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    Introduction Bitmonix What is Bitmonix (BX)? Data Sheet Valorization of Bitmonix (BX) Bitmonix as an asset Bitmonix as money Limited Supply of Bitmonix ICO Bitmonix Usabilidad de Bitmonix ICO Bitmonix Pre-ICO and ICO Bitmonix rounds (BX)) Bitmonix Tokens (BX) Bonus in the sale of Tokens of the ICO Bitmonix Route Map ROAD MAP (figure) Bitmonix Ecosystem Developer Team Marketing & Social Media Bitmonix projects Placement of the ICO Funds Distribution of coins

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  • | 2018 © All right reserved. 3

    "A purely electronic version of cash would allow online payments to be sent directly from one entity to another without having to go through a financial

    institution." The Bitcoin White Paper – Satoshi Nakamoto – 2008


    Since the genesis of Bitcoin as a pioneer of the circuits, together with the alternate development of its underlying technology, the Blockchain and the consequent emergence of a cryptoeconomy, many things have changed in the psyche of the people who have adopted them as elements of tradable, accumulative or investment. The revolutionary concept of Bitcoin has fitted perfectly into a society tired of the bureaucratic movements of governments that only protect the expansion of a Neoliberalism and excessive Consumption and a savage Capitalism at the expense of the average citizen. Added to this the Fiat money loses more and more value in the hands of its savers and this is relatively proportional to the loss of credibility of the governments and the global financial and banking system but indirectly proportional to the profits of the latter. The explosion of the Crypto Ecosystem, Bitcoin / Blockchain / Altcoins has generated new and better business opportunities and capitalization for many adopters in a wide variety of economic sectors catalyzing all this discontent. In 2014 the arrival of Ethereum generated new applications to the invention of Satoshi Nakamoto with the Blockchain of Intelligent Contracts of Ethereum. Now the possibilities seem endless, with Blockchain we could not only reengineer the current financial model and decentralize the monetary value but also the social value.


  • In the course of the year 2017, seeking to express in a broad way the social philosophy preached by Statochi Nakamoto under the scheme of a Cripto Ecosystem, a group of entrepreneurs of di�erent nationalities combine knowledge, resources and determination in order to carry out the development of a new cryptocurrency (BX) that, since its launch as ICO, has been granted the added value of being a safe, profitable currency, still adopted in its commercialization as Token, with an approach based on high usability through an extensive community of users, physical and online merchants. They accept it as a means of payment for goods and services supported by the decentralized democratization of mining executed in equipment and own resources through the Scrypt PoW algorithm, as well as by centralizing investment models in the Bitmonix Ecosystem itself (BX ).

    Bitmonix BX

    Bitmonix is a new cryptocurrency that is in its commercial stage as ICO, which arises based on an extensive network of acceptance that gives it an adaptability and usability of the best features of Bitcoin and Ethereum among others.


    • Scrypt PoW for centralized mining from proprietary equipment. • Protection through limited issuance (120,000,000 BX) achieving a bullish constant in transfer volumes and unit value. • 20% pre-mining (24,000,000 BX) allowing the granting of the cryptocurrencies to which corresponds under the right and amount with the purchase of the Token once the sale round of our stage ICO (initial coin o�ering) has ended • 80% for intensive mining through master nodes (96,000,000 BX), giving it a base value of production and rewards for validation execution of variable transfers in di�culty with value protection without fluctuating incidence by market parameters. • $ 0.80 launch price for easily accessible Token and low entry threshold for small investors who identify in (BX) a means, element or profitable value within the profits generated after the valuation achieved after the Sales Rounds or ICO. • Applicability and immediate usability in online and physical stores that will accelerate their valorization and capitalization in the market.

