group is vastly composed of unemployed people with low levels of education, few professional achievements and neither background nor experience in business. Our activities : Entrepreneurship

Our target groups for Vocational Training are migrants as well as the local people with very basic educational background.

We aim at strengthening their language skill so that they can better write, speak, and express themselves.

We focus on key technical words required as part as their individual professional project, and the wider process of integration through work. Our activities : Vocational Training

Local Development Consultancy is all about strengthening the development projects that take place in our region, whether economic, social or environmental (and more likely all domains combined).

These are often multi-partners projects for which we can provide coordination, by building bridges with the key players and institutions we deal with in our three other branches. Our activities : Local Development Consultancy