    ¿What is Bitmonix (Bx)? | 2018 © All right reserved. 4

  • Data Sheet Bitmonix (Bx)

    What gives value to an ICO of a cryptocurrency like Bitmonix? What gives value to things? For both questions the answer can be the same, adoptability and usability; consensus, the adoption of an agreement between parties is the main reason why "things" get value, it happens both for monetary values and for human values, if both parties agree that certain things over others have a collective value, valuation will be inherent; It happened with the precious metals in antiquity, being still today adopted as valuable assets on a global scale, as with the Hebrew Pentateuch 5000 years ago, pillar of the main monotheistic religions of the world with more than 4,000 million adopters. Although it is not only value adopted or by consensus, some things literally are born with value, not in vain if we go along the banks of a river, among the stones it will not be easy to find a rock of a precious metal, the rarity is the first source of value, applies to precious metals and stones, works of art, cult objects, exclusive or scarce. The fact that cryptocurrencies such as Bitmonix are recoverable files through their underlying network called Blockchain, where they are not duplicated and do not need third-party verification in trust, solving logical problems as old as double spending or double verification (problem of Byzantine generals) in itself grants them "rarity" and therefore an exponentially increasing value since the chain adopts> usability> trust, is fed back again and again thanks to each of the participating agents within the Bitmonix Ecosystem.

    Valorization Bitmonix (Bx)

    Coin name Bitmonix

    Coin abbreviation BX

    Total coin supply 120.000.000

    Mined percent 100%

    Presale amount 24.000.000

    Algorithm Scrypt PoW

    Block Reward 50 BX

    Di�culty adjustment every block

    Block Halving 840.000 blocks

    Coinbase maturity 20 blocks

    Target spacing 5 minutes

    Target timespan 12 minutes

    Transactions confirmations 6 Blocks | 2018 © All right reserved. 5

  • Bitmonix as a asset

    Bitmonix as money After fully complying with the characteristics that place it as a valuable asset, Bitmonix complies with the following other characteristics necessary to access a deal as cash: • Bitmonix as a means of payment: This feature integrates durability, homogeneity, divisibility, portability, storability together with di�culty of falsification, it also initially depends on an adopting community that promotes usability in the short, medium and long term as a means of payment of goods and services . • Bitmonix as an Account Unit: This feature is what allows money to express the value of tradable goods and / or stored values, converting it into a means of recurring payment of goods and services or legal tender. Therefore, even a legal currency will only be used as a unit of account as long as people trust that currency for the commercial transactions they wish to make. | 2018 © All right reserved. 6

    Within the Bitmonix Ecosystem, a unit of value such as Bitmonix ICO must have additional other justifiable characteristics in which its use as a value unit can be sustained and as money later within a community that has accepted it, these characteristics have been transferred for thousands of years. of years from a representative element of value to a new one and are the following:

    Ÿ Scarcity, rarity and / or exclusivity: The "rarity" is the main source of value of a cryptocurrency such as Bitmonix, as well as the shortage in its production, achievement, or the suplicity or degree of exclusivity.

    Ÿ Durability: This characteristic tells us that the value asset does not degrade over time. The intrinsic nature of each ICO as a digital file is digital information that does not degrade.

    Ÿ Homogeneity: The value asset can be treated in equal portions. Each BX is digitally the same as another BX.

    Ÿ Severability: The asset can be divided into small or micro payments. Each BX can be divided into 10 millionths of a unit or "BX bits" (0.00000001 BX or 1 BX bit).

    Ÿ The value asset must be easy to carry from point A to point B and at low cost. BX wallets, like computer applications, take care of this when transporting them online or online.

    Ÿ Storage: The valuable asset is easy to store and at a low cost. The wallets are in charge of storing the BX in a virtual or online way.

    Ÿ Di�culty of falsification: the asset must be di�cult to falsify. Thanks to the Script PoW algorithm developed by Satoshi Nakamoto, applicable in the Blockchain technology that creates a cryptocurrency such as Bitmonix, 51% of the computing power of the entire Bitmonix Blockchain would be necessary to falsify a BX, which is known as an Attack of 51% and that would make the operation of falsification of a single cryptocurrency such as Bitmonix technologically a